20 Weird Pics Where The Backstory Just Adds Even More

Everyone loves a good mystery. Even if that mystery is nothing more than a weird picture with a little bit of context attached to it. It'll leave a bit to the imagination, at least.

And the pictures in this list? Well, they may not be fully explained, but they give us just enough to go, "huh, I think I get it."

"A squirrel getting suspicious of my window, where I am hiding behind the curtain with my camera."

Do you think this squirrel knows that this is its time to shine? Or did it look into the window thinking about how much food is in that house that it can't get to?

"Just in case anyone wanted to know what a mango seed looks like."

I'm glad this caption exists because I would've never thought that this thing was a mango seed. From this angle, it looks more like a weird, hairy mushroom or something. I can't be the only one who sees it, right?

"My bat doorknockers are ready for Christmas."

I appreciate the fact that this person has bat doorknockers, like, all year round. Sure, they kind of scream Halloween, but they also scream "gothic vampire mansion that's stood for hundreds of years."

"I didn’t have an angel or anything to put on my first Christmas tree at my own place."

Apparently, this cat thing is from a game called Throw Throw Burrito (that OP never even played). It definitely makes an... interesting Christmas tree topper. It would be a fun story to tell, at least.

"When you work at a toilet paper factory but they expect you to wipe with this..."

Finding a toilet paper roll like this anywhere is bad enough, but it's especially worse at a toilet paper factory. Do they just save money by using their defective rolls in house?

"Decided to make sweet potato fries with my new fry cutter…"

No, this isn't some kind of sweet potato weapon. It's a fry cutter gone horribly wrong. I guess sometimes, just using a knife would be a better option. But hey, at least they got to snap this (sort of ) cool pic.

"Ordered medieval daggers as gifts for my groomsmen and the smith sent a free eating knife with hearts on it (Bonus good boy)!"

There's honestly a lot going on here and I can't wrap my head around any of it. Except for the dog. I'm always in the mood to see a bonus good boy!

"Apparently our class clock broke. So my history teacher repaired and brought an old one, which belonged to his grandfather."

I, for one, wouldn't be bringing a precious family heirloom into my classroom. But I guess it'd work in a pinch. Hopefully, this teacher can bring it home at the end of the year without it getting broken (again).

"Every Christmas my wife makes a 'Chemist-Tree' in the lab at her workplace."

It may just look like some kind of lab experiment, but it's actually a pretty cute Christmas tree! I wonder what kinds of chemical reactions have to happen in order for those liquids to turn those colors.

"This tree has lights on every branch."

This tree is so lit up, it doesn't even look like a tree anymore. It looks more like some kind of ghost tree. As if the lights were just wrapped around a wire frame shaped to look like a tree. It's cool, though.

"I dropped a piece of half cooked pasta in the sink last night and it landed upright on end."

I guess when it comes to pasta, something like this isn't impossible, just unlikely. And also kind of cool. Too bad that sink is gonna have to be cleaned, so the standing pasta can't stay forever.

"My friend is decorating his bathroom with corks."

This just looks like a weird, textured wall at first. But thanks to the caption, I now know that it's a weird, textured wall that's covered in corks! Of all the things to use to decorate a bathroom...

"This sign I found at a local Subway (I always thought it was real)."

Remember earlier in 2021 when Subway was under fire for alledgedly using fake tuna in their sandwiches? I'm pretty sure that whole thing was blown way out of proportion. I guess Subway does, too, and they're totally trying to set the record straight.

"Macaw passing by as a colleague was traveling through Brazil."

This is one of those super awesome shots that can really only happen if you travel somewhere cool, like Brazil. I can't believe there are places where people live, where they can just see amazing birds like this.

"Their flight left 2hrs ago."

Something tells me that whoever left their passport in the airport bathroom either missed their flight, or are going to have a really hard time getting home. Moral of the story: keep your personal belongings close.

"This ugly Christmas sweater I made out of mini ugly Christmas sweaters I made."

The worst (best?) part about this is that it isn't even an ugly sweater. As far as ugly Christmas sweaters go, this is a really nice ugly Christmas sweater. If that makes any sense.

"I found a tooth in street, I’m intrested about the story behind it."

I, too, am interested in the story behind the tooth this person found in the street. I'm hoping it wasn't anything too serious.

My guess is that someone got into a fight and lost their tooth right there.

"As a teacher, these little notes mean the world to us."

I feel like, when we're kids, we do little things like this and end up sort of forgetting about them. But don't worry: teachers probably don't ever forget about the kind things their students say to them.

"This picture of Saturn I managed to take with my little refractor and a iPhone."

From a distance, this just looks like a tiny dot on a black background. But it isn't a tiny dot. It's Saturn! Color me impressed by the quality of this shot that someone took with an iPhone.

"Amazon's attempt to use the package lockers."

This is, like, the Wild West. A total Amazon package free for all. A holiday battle royale. I could go on and on, but the point is, this is a real mess, and I hope all the recipients can find their deliveries.

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