30 Irritating Pics That Are So Relatable That I'm Developing A Twitch Just Looking

I think being annoyed or irritated is a feeling we can all relate to. After all, I don't think there's a single person who hasn't been inconvenienced in some way at least a few times in their lives.

That's why you'll probably get annoyed when looking at these irritating things. I'm not gonna lie, my eye is starting to develop a bit of a twitch from them.

"My School lunches are getting worse, we used to have a drumstick and two pieces of bread, now it's one."

There's so much about this that's just wrong. No vegetables for one. A single slice of bread, and not even enough to make a sandwich, too. And of course, the fact that there's just a loose drumstick in there. They didn't even try to make this good.

"Picking up plastic on the beach today... The irony."

The fact that someone found several copies of Blue Planet on DVD (a series about the ocean) on the beach... what goes through a person's mind when they do things like this?

"Dude blocked three parking spaces which also happened to be: an emergency vehicle space, a handicap space, and a 10 min space for delivery drivers."

This would be bad enough in any parking space, but the fact that this truck is blocking three different priority spaces is just another reason why I get irked every time I see pickup trucks on the road.

"The heating element does not align with the outlined circle."

The worst thing about this is the fact that this is one of the burners that gets used the most. It's not like it's the back burner, which would've been more forgivable. This person's gonna have to stare at this so many times.

"My girlfriend takes the toilet paper out of the holder to use it, then when she puts it back, she put it the WRONG way. I'm tired of telling her the same thing."

This right here is a relationship killer. Some people really hate it when the toilet paper is facing the "wrong" way (which is different for different people). Check these facts before you move in with your partner.

"I dropped my whisky advent calendar while opening door #1. Here is the whisky for Dec. 1st."

The biggest reason why this sucks is that the advent calendar itself was probably pretty expensive. After all, that's, like, 24 different whiskies. That can't be cheap.

"FedEx driver dropped my package .4 miles (643 meters) from my home on the side of a busy county road. Tried to let customer service know, but it was a pain, so I gave up. I’ll just post it here."

Sometimes, I feel like FedEx drivers just kind of do what they want. Which can either be really good or (usually) really bad for the recipient. Like this strange drop point.

"My roommate didn’t clean up the laundry detergent he spilled."

I swear, some roommates are the worst. You'd think they were all raised in a barn or something. Maybe they were raised in the same barn, and that's why they're all the exact same kind of awful.

"I forgot the keys and my parents come home tomorrow..."

Forgetting your housekeys is the worst feeling in the world. Best case scenario, someone's home and can let you in. Worst case scenario, you're gonna be locked out for a loooong time.

"This grate in Times Square."

Oh man, I don't think I can stare at this for too long. It's making the back of my brain itch in the worst way possible. The fact that this grate will probably stay like this forever makes it so much worse.

"'Large' eggs."

Based on the size of the adapter, that's... not a large egg. But maybe large egg means something different to different egg companies? Maybe this is some kind of specialty egg that didn't come from a chicken. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

"The amount of plastic packaging these individually wrapped chocolates waste."

Sure, it'll look pretty when it's all wrapped up. But is this really necessary? Because the packaging is going to go to waste as soon as the chocolate is eaten. Sometimes, the presentation just isn't worth it.

"My HelloFresh meal came with 8 carrots, all individually wrapped."

There's a lot of irony here. The fact that carrots are one of those things that don't necessarily need to be wrapped up in a meal kit. The fact that HelloFresh markets itself as lest wasteful than grocery shopping. I could go on and on.

"24 darn seeds in one orange."

This is why I don't eat oranges that often. Sure, they taste great, but who wants to sit there and pick all the seeds out. This is why seedless oranges will always be superior.

"My school's toilet paper."

There's a lot to hate about public bathrooms, but the toilet paper is arguably at the top of the list. Most public places use 1 ply, which is so uncomfortable.

This school toilet paper, though. It's more like 0.5 ply.

"My college advertised an upcoming pizza party for like a week. I show up for a bite and I get this."

Maybe this is the college's not-so-subtle way to tell people that pizza is fattening, and they don't want to be responsible for the students' weight gain. Which in itself is pretty condescending when you really think about it.

Otherwise, this college is probably just being super cheap.

"Road-tripping with someone who does this."

There are... there are people who do this? Yeah, not in my car. I don't care if you're my best friend, my own parents, my spouse, if you put orange peels in the cup holder, you're walking.

"An add on YouTube crashed my TV."

YouTube ads can be out of hand sometimes. They're so annoying, in your face, long, and weird. Apparently, they can also make your TV crash, so that's something to look out for too. Seriously, though, what gives?

"My neighbor’s garage."

I don't know what would be worse: being the owner of the house, or being the neighbor. As a neighbor, you'd probably be spending more time staring at that off-center garage door design than the owner. But as the owner, you'd probably always be thinking about it.

"A key is both lodged in, and went through my tire."

This is pretty awful. Of all the things to get lodged in your tire, this is probably the worst. Because it means someone out there is missing a key which they'd now have to replace. That isn't as bad as replacing a whole tire, but still not fun.

"This mess of trash and old clothes LITERALLY wasn’t here yesterday."

I swear, it's like some people don't care about litter at all. Not only is it bad for the environment, it's also just so ugly. Come one, people, at least have a little bit of decency!

"Housemate ignores the max level and then complains that the vacuum is a piece of crap and doesn't have enough suction."

Fun fact, your vacuum needs to be emptied every once in a while. When you go from a full to empty tank, you'll notice the difference in suction. But some people... well, they just think vacuums empty themselves, I guess.

"How my certificate arrived."

That amazing feeling you get from completing a degree or certificate can be squashed pretty easily when... this happens. It's like the people who package these things think the recipient wants their certificate to be crinkled up.

"Fn and Ctrl are inverted on my job's laptop.. Takes me 2 tries to copy/paste every time."

Yeah... when you're used to a certain button formation, just one switch can make things so different. I'd probably have a super hard time with that, too. I can only hope I never run into this problem.

"Pretty speckled candy canes I thought. Once you remove the wrapper, they're actually quite boring."

This is honestly so disappointing. It's like when you see a pink candy cane and you think it's going to be bubblegum flavored but it's still just mint. Like, what's the point?

"Being a school janitor sucks."

I swear, kids today are so disrespectful. Actually, now that I think about it, my classmates were just as disrespectful when I was in school. Is no one going to teach these teens some manners?

"My sister’s art project’s waste, all brand new printer paper."

Yeah... I remember doing things like this. On the plus side, all that paper can just be recycled. But printer paper ain't cheap. She could've just put multiple pictures on the same page...

"5 PM, Rush Hour. At least 3 cars are waiting to get to an open pump. These 2 have been done pumping gas and have been holding a causal conversation for 8 minutes now."

I've never had this happen at a gas station, but it happens at the grocery store all the time. Some people think they're the only ones with places to go.

"The expiration date on this ice cream container."

I hate when you have something in your fridge or freezer that's been there for a while, but you can't remember exactly when you bought it, and the best before date is illegible. It happens more than it ever should.

"This Burger King drive through menu that was vandalized."

You just know that there's a TikTok out there showing some disrespectful kids breaking this menu. It's not like teens weren't always pulling stunts like this, it's just that they record themselves doing it and post it online now.

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