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15 Unwritten Rules Of Life We Actually Do Follow

Laws and rules help to govern our existence. Along with that, comes a set of unwritten rules: some of which are followed while others are not.

Below is a list highlighting the former. Have a look and check out these unwritten rules of life that the majority of us actually do follow.

For good reason, too.

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"If you're in the US, and have any guest from any other nation on the planet, you offer them HOT tea, not iced. Turns out cold tea is an insult in a lot of places." - Reddit u/senselocke

"If you have a truck, be ready for your friends to ask you to help them move." - Reddit u/Oh_hi_doggi3

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I don't know if this is a rule that's willingly followed, but the end result is the same. Besides, you're certainly not using it for work, so why not put that towing capacity to the test?!

More people need to follow this example.

"If you’re in public and listening to music/a tv show: Wear. [Expletive]. Head. Phones. No one wants to hear your shitty ass mumble rap or a crappy tv show at 7:30 am in the morning. Or ever." - Reddit u/Mjerman

"Dont[sic] chew with your mouth open. the world would be alot[sic] better if people followed this rule." - Reddit u/Difficult2

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The only thing more disgusting than watching someone chew with their mouth open is having to listen to those god-awful smacking sounds they make with their lips. This is the first rule of good manners.

Don't be a jerk to grocery store employees.

"I'm disappointed nobody said anything about putting your shopping cart back in their designated drop off[sic] location. Please don't put it in a random location or somewhere where it is taking up a parking spot." - Reddit u/City-Slicka

"If your dress has pockets, you must tell everyone." - Reddit u/alsoaprettybigdeal

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I never understood the plight of a woman until I came to realize that almost none of their clothing come with pockets: not pants, not shirts, and most definitely not on their dresses.

Shout it from the rooftops, honey!

Never make eye contact while inside an elevator.

"On an elevator, no one will look at each other for more than a fraction of a second. Majority rule is you stare at the floor. Go ahead, try to buck this trend next time... I have and it's just [expletive] weird doing the opposite." - Reddit u/armyturtle

"Don‘t talk too much in the morning, some people just don‘t like it."

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I used to work the 7 AM shift back when I worked at the bank. Every single morning, my manager would come in whistling and eager to chat — it's part of the reason why I wound up quitting.

Plane passenger etiquette must never be forgotten.

"Window seat gets the window and its arm rest[sic]. Aisle gets the aisle and its arm rest. Middle seat gets both arm rests. If you are in a window or aisle seat you are expected to yield to the middle seat passenger." - Reddit u/OnirrapDivad

"The first rule of being a good dad is dad jokes." - Reddit u/ieGod

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I second this notion. I don't have any kids myself, but if that day ever comes — you'd better believe I plan on embarrassing them to no end with my endless supply of corny knee slappers.

Showing up empty-handed will get you turned away.

"If you’re invited to someone’s home for dinner or an event, you bring a gift. Not a present per se but a bottle of wine, a card game to play, cheese plate, a light dessert. Wine tends to be best." - Reddit u/brothernephew

"If you drop someone off at their house you wait for them to be inside before you leave." - Reddit u/xX_jesus666_Xx

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At the end of the day, we live in a crazy world — you never know what could happen. Therefore, to ensure that the person you care about gets inside safely, make sure you stay behind until you see the door firmly close behind them.

It's the Canadian way.

"If you notice someone holding the door for you, you immediately do a hop step to speed walk towards said person with a smile and a thank you. You then of course take the handle and allow that person to enter before you unless said person insists otherwise prompting yet another thank you." - Reddit u/Jengaleng422

"When you’re in line at the store, and someone behind you has less things, you let them go in front of you." - Reddit u/shysourberry

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I'm not saying that if you happen to have 14 items and I only have 12, that I should be allowed to cut in front of you. However, if the only thing in my hand is a pack of gum and you have a full cart — just let me through.

Never look a man in the eye at the urinal.

"When you use the men’s room always face forward while urinating in the urinals and do not go right next to someone to do your business if there are empty stalls." - Reddit u/iNovaToro

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