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15 Stories About Best Friends Who Couldn't Stay Together

Some friendships are meant to last forever. The type of friends that grow with us through the good and the bad. But, not all friendships are made to withstand the test of time. Some people cut others off, while other people feel they deserve to be cut off, just because of circumstances or even wrongdoings. Life is hard, sometimes, we need to make it easier by saying bye.

It can be deeper than we think.

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vehicularmcs said that they had a friend who would "disappear" for months at a time when they were in their early 20s. But, whenever he came back around, they'd pick up like everything was all good.

Turns out that he was battling a really serious pill addiction behind closed doors.

Some people move on and just cut people off.


"A good friend of mine stopped talking to me shortly after she got engaged.

I wasn't invited to the wedding. I ran into her about six months prior to the wedding at a restaurant. I waved, and she just walked past me. It hurt for a minute, but, if that's the kind of person she is," wrote PandorasTrunk.

Get a divorce, then we'll talk.

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"I absolutely HATED my best friend's fiancée, and he knew it. We didn't talk for about a year and a half. But he finally came to his senses five days into their marriage and asked for divorce. They lasted 7% of a Kardashian, and now we're bros again," wrote kranzmonkey.

This one burns.

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"My best friend and I spent hours on the phone the days leading up to the first day of 6th grade because we were so excited. Then the first day of school came and she completely ignored my existence and didn't speak a word to me. Never knew why, never found out why," said InfiniteCookie.

Some people need a lot more attention.

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FrozenAero said that a very close friend of theirs just stopped texting them one day.

With life and college, they had far less time to be around, but they apparently needed way more attention and time than the Reddit user could give.

This is cold hearted.

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"All of a sudden, she stopped talking to me, Avoided me. Blocked my number, removed me from Facebook. I contacted her sister to try and find out what was wrong, if I had done anything and to tell her I missed her, but her sister never replied either.

I miss her like crazy, but there is no way for me to contact her now," said Coffee-and-Butter.

They totally ditched him and never called.

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"I got invited to the birthday party of my best friend's boyfriend, on a saturday night. Arrived and was told by his mother that actually they hadn't had a party, the whole group had gone camping instead. Not one of the group ever contacted me again," one Reddit user shared.

Some habits are too bad.

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Another Reddit user shared that they stopped being friends with someone who was a pathological liar. They would make up stories about everything, from little things to even people being dead. It got too much to handle so they cut them off.

Energy is everything.


a1ex1985 said that they have been in the process of cutting a friend off because she sucks out all of their energy.

While they value her friendship, she feels like they are always needing a therapist and she just feels it is draining to always have to be there for someone.

This is straight up wrong.

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WoodenSteel shared that after they came out of the closet, which is a brave and hard thing to do, they lost a lot of their close friends.

We feel like that is the cruelest thing to do to someone and it sucks that people can't value your authenticity.

Drinking can be an issue.

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"I have had to cut off a number of people due to my drinking. I have an issue controlling it and a number of people I used to hang out with seemed to ONLY drink as a pass time. So of course 15 beers later I do something stupid and realize I need to stop being around these people because I can't control myself," shared another user.

Being on the receiving end is hard.

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Another Reddit user shared that they're currently dealing with it on the other end. They had been friends with another persons since birth and they've spent "almost every day together," but for the last two months, they have to chase them to even see them for an hour.

New friends can have a different impact.

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"I have one friend who does this quite regularly. We were close friends through the last years of school and college, then I went to university and he didn't. We still stayed in contact, but he got a new group of friends, and generally got a little weirder. Every so often now, I'll do something that annoys him, and he won't speak to me for months," said NymphoMermaid.

Some accept that it's their fault.

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Catmandingo shared that it was his own problem that ended the friendship. He had borrowed money from a friend when he was a drug addict and never paid him back. They had been best friends for 15 years, and he truly does miss him.

Digital friendships can be complicated, too.

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"I had this internet friend once, we were close. We dated online for 2 years and I guess we were in love. And one day suddenly, he just never replied.... I worry so much that something bad happened to him and I just don't know. We were talking one night, I said goodnight he told me he loved me, I went to sleep and didn't get a response in the morning," said eroticmcdonalds.

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