18 Pics For Anyone Who Gets Satisfaction From A Deep Clean

Truth be told, I might be one of those weird people who take satisfaction from cleaning the house. Yes, I said it out loud, ha, ha! But you must agree that there is something about that fresh clean scent in the air, huh?

So if you enjoy cleaning too, I bet you'll be happy to see these amazing before-and-after pictures here. Check them out and rejoice.

1. This Oven

I don't know if I told you, but somehow no matter what, I always get my oven dirty. I guess I should be grateful that we cook a lot but getting it back to this state would be a dream come true.

2. This Old Carpet

I have to tell you I'm not a fan of carpets. I feel like they always end up getting so dirty. But kudos to this person here who managed to get it cleaned like this becasue I like it.

3. This Patio

If you have visible grass growing on your patio interlock, don't despair. Here's a tip from the person who cleaned it up. Use a gas-powered line trimmer/weed whacker, and you'll be happy to see all the grass go away.

4. These Boots

Why go out and spend money on new boots when you have a perfectly suitable pair you can still use? All you need is a leather cleaner and buffer, and they could look as good as these here.

5. This Deck

Here's the thing: I really wish I had a power washer. There are so many places around our house that need a thorough cleaning. And I seem to enjoy it when people post awesome before-and-after pictures like these, that's all.

6. This Couch

I don't know about you, but I get quite the satisfaction from looking at this couch steaming job here. Holy, moly! Isn't that so amazing or what? I wonder how long it was dirty like that?

7. This Bedroom

If you think your life has been rough lately, you're definitely not the only one. This person's girlfriend went through depression and only now was able to get this bedroom organized here. Kudos to her for making an effort.

8. This Room Clean

And here is another type of the same situation. This person also suffered a bout of depression, and now five years later, they are still proud of getting out of it in time. I'm happy for them, too.

9. This Pallet

I've never actually seen a pallet looking as clean as this. Who knew it was even possible, huh? I wonder how long it took the person who embarked on this task to accomplish it. Good going, man.

10. This Street

Let me ask you: would you ever take on a job cleaning the streets? Well, if it was always as satisfying as this, then I say, why not? They must get so much enjoyment out of seeing this.

11. This Vintage Coffee Pot

Here's a cool story: This person spent a whopping $5 at a thrift store to purchase this vintage coffee pot. They gave it a proper clean, and now it looks pretty much brand new. Nice!

12. This Bathroom Vent

I used to hate when our old apartment's vent would get so dusty. Then I asked my fiancé to clean it, and it made me so happy. I bet this person felt the same way after they did this here.

13. This Table

This patio table was definitely in need of a deep clean. Now, it looks brand new! I'm not 100% convinced that these photos are of the same table, to be honest. What do you think?

14. This Driveway

If you had a colorful driveway like this one in Florida, would you really neglect it this badly? I don't think so. I'm not sure what this person's excuse was but let's not focus on that, but how amazing this looks here.

15. This Ring Restoration Job

Oh wow. I wonder how long this ring has been tarnished like this. Whoever was able to restore it to its old glory days should definitely be very proud of themselves. Do you agree with my assessment here?

16. This Masterful Powerwashing

If you haven't realized the sheer satisfaction of a good powerwash, here's an amazing example for you. I bet the person who snapped this shot was pretty impressed by the incredible job the workers did here.

17. This Camper

Oh my goodness. Look at this adorable camper here. But what's even more impressive is how this person managed to get it cleaned. Wow! And get this, they actually used the Magic Eraser to do so, hee-hee.

18. This Keyboard

Wow, who knew that you could even clean a keyboard like that, huh? I had no idea. This person got rid of 13-year-old grime, and I bet they're so happy about it now. I know I would be, ha, ha!

I don't know about you, but I really love cleaning before and after pictures.

They always inspire me to tackle some tough places in and around my home. If I can get results like these, I would be one happy woman. Is it just me, or do you enjoy this, too?