15 Food Dishes From 'Professionals' That Simply Don't Cut It

I've always believed that the best-tasting meal is the one that you don't have to cook for yourself. This is why I've always loved eating out at restaurants: you get all of the enjoyment and none of the work.

However, more and more it seems that eating establishments are cutting corners and trying to get away with bonified highway robbery. Take a look at these 15 dishes from professional chefs that quite simply don't cut it.

When you ask for Pork Chow-Mein and you receive this sloppy mess instead.

It looks like the chow-mein is drowning in a pool of grease and fat. Those questionable chunks of pork are enough to make me lose my appetite entirely.

Come try our FAMOUS Monterey Chicken.

If this is your most famous dish, I'd be terrified to try anything else. Not to be too graphic but this looks like somebody spewed on a plate and then stuck it in the microwave on HIGH.

Serves you right for ordering a double Filet-o-Fish.

You could've had a BigMac, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, heck — even a McChicken sandwich! Yet you chose to go with Filet-o-Fish. I hate to say it, but some people just get what they deserve in life.

A thawed-out hamburger is no substitute for steak tartare.

I'm not an advocate of eating raw meat, but even I know the difference between a hawk and a handsaw. Also, whoever cut those chives for garnish should be fired on the spot.

Popcorn chicken with a side order of salmonella.

Well, I suppose that's one easy way to ensure your entire meal is comped. But after biting into a raw piece of chicken, I think I'd be headed for the EXIT sign.

This is a disgrace.

Whenever I hear someone try and argue that cooking a steak well-done is the best way to serve it, I'm going to show them this photo. If it doesn't make them cry on the spot than they simply aren't human.

Yet another reason why you should never eat at Taco Bell.

There are typically only two reasons why human beings eat at Taco Bell: either they are very drunk or very high. If I was in such a state of mind and opened my taco to discover this chintzy mess — I think I'd cry.

That's not a Philly Cheesesteak — it's an abomination.

You better be careful calling that a Philly Cheesesteak because you're liable to have the entire city of Philadelphia hounding at your door. Anyone who would ever try to pass this off as anything other than a hot mess is kidding themselves and insulting their customers.

"Tomato and mushroom bruschetta delivered from local Italian restaurant." - Reddit u/frecklyelbow

You just spat in the face of the entire country of Italy. Whoever owns this disgrace of an establishment should shut their doors forever and vow to never again step foot in a kitchen.

Would you eat this bowl of ramen?

This looks as if someone took the leftovers from yesterday, threw them in a giant pot, and named it "Soup of the Day" on the lunchtime special. I like a little mystery in my life, but not when it comes to my meat.

The world's worst attempt at Pizza Fries.

There isn't a shred of cheese or a hint of tomato sauce anywhere to be found — so how on earth can you call these Pizza Fries and get away with it? What a let down.

Apparently, this is supposed to be Avocado Grilled Cheese.

Sweet mercy. It looks like Shrek blew his ogre-sized nose between two pieces of bread! I'm not even brave enough to try avocado toast, so you can best believe I wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole.

Would you try an onion-ring-and-boneless-bite pizza?

Let me just start by saying what we're all thinking: eww. What makes this even worse is that I bet this concoction would actually taste delicious, if done correctly. However, judging from the 10 lbs of mozzarella and random scattering of chicken bites — this chef missed the mark.

A Japanese restaurant's take on "Cheese Fries."

North America might not have the most impressive food culture when compared to parts of Europe or Asia, but there are things that are uniquely ours. Cheese fries are one of those things. If you can't replicate a dish as simple as this, you should just stop trying.

This is apparently supposed to be liver and rice.

When I first looked at the plate, I thought that the "liver" was raw pancake batter. I have absolutely no idea why the dish is served with what appears to be cranberry jam, nor do I grasp what the side plate of shredded carrot is for?