20 Moments Where The World Happily Tried To Distract You From That Recent Breakup

We all need something to take our mind off whatever is going on from time to time, whether that be to distract us from the general state of the world or just a messy breakup.

So, from times that the world gave us a little laugh at someone's stupidity to moments where planet Earth tried to distract us through other people's annoying habits, here are 20 moments where the world happily tried to distract you from that recent breakup!

This Is Some Pretty Great Advice To Live Your Life By!

I think that not securing your bike to a turd is a pretty great idea. Although, judging from how most people will go out of their way to pick up dog poop, no one would be stealing your bike!

"So... what was he thinking at this moment?"

But... how did he manage to get there in the first place? Is this like a really extreme version of the time out zone? At least he's got somewhere to sit, which is something!

"My favorite sign at work that is mounted on our centrifuge."

If there is anything to get someone not to touch something, then it is telling them in no uncertain terms just how incredibly it will hurt if they do touch it!

"My sister: 'You can do the half-marathon with me! Trust me, it's not that bad.'"

A half-marathon is by no means an easy feat! My God it would take me about a year to crawl across the finish line if you tried to make me do one!

If It Works, Then It Works!

I can't imagine that the people in charge of health and safety on this ship were too keen on this idea. Or, perhaps the health and safety officers were cleverly not informed of this plan.

"Just a car on a rooftop!"

Yup, just a harmless picture of a car on a rooftop, definitely nothing weird to see here and there is no reason to wonder why there is a car on a rooftop whatsoever. Just because you haven't got a car on your roof!

"I found a beetle under the chocolate layer in this ice-cream."

I hate it when they only give you one beetle in the whole of the ice-cream. In the adverts there is always loads of beetles in them, but in reality they only ever give you one!

"On the brink of decapitating someone."

That would certainly distract you, having an electronic sign decapitate you while at work! Someone asked the person who posted this if they flagged this issue, to which the person who posted this said that the workers had simply said: "That's the least of our worries."

Hmmm... That Doesn't Seem Like It Is Right!

I didn't realise that all of those things were dead bugs at first, I just thought that it was damage to the sign. Nope, those are dead bugs and plenty of them!

This Chef's Amazing Halloween Costume!

Another person added: "One of the chefs at my old job did this for Halloween around the time the film came out, it was awesome. Then, someone left a review on Google and someone misinterpreted it and the health inspector paid a visit and wasn't happy we wasted his time."

"I'll hold it for the ride home."

I am quite embarrassed by how long it took for me to see that there was an arm sticking out of the boot! My God that is a good friend to offer to hold that for the whole ride home!

For Those Days When You Just Need To Relax On The Beach!

Just because you want to go to the beach does not mean that you have to do beach-things while you are there! Some people want to enjoy the beach setting while playing some classic video-games.

"Let me just swoop down and… Yoink!"

On the plus side, they managed to get the bird's massive talons perfectly in focus with this shot! I would just be thankful that they ended up grabbing my sandwich and not my face!

"I woke up and discovered my wife decided that she needed to move our coat stand yesterday."

Was their wife's intention to give this poor person a heart attack? I know that it would give me one that is for sure!

"The archway over this house's front door."

I mean, could you actually live with that? Imagine seeing that every single time that you came home. Your home is supposed to be the place where you feel most comfortable for God's sake!

"My wife just got this huge banner for work. Perfect."

I hope that her company is actually called "linked image not found." If that isn't the name of her company then she needs to rename the company pretty damn quickly!

"Guy riding down the road holding a dresser on top of a car on a 50 MPH road."

I cannot tell whether I would rather be on the roof of a car holding a dresser or whether I would rather be in the boot of a car being trapped in by a giant appliance.

"I don't think they completely understood the brief..."

Just because your business is based around death doesn't mean that you have to be morose all of the time! Although, they could at least have painted the flappy arm guy in a black suit like a funeral director.

"The fire exit on this college building."

Apparently this was found outside a college in India. I cannot fathom how terrifying it must be to try and make your way down this fire escape. As a "safety feature" it isn't very safe.

"Let's see who can notice what's wrong here?"

I will admit that it took me a long time to realise that they had the wrong type of spare wheel for them to fit on. The person who posted this added, "Got the car second hand so they probably just threw in the nearest spare tyre."

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