20 Individuals Whose Hilariously Strange Actions Were Nothing Short Of A Mystery

Have you ever wanted to take a stroll through the mind of someone whose thought-processes just leave you gobsmacked? Well, I hope so, as that is largely what is on display below!

From people who put their lives in the hands of insane ideas to individuals who found truly unsettling places to spend an evening, here are 20 individuals whose hilariously strange actions were nothing short of a mystery.

That Is Some Pretty Solid Advice If You Ask Me!

"I don't know how someone could have stolen my bike, I locked it up and everything!"

"What did you lock it to? I can't see any bike racks?"

"Well there was a rather large dog turd right here so I just strapped it to that, clearly it wasn't good enough to hold the bike though."

"This order, and the way the cashier typed it for the kitchen."

I mean, "Marynary"? What a spectacular spelling mistake, I absolutely love it. Seriously though, what kind of person eats this kind of pizza? Sure, someone with lactose intolerance may need less cheese, but surely you'd just eat something else without dairy in it? This cannot be a pleasant meal.

"The Mystery Meat..."

"Psst, hey you, why don't you come over to the meat counter for a sec?"

"For the last time, Dave, I don't want to buy any of the 'special stuff'! Now stop asking or I'll be talking to HR again!"

"My wife leaves her hair on the shower wall all the time!"

This person's wife's hair is clearly a very talented artist. Hair on tiles is also not a medium that has really been explored much before, so they could have a real future in the art world!

"The fire exit on this college building."

"Where is the fire exit? Surely it cannot be this weirdly open staircase?"

"Yep, what's wrong with it?"

"Well, it's just as likely to kill you as the fire it! Why aren't there even any railings?!"

"Jeez, everyone wants the world handed to them on a plate nowadays!"

Job Failed Successfully...

The person who installed this ramp were clearly trying their hardest to help out here, but they just managed to cock it up at the last possible moment! I hope that people realise that has happened before they just go careering down it.

The Quick Fix Is The Best Sort Of Fix!

This is some truly amazing work! All that you need to do is fill that up with cement now and that will hold perfectly! Also, it looks much nicer than most normal walls, don't you think?

"I Hate UPS Just A Little Bit More Every Day."

I do often find myself thinking that there must be some UPS workers who just relish the chance to ruin other people's days. Not all of them sure, but just a select handful of gits.

"Got myself a new wallet with a little reminder inside it."

Pfft, so what? This person is just going to get drunk and not offer to buy everyone a round of J├Ąger Bombs? Yeah, sure, I'll believe that when I see it!

"Someone cut down the tree that was planted in the memory of a family member."

There must surely have been a legitimate reason for someone to have removed this tree? If not, then there is clearly a grievance somewhere that needs to get settled!

They Were So Close To Getting This Right!

I am assuming that they lined up the right way and then turned around to surprise Brittany without realising that the message would be back to front. Although, that doesn't excuse the woman holding the question mark!

"It must be pretty damn fun to ride along this."

This would be one of the most fun roads to ride down on a bike. However, it would be one of the worst roads to have to drive down in a car!

"This toothbrush without bristles I found today at the supermarket."

They have missed off a pretty integral part of the toothbrush here. The idea of having to drag this piece of plastic along my teeth is also making me want to peel my skin off.

"This very mysterious room at the hotel that we are staying at."

No matter what you do, do not go inside of this room under any circumstances during your stay. Just walk on by and pretend as though it does not exist.

"It is a mystery indeed!"

This had to have been a bored customer, surely? I mean, there is no way that an employee would make so much extra work for themselves all for the sake of one fairly simple joke.

"Now this is some God-tier level security!"

Well, wherever you are and whoever you are Starboy98, you really ought to look into changing your password before it is too late. Something tells me that you might be a little compromised.

"Covered the firewood before the snowstorm, boss!"

If only they had put a giant warning sign telling people to cover the wood whenever the weather was bad! Why did no one ever think to do such a thing? Such a shame.

"Found this going on at work a couple days ago."

Maybe they were just trying to give the building's electricity a little bit of a wash. You don't want your plug's electricity to be dirty when it is going into your phone after all!

"Guy was installing balcony railing on the 6th floor with this as his tie-off point."

Odds are this will work perfectly well. However, I still would not fancy putting my life in the hands of some rope tied to two questionably thin pieces of wood!

"What has he seen!?"

I particularly like that they gave us a 3D rendering of this weird little child, it will really help to spot him around the place. I don't know why he is dressed like any child from a Tim Burton stop-motion film though.

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