20 Confusing Pics That We Had To Look At A Little Bit Longer To Understand

We all have our mental weak points throughout the day. Be it right when you wake up, around lunch when you start to get hungry, or later in the day after work is over, your mind is just not as sharp as it usually is.

These pictures don't really help with that, serving up a portion of double-takes followed swiftly by confusion, topped off by looking at them even longer to understand what's going on.

"When I opened the trunk, I freaked out thinking someone stole the cover and the spare tire. Then I've remembered that I bought a mirror."

Imagine leaning in a little more just to look and be sure that's what happened only to be jump scared by your own face appearing in your trunk. It'd be a funny way to end an otherwise distressing moment, at least!

"[The] dried salt on my windscreen looks like a galaxy."

The fact that the sky is actually this full of stars in some places makes me so jealous. We had to ruin this view in exchange for things like skyscrapers and streetlights, which isn't a fair trade at all in my opinion.

"Giant bookshelf."

"Our latest initiative in urban construction and design are giant bookcases filling the spaces between buildings and lining the roads. Why? Well, uh, we didn't actually think that far ahead. We just thought it would look kind of neat, and it does!"

"My pieces of bread look like they're conspiring."

It reads less like conspiring to me and more like concerned chatter amongst themself. After all, imagine if you looked down and saw yourself on a plate of food that a giant was in the middle of eating, I'd be worried too!

"I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly."

Thank goodness it wasn't that, once you've attracted the ire of local pigeon gangs, just existing in your home becomes nerve-wracking. They hang around and keep eyes on you, swarming you whenever you try to leave, only leaving when paid with enough breadcrumbs.

"This leaf on my deck that looks like a squirrel."

Why aren't more people becoming worried about this? This could very well mean that squirrels are evolving right before our very eyes, adopting new camouflage techniques so they can break into our birdfeeders without being caught. We need to keep a better eye out!

"Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused."

And sometimes after a minute of existing on earth at all, our brains get confused and can't figure out what's happening here at all. His legs are crossed, they have to be, but I can't figure out how and it's driving me mad.

"Just my dad and his dog."

You know those stereotypes about dog owners getting dogs that look like them in some way. Your dad and his dog look like they're taking that joke to a new extreme, especially seeing how they dress so similarly! Right down to the accessories.

"A knot in the wood on my desk looks like a dog."

He looks a little confused, to say the least. Lost, maybe. His polite yet surprised expression leads me to believe he didn't aim to become part of a desk, but he'll try his best to adapt and make do.

"My dog looks like an A.I. generated mess."

Those AI-generated pictures usually give me the creeps, but I've been around dogs enough to know what's happening here thankfully. I wouldn't want to be weirded out by your good pup.

She's just looking back over her shoulder, you can see her whiskers on the right side!

"Eldritch horror dog."

Oh good, another eerie twisted dog, good to know that's apparently a trend at the moment.

You know a dog is really into a game of tug and war if their head fully turns around while thrashing like this, good job capturing it!

"The water looks deep and crystal clear but actually it’s just too dirty to see into at all."

This one actually did take me a while to parse, as I was so convinced it was an empty tunnel with a pond outside of it. Nope, there is a water line, a water line with a shockingly perfect reflection.

"My cats toe bean looks like a nose."

I did, in fact, think this was a picture of a nose at first and was really confused trying to figure out what was all around it. This makes a lot more sense. Thank you for revealing the more sensible conclusion.

"Seen on the London Underground."

Clearly she caught you not only staring, but taking a photo of her without her permission! I'd have an expression like that too if I saw someone eyeing me and invading my privacy. Give her a bit of room to breathe, jeez!

"Extremely long armed goalkeeper."

Surely having someone with one long, gigantic arm on your team as the goalkeeper would be cheating in soccer, right? Maybe not as any other player on the field, but that's a lot more of the goal he's able to block with ease!

"Went on a hike and saw this rock that looks like a skull."

I'm an inherently paranoid man who sees any sort of naturally occurring skull like a bad omen, so if I spotted this you best believe I'd be turning myself around. Especially in what looks to be a desert environment? No, no good can come from this hike.

"One cat looks like two."

If that truly is just one cat, then you have a very long cat! I'd comment on the bendiness, but as a cat owner myself, I'm not all too familiar with the near-demonic ways that cats can contort themselves. Terrifying.

"Is my cat upside down or down side up?"

Speaking of the freaky ways cats bend themselves, here's another perfect example. I swear, if one day a video surfaces of a cat spinning its head fully around like an owl, I won't even be surprised. It was only a matter of time.

"Something went wrong with this London Underground platform, making an optical illusion."

I can't tell if it's just a little off-kilter, or if there's a small dip in the floor. I hope it's the latter only so people who roller skate can use it as a mini half-pipe and perform tricks while we all wait for the subway.

"The column behind my head makes it look like it was printed on paper."

Not just the pillar, but the way he has his hand makes it look like he's holding a sheet of paper up too. It's a great little illusion!

Also hey, don't listen to your shirt, you're gorgeous inside and outside!

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