20 Pics That Are As Funny As They Are Wholesome

We could all use a little more humor in our day, I think. Comedy is often raunchy and crass, not wholesome, but just because something's wholesome doesn't mean it can't also be funny. Let's celebrate some of the gentle humor out there.

"Everywhere there's signs..."

Reddit | HeManIsNotGay

This sign is referencing a random, barely coherent song that's half a century old, so it's understandable if you don't get it. But if you're old enough or hippie enough to get the reference, then it's downright delightful.

"My friend, the culinary student, cut this pie."

Reddit | spork007

At first I thought this was the sloppiest cutting I'd ever seen. But after a second look, I'm not so sure. All the lines are definite and don't extend past where they should. I think this is just an imaginative way to cut a pie.

"Quiet please, the lemon raspberry loaf is sleeping."

Reddit | f0rkster

I love me a slice of lemon raspberry loaf and order one pretty much every time I'm in a Starbucks. But if I saw this one, I think I'd just leave it alone. It's sleeping so sweetly.

"I just recently finished possibly my best painting yet that my sister commissioned of her cat."

Reddit | artfulessa

I've been thinking for years about taking the bold step of commissioning a portrait of my cat. This might have just nudged me into finally doing it.

"This order, and the way the cashier typed it for the kitchen."

Reddit | eleventwelve14

I'm wondering if the person who communicated this order talks like a grizzled old-timey gold prospector, or if the person who transcribed the order thinks like a grizzled old-timey gold prospector.

"Sometimes the stars just align."

Reddit | Brianyeetamole

We live in a world of endless signs, endless words that can align with each other in innumerable ways. When something like this happens, it doesn't change anything, but it does mean your day got a little bit better.

"Every pepper you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

Reddit | PdoesnotequalNP

This pepper is clearly experiencing some self-doubt as it changes from a green pepper into an orange pepper. It's okay, little guy. Being orange just means you'll be that much sweeter.

"Me excited about the pizza buffet in 1987."

Reddit | JoJoPowa85

It's been a long time since Pizza Hut had a proper pizza buffet, but if you know, then you know. It was an extravaganza of red plastic cups, pizza, dessert pizza , and straight-up magicians.

"Now that she said it, I can't unsee it. I can't stop laughing."

Reddit | mindyour

We all know that the position of the sun in the sky influences how a shadow will look. She isn't really a rotisserie chicken, she just got photographed at the wrong time of day.

"When you run out of things to talk about."

Reddit | Eloquentdyslexic

I don't have kids, but I imagine this is what it's like: they're born, you're overjoyed, you take them home, and then, after all the well-wishing and fanfare, there's just... this. You have nothing in common.

"Was at my kid’s school for a costume parade. One dad misunderstood in the best way possible."

Reddit | MrNoodleIncident

The best thing about mistakenly putting on a costume is that you're in that costume for keeps. Unless you want to hang out in your boxer shorts, that costume is your wardrobe for the day.

"Weird Al catching up on emails on Thanksgiving morning."

Reddit | orchid_breeder

Weird Al is so committed to answering fan mail that he isn't even distracted by the fact that a massive Baby Yoda is passing by, just inches away from his window.

"My team said we were dressing as Dominos…"

Reddit | Stuck_in_a_depo

Did the dude on the left mess up, or did he actually get it right? I mean, I'm way more excited about Domino's, the pizza, than I am about dominos, the lame game.

"I bought this sock with a cool happy design, but then i put in on my foot..."

Reddit | RobT0p97

If you're the type of person who feels like others just don't like you, this pair of socks is unlikely to do anything to change that perception.

"Went to a party dressed as myself 10 yrs in the future. Nobody realized it was a costume & they avoided me all night. Folks kept trying to rescue my wife from me. Joined some smokers on front lawn, the party’s host saw me out there, came out to apologize for the noise."

Sometimes your Halloween costume is a little too real. I think this is one of those times.

"In honor of the holiday, here’s my 8-week-old golden retriever looking like a roasted turkey."

Reddit | heart_eyes_emoji

Here's a picture-perfect funny pet photo to celebrate Thanksgiving. Look, he's even a perfect shade of golden brown. He probably doesn't need any more time in the oven.

"Polite notice."

Reddit | fkcv19

This may be true, but I'm not sure if the whole "loudness is timeless, so just get over it already" messaging would be any consolation to the people who live nearby. Maybe the patrons could just keep it down a bit.

"Preferred seat for pregnant women with free Wi-Fi."

Reddit | miturriauga

I'm not even looking at the pregnant woman with WiFi depiction here. I'm seeing this as the most baffling progression chart in history. You start with a cane, then a crutch, then you're pregnant with WiFi, then you have a kid.

"My uncle using his flashlight to brighten up my dad's iPad screen."

Reddit | brisk911

This is a nice gesture, but it's like the old saying goes: "Illuminate a man's iPad with a flashlight and his screen will be bright for a day; teach him to use the brightness function and his screen will be bright for a lifetime."

"Accidentally found out what my daughter will look like with my hair."

The fortunate thing here is that male parttern baldness is called male pattern baldness for a reason: it doesn't affect women. I'm sure this baby will grow up with better hair than her dad ever had.

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