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15 Petty Ways People Got Revenge On Their Neighbors

For centuries, we've been told to love our neighbors as if they were our own family. And while some people admittedly have great relationships with those who live next door, it's not a universal truth by any means.

Sometimes, neighbors can be rude, mean, and just downright nasty. This is precisely the reason why these 15 people chose to get petty revenge on a neighbor in their own unique way.

Kids will be kids.

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"Neighbours told my parents they were sick of all the noises coming from our backyard while we were just young kids playing soccer. After hearing that our dad rushed us outside and told us to be as loud as possible." - Reddit u/Pindachees

What's mine is mine.

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Reddit user Taishar-Manetheren discovered one day that their neighbor had stolen their recycling bin and proceeded to fill it up with waste. They took the bin from their neighbor's garage, dumped it out in the middle of the driveway, and brought it back home.

That ought to shut him up.

"I had a downstairs neighbor in the city who would bang on his ceiling with a broom when drunk to annoy me amongst other things. I put a bird feeder out my back window over his deck. Took about an hour and the city sparrows had filled his deck with bird crap!" - Reddit u/Low-Addendum9237

Would you like fries to go with that shake?

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Redditor underpantsbandit said they used to have a neighbor who refused to take her injured cat to the vet because it was "only a cat." As revenge for her lack of empathy, underpantsbandit decided to pour a milkshake down the vents of her neighbor's new car.

This is how you handle rowdy college kids who won't stop partying.

"They threw a very loud party on a Tuesday night so my mom and the neighbor lady set of fireworks in their front yard at 7 am when they had to get us up for school." - Reddit u/Licialuv

Well that went from bad to worse.

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Redditor CAHallowqueen remembers getting a snotty letter taped to the front of their door from a next-door neighbor. The reason for the letter was that they'd kept their Christmas decorations up, one day after Christmas.

Being the levelheaded, calm person that CAHallowqueen is — they left the Christmas decorations up for an extra six more months.

That's how you get back at a bully!

"My friend lived down the street from a school bully, so he bought bulk cheese that came in basically a paint can and poured it on the guy's car in the middle of the night." - Reddit u/Delica

Notes are pretty much the worst form of communication.

When Redditor VinnieAM was 19, his car had a hole in the exhaust. Because of this, his neighbor used to always leave notes on the windshield telling him to get it fixed. Instead, he decided to tear up his neighbor's grass and rev the engine at 3 AM.

Boom! Roasted.

"We had a neighbor in the apartment upstairs from us trying to say my daughter(2at the time) was stomping too loud and woke him up. At 1pm on a Saturday. We informed him how it’s okay because his girlfriend woke us up every time she came home at 2am while he was away on work trips." - Reddit u/Plus-Mama-4515

"I stashed a bag of prawns behind the hub caps of a neighbor's car." - Reddit uPuppybhoy

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I'm not sure what's funnier: the idea of the slowly seeping fish smell or picturing all the neighborhood cats running alongside the car as it drives by. This is borderline genius.

I'm sure it was just an "accident."

"When I was 10 I lived in an apartment above a fried chicken shop. The owner was pure evil. I had a huge glass jar on the balcony that I'd been collecting caterpillars in all summer. One day, it "fell" off the balcony and shattered in her open top[sic] convertible Mercedes." - Reddit u/deleted

Make a wish!

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Back when Reddit user TheZany was a kid, their next-door neighbor absolutely hated dandelions. Since he was a jerk-to-boot, whenever he wasn't home — the neighborhood kids would collect as many dandelions as possible and blow them on his lawn.

Is there anything that butter can't do?

"Had a parking war with some jackass at my current complex. We have assigned parking spots, not that he cared. So one day after weeks of being fed up with this and the management company continuing to give him 24hrs notice before towing, I took a stick of butter and wrote "thief" on his windshield." - Reddit u/Chaserbaser

I don't think that's a snowman...

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One Christmas Eve, Redditor Grimmm258 decided to build a three-foot-tall penis completely out of the snow — right in his neighbor's driveway. They say that all art is subjective, but this masterpiece speaks for itself.

You can't say that he didn't warn you.

"Neighbor would park in my driveway all the time. Yes, my driveway. At first[sic] I thought he was doing work on his driveway or something so it was ok. After the 2nd time[sic] I told him to stop but he kept doing it. So I took some of my dog crap and smeared it over all his car door handles." - Reddit u/AnthonyBarrHeHe

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