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19 People Who Ended Their Relationships Due To Tiny Things

When you think of relationship dealbreakers, a few things probably come to mind.

Cheating. Criminal records. Disagreeing on whether you want children or not.

But small infractions can also break a relationship's back. This includes someone wearing dirty clothes on a date, long fingernails, and bad spelling.

For more tiny things that ended relationships, 19 people shared their shocking stories!

The drink

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This woman went on a date with the most entitled man! He wanted a sip of her drink and when she looked uncomfortable, he said, "well, I did pay for it." That was his first and last date!

The plot twist

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"He was constantly talking to our waiter throughout our whole first date...the he asked for his number when the bill came..." this woman tweeted.

She later added that the waiter pulled up a chair, so she was essentially third-wheeling on her own date.

The water bug

"Out the corner of my eye, I seen him step on a big ass water bug and slide it under his bed with his foot," this woman tweeted. Even if was trying to protect her from it, it's still pretty gross.

The burrito

This is like when Michael Bublé didn't know how to eat corn properly! Or like this toddler who also ate a burrito right from the middle. We don't blame this lady for leaving one bit.

The telekinesis


"He thought he legit had telekinesis, and then started tearing up when he tried to show me and it didn’t work," this woman tweeted.

Annnd that's when you say to the waiter, "check, please!"

The fake house

The "house" this guy showed this girl wasn't even his! Itwas his friend's house! To make everything worse, the friend kept having him run little errands around the whole while they were there.

The cookie

"His house was filthy AF and he told me a story about mice jumping out his bed and how his cats got into the cookie dough and instead of throwing it away he cut around it" this woman tweeted. "I was eating the cookie."

The phone holster


"He had a phone holster for his iPhone. In 2017," this woman tweeted.

"And he wasn’t an “older” dude. Every time he got off the phone and I heard him clack it back into the holster I screamed inside. Watching that mf bounce when he walked .... just ..."

The rapper

If we don't like the music playing at a store or restaurant, we suck it up and deal with it.

We don't bring out our phones like this guy did since he didn't like a restaurant's classical music!

The dirty clothes

"He didn’t smell fresh. His clothes smelled like they came from the dirty hamper. Not a funky smell, just not fresh," this woman tweeted. Normally, people wear clean clothes for a date...

The baby talk

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"He’s a big radio host out here in Dallas. And I mean BIG. The mf told me to get my 'pajammy jams' so we could have a sleep over," this horrified woman tweeted. "Sir bye!! We too grown for that."

The seafood boil

In case you don't know why that's bad, it's because a seafood boil is supposed to be a HUGE plate of seafood and other items. So this guy was just a major cheapo.

The double dutch

"He wanted to go Dutch on the first date after he begged my friend for weeks for an introduction," this woman tweeted.

What's the point of chasing after a date if you can't even afford one?

The long fingernails

"He had long ass fingernails. Like had length longer than an inch, finger nails," this poor woman tweeted.

"And kept touching me with them." Yeah, that's when you RUN out of that date.

The mommy

This isn't a small infraction! No man should be calling a woman "mommy" unless she's actually their mommy. Better yet, no man over the age of five should be calling their mom that!

The lazy eye

"His lazy eye would roll around faster the more he drank and it got distracting," this woman tweeted. "Didn’t know where to look and how to control my face." LOL, we shouldn't laugh, but it's hard not to.

The bad speller

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"I'm not a spelling snob but he texted me 'wear are you?' Several different times," this woman tweeted.

One time is a mistake, two times is likely autocorrect. But several times? It's back to school for him.

The devil's nectar

This woman handled this situation PERFECTLY.

No man should be telling a woman what she can or can't drink. Plus, vodka would be the only way to suffer through a date with this guy.

The clone

There's a lot to unpack with this story!

First, there must've been a polygamous relationship going on. Second, we're going to need an update on that man to make sure he's still alive!