20 Do-It-Yourself Projects That Have Us Just Plain Wondering Why

When the creative bug strikes someone, it's hard to resist. They can become antsy in their desire to make something, jumping in to the first project they can think of without much planning. Sometimes this works out in their favor, but more often, it really doesn't.

This list showcases some of those times that peoples' DIY ideas didn't quite pan and left the rest of us just plain wondering why.

"[When] we made my coworker a DIY book I submitted 'use tape instead of a shelf'."

Try the latest home DIY hack, tape! Never use screws, nails, or pins again, tape has them all beat. It's versatile, it's flexible, and there are tons of different kinds to fit seamlessly into your home. From shelves to wall mounts, the tape can replace it all, buy tape today!

"Some of you may disagree, but I think I’ve hit the jackpot with this custom mason jar lamp filled with Boston Baked Beans."

This is perfect for those who wake up craving a bit of a midnight snack. Just open your lamp, grab a few beans, pop 'em in your mouth, and roll right back over to sleep again. Who doesn't want a couple of beans in the nighttime?

"My uncle's tiling project, he hasn't worked on it in days and it's making life hell."

Hmm. Now, I've never tiled anything, but I have a hunch this is not how it's normally done. I think he might have seen that this won't end well and just abandoned ship, hoping you would give up and fix it yourself.

"This house built with William Shakespeare in the bricks."

This is certainly impressive and it looks great, but I can't help but wonder why? If it were the side of a library or a book store, I'd get it, but if it really is just someone's house, I guess they're just big fans?

"My friend made a giant paper hat."

Is the goal to figure out some way to wear it? They have a hard time keeping it upright, unless they get themself and 10 of their closest friends to all wear it at the same time, that way it'll be filled out!

"Light fixtures in the Alaska Airlines lounge are old jet engine housing."

It's thematically fitting and a cool way to recycle, but to be blunt, they're just sort of...ugly. They look like they are part of some industrial-style brutalist décor line made for people who live in concrete homes and warehouses. Gunmetal grey chic.

"My boss made me a makeshift shiv and belt sheath because I keep forgetting to bring my knife to work."

What a kind, thoughtful gift, a handmade knife along with a personalized label for it. That's really going above and beyond for your workers. Knowing your boss can make shivs is definitely not worrisome, nor should it bother you, his employee.

"Spare Pokémon cards and a bathroom that needed decorating…"

I'd make the bold claim that for a game shop, arcade, or board game café, this might be a cool feature! In your own, personal bathroom, though? The vibes are...weird. It's very loud, not good at creating the relaxing environment a home bathroom should have.


The uploader did explain that this is a sculpture they made while battling a bout of depression some years ago. It really is an impressive work of art, it just also happens to be absolutely horrifying and nightmare-inducing, which might have been the point!

"Found in my late grandfather's garage. Light fixture ['pitchfork']. I have no idea what it was meant to be or where it originally went in their house."

You answered your own question already, that was definitely a pitchfork. If your town starts rallying an angry mob, you wouldn't want to be caught without a torch and pitchfork in hand! They didn't want to buy one just for that though, so they made their own.

"'Designer' lamp for 80 Euros."

I mean, this isn't the worst DIY project I've ever seen but calling it 'designer' is a little much. You're allowed to say something was a home project, people might even like it more if they learn it was locally handmade!

"My psychotherapist's tissue box is a little therapy couch."

This is cute, but if I were crying in a therapist's office and they handed me a mini version of the couch I'm sitting on to get a tissue, I'd feel a little belittled. Then I'd laugh, which would make me feel better...wait, I'm back on board with this.

"Chair made from a shopping cart."

It doesn't look comfortable even a little bit and sitting against that grate pattern would make me feel like I was being cooked in the summer sun. Maybe throw a pillow or two on there first, then we can talk.

"The way the cardboard packaging from a smart vacuum looks like an ancient mask when mounted on a wall."

It's all fun and games until that thing starts glowing at night. You'll hear faint chanting emanating from it, and have an insatiable urge to put it on and absorb the power of old gods once you do. Maybe just throw it in the recycling.

"Glue gun beauty blender holder that I made because I didn't want to buy one for $10."

Yeah, alright, I guess. You had the patience and willingness to work with hot glue in order to make this, so I can't really knock you for it, even if they are less than gorgeous. No one else will see them but you anyway.

Elevated cuisine.

The tale behind this photo was told in the original title, which read, "Meant to pour my Cheetos on the napkin and was thinking this soup could use some crackers, so my brain glitched and poured the Cheetos in the soup. Yes, it is a struggle meal thanks for asking."

"This trashy chandelier made from old DVD cases and ... Kleenex?"

Excuse you, that's not Kleenex, that's paper towel. Paper towel at least has embossed and perforated designs, making them far classier than plain old tissues.

Beyond that...yeah, there's nothing here worth defending. Whoever made this must have had some truly bizarre motivations.

"Our home’s previous residents landscaped with wine bottles, and we are removing them."

I never understood people who liked to advertise how much they drink to the people around them. This goes for anyone who collects their empty bottles, cans, whatever else, and chooses to display them in their home. You can find better hobbies, they're out there.

"Aparently our class clock broke. So my history teacher repaired and brought an old one, [which] belonged to his grandfather."

This new but also old clock adds a certain level of class to the classroom. With wall decorations this fancy, surely students will forget that they're in a dingy public school and might, for one period a day, feel as though they are among the elites.

"'Handmade' selling for $129."

Honestly, I don't entirely hate this one. Like, yes, it's extremely silly, but that's what makes it charming. I like to believe it was made as a comedy piece on purpose, something to make guests chuckle at the absurdity of it.

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