30 Funny People Who Somehow Looked On The Bright Side Of Life

We all sometimes get saddled with things we don't want to do, experiences we don't want to have, and embarrassing moments that leave us cringing for the rest of our lives. The way to deal with these things is to learn how to look on the bright side of them.

That's what the people featured in this list did, and now we get to celebrate their optimism!

"Employee of the month at Publix."

Maybe it's because I've never worked somewhere that had an employee of the month program, but I think I'd also jump on this opportunity were it given to me. If I'm being recognized as the best, I want everyone to remember it!

"Found this in an old family photo album."

Just 'oops' is a bit of an understatement here. Also it's nice being reminded that the human urge to take photos of things before offering help has been alive for decades. It only became easier with the rise of smartphones.

"I put a pothos in the corner of this room. Now it looks like we have a giant chipmunk watching our yard."

That's the chipmunk guardian, here to make sure your yard is kept free of pests and remaining in tip top shape! Of course, it requires payment. You better start investing in bags of peanuts, for a chipmunk that size can eat quite a bit.

"My dog is from Serbia, just found out his legal name."

Sorry, but whatever you were calling him before is just not going to cut it. Funky Fusion Stepdown? Why on earth would you ever want to call him something else? Forget the name you gave him and grew close to him with, return to Funky Fusion Stepdown.

"My Work has a weird parking policy, and these are some of the shop guys thoughts on said 'policy'."

Most of the comments were roasting the manager's typos, saying no one could be held liable for parking in the lot since they said 'a empolyee' can't park there, not 'an employee'. Justifiably so, too, drag their policies and their inability to spell.

"I’m an artist. I spilled some paint on our carpet & had an idea bout how to turn it into a post on my neighborhood chat board."

It's all fun and games until someone who seriously can't pick up sarcasm thinks this is real and before you know it, there are police at your door looking to examine a rug you posted online. Here's hoping they believe 'I'm an artist'.

"Outside a bar in Savannah where they’re doing roadwork."

Seeing when workers have had enough of certain questions is a simple yet satisfying pleasure. They all want to cut to the chase, they've heard the same things tons of times for what has to be weeks now, and they're tired of it. Good for them.

"My dog gives off quite the Disaster Girl vibe."

She does, but I'm worried that implies that your child is the disaster here. Or maybe the story is different, because the dog also looks like she's plotting something for the future. Either way, your kid is in a terrible position here.

"My wife chose some really exciting paint colors!"

Wow! Some bold choices being made here. Not only are the colors exciting, but she sure picked a lot of them, huh? That's a lot of selections to agonizingly debate over despite it barely making a difference. Well, good luck!

"Finn found a loophole to the no paws on the counter rule."

Look at that face, too, he knows he outsmarted you. I'm not sure how far ahead he's thought seeing as that box won't be there forever, but for now he is king of the household, the smartest cat alive, and he wants you to know it.

"My wife has crossed a fine line, she's slowly created a second junk drawer in the kitchen."

No, no, you need to stop this now. It can only go downhill from there. Take everything out of the drawers, make her get rid of half of it, or just do it yourself if you think she won't. Two junk drawers is a gateway to much worse.

"Got myself a new wallet with a little reminder inside it."

And that day, all your friends mourned the arrival of your new wallet, knowing it was the end of their free drinks whenever they went out and the beginning of your frugal era. Don't forget to treat them sometimes, lest they run to find a new booze supplier.

"My Great Dane in his snowsuit - I can't not laugh at him."

You're not laughing at him, you're laughing with him! He's happy as can be, frolicking in fields of snow and running his doggy legs off, and you're just so happy that he's happy. You definitely don't find it silly even a little.

"This order, and the way the cashier typed it for the kitchen."

Obsessed with the term marynary. I refuse to call it anything else, now and forever. I may start calling other marinara-adjacent sauces marynary just to be able to use it more. I want it in my life that badly.

"Is this a known problem at UA's Bryant-Denny Stadium?"

Have you ever met university students? Better yet, have you ever met drunk university students at any sporting event? It wouldn't shock me in the slightest that this is something that's not only happened more than once, but enough that it's a problem.

"Now I’m doubly sure the urinal will be there tomorrow morning."

Urinal theft seems like a strange crime to be protecting yourself against, but weirder things have happened. Maybe the urinal market is on the rise right now, and non-manufacturers are trying to get in on the profit before it crashes.

"I was tasked with clearing out the crawlspace, but then I found my old slot car track and progress [halted]. A+ would clean again."

When you say that progress halted, how far into cleaning was that? Did this happen to be among the first things you found? I'm not here to judge, we've all let ourselves become distracted to avoid cleaning, I'm just curious is all.

"Found this door to a toilet at a local pub."

I can't tell if that's fitted with a transparent panel, or if it's just open. Furthermore, I can't tell which would be worse. With the panel, that's just a window now, which means it's inherently voyeuristic. If it's open...well, the breeze would be awkward.

"I present you, The best picture of myself that will ever exist."

Normally, I'd call such claims lofty, but I think you might be right here. It's majestic and perfectly framed. It captures a unique moment, and your expression is such that we can all feel what you were feeling in that moment. It's art.

"Now that she said it, I can't unsee it. I can't stop laughing."

She thought the setup was perfect. The outfit, the casual pose, her hair, her makeup, but little did she know that the sun was plotting a little trick against her by casting her shadow this way. If only she'd waited another hour or so.

The Fake Hand Conundrum...

The individual who posted this explained:

"Never thought I would find a legitimate use for the fake practice hand I had from cosmetology school years ago until the day my infant son got sick and refused to sleep unless he was holding my finger."

Getting The Salting Done With A Little Pizzaz.

What a wonderful idea — although, I bet that this road now costs over a million dollars. There is nothing that Salt Bae loves more than massively overcharging for very basic services!

"My dog chases Coyotes but won't go pee in the rain unless I cover her with plastic bags."

Coyotes are nowhere near as scary as the rain. Sure they are vicious and can have sharp teeth, but the rain can be pretty damn cold!

"Japan has clearly declared war on Italy."

This is obviously an unacceptable fusion, but I really do kind of want to try it. I think that I might have to try and make one of these myself for my tea tonight.

"I did a shoot for a local casino, somehow made a face like I just smelt a fart, and they decided to use that shot for their ads."

"We really want to give off that whole, 'Has someone just farted in here?' vibe."

"Say no more."

"My friend went to work with a pair of underwear hanging out of her pants all day."

"I was at work one day and felt a strange lump in my shirt. Reached in and pulled out a pair of my young daughter's Frozen panties. Not a good look for a grown man to have a child's panties crumpled in his hand standing in the middle of an office. I panicked, shoved them in my pocket, and immediately took them to my car," added another unfortunate soul.

"Chris would have wanted it this way."

All that the new worker is going to hear over and over again is, "They're good, but they're no Chris." Imagine how much that would get you down after a while as well.

Wait...Where Are We?

The explanation behind this picture was:

"Mark Gubin has maintained a 'Welcome to Cleveland' sign painted on the roof of his building since 1978. The building is located near Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

"My son asked if he can make himself a hotdog for a snack after school. I said yes. I hear him and his sister laughing in the kitchen, and walk in to find this:"

That is some pretty good sweet modelling! This kid might have a future in this...maybe.

"This neon sign has a pretty strong accent."

I think that they should probably have called it a Bri'ish Pub instead of a Bar though. Still, I like where their heads were at with this sign, you cannot help but read it in a British accent.

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