18 Elf On The Shelf Fails Parents Had To Explain To Their Kids

Since Christmas is just around the corner, many parents are already looking to outdo themselves with some Elf on the Shelf shenanigans. But beware, all fun can come to an end and fast if you're not that careful.

These parents found this out the hard way, and now because of it, we are the ones having the last laugh. Check out these epic fails below.

1. This Sad Outcome

This so-called clever parent played a dirty trick on their kids by writing on their faces with markers. Then they blamed the elf for it. However, this strategy totally backfired when the kids woke up crying, plus they now hate the elf. Oh, no!

2. This Culprit

This is what happens when you set up the elf in a cute scene, and then your kitty comes and destroys it all. I can relate to this one. Our cat got interested in our Christmas tree last year, and I'm already dreading what will happen this year, lol.

3. This Designated Fail

Oh my goodness, this is definitely a designation fail, hee-hee. I firmly believe in the mantra that if you want something done right, do it yourself. So, unfortunately, this strategy didn't work out as this person was expecting.

4. This Morning Surprise

This parent was so well prepared and thought they were rocking when in truth, their idea backfired. The elf fell from the ceiling into a pot of water. Then the kids had to rescue him in the morning. Aww!

5. This Zipline Fail

"So we decided for 'Buddy' to have some lil [sic] zipline action, but used fish wire instead of a noticeable string... Angelito said he [saw] Buddy FLOATING! He is scared of him now, hahaha!"

Lesson learned.

6. This Little Boo-Boo

Okay, first of all, moms don't take the elf on the shelf too seriously. If you happen to miss one day — it isn't the end of the world. So have that glass of wine or two and enjoy it.

7. This Melting Accident

Parents, take note of this. Do not put your elf on the shelf anywhere near light fixtures. These parents did, and they later found out about this unfortunate little guy. His face almost totally melted off. Oh, no!

8. This X-Rated Mishap

This cute scene here, where the elf is fishing with Barbies, turned a little X-rated when Barbie's dress started to slip. Oops! Make sure you always keep things PG-13 if you can, or you'll get more questions than you've bargained for, lol.

9. This Apologetic Message

Sometimes elves need to get real. So, in this case, I believe this message here suffices. What do you think? At least this little guy provided a little extra treat for the kiddos, and I like that.

10. This 'Minions' Fail

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of the Minions. However, the kids seem to go crazy for them, so this parent tried their best at recreating some banana art. Well, that didn't go as planned.

11. This Funny Mistake

Oh my goodness, what is going on here? This elf is making snow angels, obviously. But wait, as it turns out, the cat thought it was cat litter and left a pretty unpleasant surprise. Eww, that's not nice.

12. This Tragic Incident

This is what happens when you hang the elf on your chandelier. As I said before, make sure he's nowhere near any light sources. Nobody, especially your kids, wants to see this happening to your little elf.

13. This Doggo Revenge

Okay, let's not just blame cats for all the shenanigans. Dogs might also have a secret vendetta against the little elf on the shelf. This one definitely did and bit a part of his head. Yikes!

14. This Insta Vs. Reality Check

Okay, if this is what you're aiming for with your elf on the shelf idea, make sure you don't get in over your head, ha, ha! The "reality" one is making me laugh so hard. LOL!

15. This Way To Get Outed

Check this out: This lady thought she was smart to get ahead of putting the elf on the shelf, but she messed up. She recorded it and then found out her daughter discovered the video. Why would you do that?

16. This Valuable Lesson

Here's a valuable lesson someone learned. Never put your elf anywhere near lit candles. Why? Come on! Do I really have to tell you that? This person almost burned their house down. OMG! That's not good at all.

17. This Big Oopsie

So here's the scene. This parent sat the elf on the toilet because he was being a little mischievous. However, by accident, he ended up falling into it. Now, who's going in to fish him out, huh?

18. This Ultimate Mishap

And here's the absolute ultimate mishap I recently shared with you. This dad put the elves in the oven to warm up, only he forgot about them the very next day. Needless, to say the kids were not impressed.

I hope this serves as a warning to you to be more careful in executing your Elf on the Shelf ideas hehe.

You wouldn't want to disappoint the kids. Am I right? So take a deep breath and get to work. It's going to be okay. I promise you.

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