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20 People Who Had Hope For Their Day, But It Was Dashed Quickly

One thing that every human being on the planet has in common is this simple fact: now and then, everyone sees their day get ruined.

We sincerely hope your day is going well. If it isn't, though, just check out these photos. It could be much worse.

"Got a call that said the field trip was running late due to a “bus malfunction”. This was not what I was expecting."

Reddit | kazzmere

Any day when you wake up and see something on fire, it's a good sign that maybe you should just go back to bed.

"Toast it is."

Reddit | DinklesTheNerd

Wait a minute. While cereal is clearly off the table, OP needs to check their bread for spiders, burn their cereal box, throw their carton of milk out the window, and possibly sanitize their entire kitchen before they can fire up the toaster.

"Husband left work to find his car like this."

Reddit | bjhuston97

It's one thing to get back to your car and find out that someone smashed the window and broke into it. It's quite another thing to find that they literally stole the steering wheel, meaning there's no chance you're driving it home.

"Was woodworking a ring and checked the size. Now it isn't coming off."

Reddit | AttackHelicpter

I have this weird fear of putting on a ring and being unable to get it off. It's a weird fear, I know. Basically, this pic causes me a lot of anxiety.

"The spot these people chose to have a picnic."

Reddit | AtomicPhantom7

I have trouble believing that anybody in the world is so stupid that they'd decide to park their car on the road and have a picnic, also on the road. But here's photographic evidence.

"Splurged on a jar of fancy honey and dropped it while taking the cap off."

Reddit | sixpigeons

It's so frustrating when you decide to treat yourself, only to have everything fall apart in your hands. This is a sign from above that you shouldn't splurge.

"Got told today I have to move out within the week. Rode my bike out to to get some comfort food and a rainstorm hit me 10 minutes away from home. Finally sat down to eat..."

Reddit | Nearby_Wall9463

I've had a lot of food mishaps in my time, but I don't think I've ever had my chopsticks fail to do their job.

"I was boilling the egg but i forgot to turn off the stove."

A pessimist would look at this and see a ruined boiled egg. An optimist might see surefire proof that Spider-Man has paid a visit to this kitchen.

"My popcorn bag's ink turned the popcorn blue…mild snacking inconvenience."

Reddit | mistertwister115

I'm sure that dye is food-safe, but what if it isn't? It seems like a major oversight for a microwave popcorn manufacturer to use ink that can't handle being microwaved.

"You should make sure your tattoo artist is sober before getting a tattoo."

This can be fixed with either an expensive and painful cover-up, or a small upwards arrow between the first and second T, pointing to an A.

"I passed out in the parking lot of the emergency room, and they sent an ambulance to take me 15 feet."

Reddit | phatyogurt

That's an expensive fifteen feet to travel, but if you added seven cents to the total, it would be a very nice amount.

"Thaught the clock on my microwave was glitching, turns out there is a cockroach stuck in it."

Reddit | happycamper1377

I know the cockroach isn't actually in the area that you're putting food into, but I'd find that fact hard to look past. Time for a new microwave.

"The close-door button fell off, revealing it was never connected to the control panel."

Reddit | sophiakyte

I've heard that the 'door close' button in elevators is often non-functional, but had dismissed it as an urban legend of sorts. I guess now I'll have to re-assess everything I thought I knew.

"I was served oranges and orange juice while in hospital, even though they have me down as allergic to citrus."

It's one thing to mistakenly serve this patient orange juice or an orange, but both at once? It's like they're trying to kill them.

"The building across from me got a new light.. that turns on at 10 PM.."

Reddit | Cheddar18

Living in an exciting urban environment isn't all it's cracked up to be. For one, there are noises that will keep you up all night. Also, sometimes random lights decide to just ruin your life.

"Getting a speeding ticket on your towed car."

Reddit | rafasgjwd

This was clearly issued in error, and I'm sure a trip to the DMV will clear things right up. The folks who work there are known for their compassion and understanding, right?

"After 8 hours of class everyone comes back to the dorm only to find new locks and finger scanners on the doors and none of the staff know the codes or how we can get into our rooms :/"

Reddit | Craft-Which

Sometimes, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, and I think this is one of those cases.

"Some kind of advertising they got there."

Reddit | Brianyeetamole

I kind of love how devious this is. Lots of store-bought pizzas have an embarrassingly small amount of pepperoni on top, but not many will go to these lengths with their deceit and false advertising.

"Was walking in with donuts I bought the team at work..."

Reddit | gabbigutie

While this person's co-workers won't get to enjoy these delicious donuts, the local squirrels, raccoons and birds will have a sumptuous bounty to feast on. That's how the circle of life works, I'm pretty sure.

"Got my lunch stolen."

Reddit | bloominbloom

This should be a lesson to all of us to keep a firm hand on your food when you're eating in a bird-heavy area. Never take a photo of your meal, because that's when they'll strike.

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