18 Starbucks Employees Who Need A Day Off

I don't know about you, but at least a few times a week, I need my Starbucks fix. And when I get there, I usually pray that I get my coffee ASAP. But never do I stop and think how hard it must be for the coffee shop employees dealing with people like me who are jonesing for their daily fix.

Let's find out exactly what it's like to work at Starbucks, so we don't give the employees a hard time.

1. This Request

The sheer audacity of people who feel so entitled to their free water must drive Starbucks employees crazy. Am I right? I wonder how many times per day they encounter this behavior. Do you want to take a guess?

2. This One-Side Conversation

OMG. Can you believe this person? Don't they realize that for the barista to start making their drink, they need to grab the right cup first? Now, good luck remembering all of this. I feel so bad for them for being totally ignored here.

3. This Obvious Blunder

Okay, I can understand if you mistake coffee for hot chocolate. But how can you possibly think that an iced drink in a see-through cup is the same thing? OMG! Is this person totally daft?

4. This Confusing Order

You would think that when people order something, they actually know what they want, but no. That's definitely not the case here. I suppose this person is just following a fad without even knowing what that is, ha, ha!

5. When This Happens

Okay, confession time: have you ever done this at Starbucks? I admit I might've forgotten what I wanted, but I never blamed the barista for it. I usually just confess and say I meant for it to be iced. Oops!

6. This Observer

Here's a thing I sometimes do, too. In my defense, I just like to watch the baristas do their thing. I don't mean any offense by it or want to make them feel like I'm rushing them. My bad!

7. This Total Entitlement

Ha, ha! I could never pull off this one here. I guess I don't frequent Starbucks enough to feel like every employee should know me by now. But still, they have some balls demanding that huh?

8. This Wake-Up Call

This is how a barista feels when the store has been open for two seconds and someone orders a Venti Caramel Frappuccino at 5 am. How do you make that again? It's too early to remember, lol.

9. This Rude Behavior

When you scream your order at a Starbucks barista, you're already creating some bad karma. Only you will find out exactly when it decides to strike back. So watch your back.

10. This Special Request

Here's the thing: If you want pour-over coffee, perhaps Starbucks isn't the best place for it. Instead, check out a local small coffee shop, and they'll be all too happy to take those extra minutes for it to be made perfectly for you.

11. This Lingering Type

I bet all the baristas love this type of customer. Speaking from experience working in a grocery store, we always had people linger too. What you need to understand is that the employees really want to go home, too. So get the heck out and fast.

12. This Black Coffee Drinker

Ha, ha! I have to admit this is probably what my fiancé would say to a Starbucks employee. He really can't stand all these complicated fancy drinks everyone else orders there. Just give me black coffee, please!

13. The 'Who's Next' Dilemma

"I wave at them, beckoning them to their milky caress, but the distance remains between us. The next patron taps them, tries to steer them towards the light, but it's of no use. They can't hear us, they have airpods in," one barista said.

OMG, right?

14. This Frappe Nightmare

Now I know why baristas have that look in their eye every time I order a frappe. Imagine if every person in line ordered one? Oh, my! That would be one hellish day for all of them.

15. This Blame Game

Oh, no! I bet this happens to Starbucks baristas all the time, huh? I can totally understand their frustrations when they're trying to do their job, yet they're being rushed by unorganized people. I'm going to keep that in mind from now on.

16. This Tip Etiquette

When you happen to get snippy with a Starbucks employee, take a minute and think about it. At the end of the day, they're just doing what they can, so leave a tip even if you weren't entirely satisfied. It's only fair.

17. This Stupid Move

"Dear customers, this is what happens when you reach around the shields to help yourself. Please stop." Oh, no! I guess they need to throw all of these out. But they're wrapped, no? That's not a good way to start the day.

18. This Massive Order

"60 Frappuccinos with no tip… $279."

In case it wasn't clear, baristas really hate making frappuccinos, so making 60 of them for one order would definitely ruin their day.

I must admit I've been guilty of doing some of these things too.

And now that I fully understand how hard it can be to work at Starbucks, I will think twice before throwing a fit. How about you? Did you gain a new appreciation for what the baristas do? I hope so.