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15 Hilarious Men Who Know How To Keep Their Women Laughing

Many men have a really great sense of humor but, not everyone in the world gets to see it.

When they're in relationships, men tend to do thoughtful, hilarious, and even outright amazing things. But, unless we share the moments with the world, no one would know.

Luckily, these Reddit users shared their fun with all of us, and we can now share it with all of you.

This guy whose anniversary gift for his girlfriend.

This Reddit user said that he and his girlfriend met on Tinder the year before, and as an anniversary gift, he decided to print out their first conversation and then turn it into a giant blanket/quilt.

Talk about romantic.

He tried to make them both feel better.

This Reddit user said that his wife looked "obnoxiously thin" after she had given birth, and he felt like his body looked like it gave birth more so than her own. So, he decided it would be a great idea to get a snapshot from the delivery day—pretending that he was the one who gave birth.

This dad who gets it.

The kids put out milk and cookies for Santa, and they expect Santa to send them or leave them a letter to say thank you. But, if your kids can't read, you can write whatever the hell you want.

They're useless without us.

This one girlfriend shared that her boyfriend's phone died while they were out and about, and she didn't know what to do. But, the store announced they were looking for her because her man was definitely lost.

This husband who has jokes.

The wife wrote that her husband discovered her brush for the first time. When he saw how much hair was in the brush, he pulled it out and made a wig for hire new bourne. So sweet.

This husband who is punny.

There's nothing that cures someone who is sick like a really good pun. This woman said her husband asked what she wanted, and she had asked for "plain toast." So he served her toast in the shape of a plane.

This dad's "Sexts."

This husband knows exactly what his wife wants to see when she's out and at work, some sexy photos of himself doing household chores and taking care of their baby. Taking out the trash? Hot. Vacuuming? Hot.

This husband who has some punny humor.

Getting a label maker can be fun for some people, especially for husbands. This guy knows how to make a good time for a good laugh. I beg your parsley has to be my absolute favorite.

He knows how to deal with his wife.

When a guy knows how to handle his wife, he is a master at anything. He made sure that the Uber Eats driver knows that his wife needs her food immediately because she is "Hangry."

This man knows how they look.

What is the best way to compare you and your significant other to a TV or movie couple? Clearly, by comparing yourself to Shrek and comparing your girlfriend to a donkey. Don't go home!

His wife seems to cry a lot.

There is no better way to understand more about your wife than seeing all the reasons that she cries within one single day. And, she isn't even pregnant or PMSing. Seems like she's just emotional, but we understand.


This guy understands that if you're going to go to Target, there is going to be no way that you are getting out in less than 2 to 3 hours. Women get lost in there, and by lost I mean two full carts.

He meant what he said.

Apparently, this husband told his wife if she didn't get up and get out of bed, he was going to bring in the baby goats. And, he was serious about it. He literally brought in a baby goat. I mean, I wouldn't be mad.

Trying to lure his wife out of her bedroom.

If you want to lure your wife out of the bedroom to come and hang out with you, line up a bunch of ingredients for things that she likes. Cheetos and Moscow Mule stuff? Sign me up. I'm coming!

Her husband was responsible for the Christmas card this year.

This is the most husband card I have ever seen written. Cheers, we love you 100% of the time. This actually should be framed and kept somewhere forever because it's amazing.