20 Discoveries That Made No Sense As To Why They Existed In The First Place

Do you ever look at something and think, "How the hell is that really a thing?" I often get this feeling when I look at the show Young Rock, do we really need an origin story for The Rock? I mean, I like the guy but why does that show exist?!

Anyway, that distraction aside, please enjoy these 20 discoveries that made no sense as to why they existed in the first place!

"Ramen! Now with Pringle flavoring..."

Why even both going out of your way to get these when you can just make ordinary noodles and then sprinkle a load of blended Pringles on top? I tried this once and I cannot stress enough how terrible they were.

"Looking to buy human teeth as I make dolls with them. $3 per decent tooth. Will meet at the police station or other places to buy them."

There is surely not a chance that anyone could ever happily have one of these dolls in their house!?

"I hope those surgeons in Darwin are sterilising their instruments first..."

"What's wrong with just using your arm to steal stuff from vending machines like a normal person?"

"Dave, you are literally stuck in a vending machine right now."

"Yeah, but when they get me out I'm gonna be holding a free Mars bar!"

"Sing while cleaning the toilet, kind of genius."

Yes because the first thing that I think whenever I see a toilet brush is, "Christ, I really need to put that thing close to my mouth." Although, there are probably some people out there who do think that.

"What the hell?! Found this weird product in target..."

I would love a pair of these. Plausible deniability is one of the greatest gifts that you can get someone you love this holiday season! Give them the gift of having a justifiable reason for not caring about the world around them.

"Portable Wood, because everyone needs some luck in their life."

That is a whole other level of superstitious if you feel as though you have to carry one of these around with you at all times. I also like that they put a little cartoon hand demonstrating what to do with it, in case you're a bit lost.

"A 1920s makeup compact fashioned in the shape of a pistol - with powder, cheek rouge and lipstick in the shape of a bullet."

This definitely does not seem like the sort of thing that would get a person into unnecessary amounts of trouble!

The Night Bus.

The backstory to this strange bus is apparently, "A 5 hour (47 miles) bus journey around Hong Kong for people to sleep on. The tour is designed for people who can't sleep at night but fall asleep easily on the bus to and from work. Costs $13 to $51 depending on whether they choose the upper or lower deck."

"My son brought this back from his trip to Scotland."

I am actually very curious to try this, but I would very much like to know what it is made of beforehand. Or actually, would it be better to just go in completely blind?

"I think I'll give this to my annoying next door neighbor..."

Most people were amazed at the fact that the people selling this product actually put "It floats" as one of the features included with a floating thermometer. Sure, they're not wrong, but you shouldn't have to say it.

"There's money to be made making it look like you're productive when working from home."

Yeah, that's a bit of a weird product to have to be born into existence. Although, one other very suspicious person did add, "Or you just open a text file and put something heavy on the space bar. Or so I heard."

"This Tom And Jerry Flat Cat Rug!"

Okay, look, I'll level with you here, I absolutely love this rug and am perfectly aware of why it exists. However, I just couldn't leave it out! Look at the state of it! Incredible stuff!

"Why would I want an egg yolk on a stick?"

Is this meant to be some kind of breakfast lollipop? There was one good use for them though, as someone added, "Dip them in chocolate and leave them in the break room at work."

"NES Electric Guitar."

I wish that they had made it so that this NES still played one game, a game that could only be played by playing the guitar in a certain way. There has to be someone out there who can do this.

"Now you can have beautiful jewellery made from a loved one's teeth. What a great way to remember those you have lost!"

Or, you know, you could always just put up a picture of them on your wall. That way you don't need to remove their teeth!

"The amount of craftsmanship went into this carving."

Again, but why? There is no denying the fact that it is obviously very impressive, although it is going to just go brown very quickly. Maybe the finite nature of this art is part of the piece?

What Is This Thing?

"It’s made of plastic, but the red part you see in the picture is just plain weaved fabric. I have no idea how it works or what it’s supposed to do, but the cover opens up and the back has an arrow," asked the person who posted this.

Ultimately, it was discovered to be something used to get lint off your clothes.

"Want to take your pet fish for a walk? There's a bag for that!"

I dread to think how quickly this thing would run out of oxygen, also don't fish need to move forwards to be able to properly breathe?

"Bulldog Thanos Piggy Bank..."

But, why? Is there really that much of a crossover between people who love Bulldogs and people who love Thanos? Seems like a bit of a specific target audience for them to be aiming a product at.

"Baguette Vending Machine. Spotted while walking in France. Sadly, no Cheese and Wine ones close by, so we carried on walking."

I wonder how often they come and replace the bread in that thing? If they leave them for too long then you may as well buy one as a spare hammer!

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