20 Times Cats Proved They're Assholes And Don't Care About Photo Evidence

As any cat owner would know, cats sometimes have a tendency to be a little...rude. Sometimes outright mean, depending on the cat. Not only that, but they really don't care about their behavior either.

They're chaotic and they know it, they just don't seek to change it because they know we love them anyway. This is evident in the photos on this list of 20 times cats proved they're assholes and don't care about photo evidence.

"My brothers cat got into the fireplace."

In case you can't quite tell at first glance, that cat did used to be white. Fully white. He not only got into the fireplace, but he got really in there, rolled around in soot and had an absolute ball.

"Oreo the Ahole got a full roll out of the bathroom up onto the kitchen table while I was out."

Not only did he destroy the roll, but he wanted you to know about it the moment you came in, too. Look at that face. He's had it up to here with your shenanigans and is finally getting some revenge.

"My girlfriend allows this…it scares me."

This is a mix of not only the cat being an asshole, but your girlfriend enabling it! She can't bend to the cat's every whim, not when those whims could involve the cat being injured or cat hair getting in your food!

"My in-law’s new cat has officially asserted his dominance."

Basset hounds especially have a particular look of pathetic-ness to them that leads this situation to be all the more probable.

What cat would look at a basset hound and be intimidated even a little bit? They're very bully-able dogs, no wonder the cat stole his bed.

"I walk by this apartment almost every day and the destruction has been a progression."

She looks pretty alarmed about it too. You've been a witness before now, sure, but now you're gathering evidence. You're gathering a file, you're going to rat her out! She must finish her grand vision quickly before she's thrown in the slammer!

"Because my car is the perfect hangout spot."

If my car was chosen by the neighborhood cats as a hangout spot, I would be grateful. All that means is that I'd get to spend my mornings petting cats and gently picking them up to move them, which sounds absolutely lovely.

"The morning after I told everyone I’m adopting my foster."

"Ehehehe, I've tricked you! I made you believe I was a delightful little scamp, polite and adorable, if a bit energetic, and I kept up the ruse right up until you adopted me! Now, I get to reveal my true nature as an absolute menace!"

"My cat got stuck today."

That sure is an impressive way to get stuck. When cats start climbing, they really don't have the foresight to see potential consequences to their actions, do they?

Also, there's no need to worry, the uploader said the cat got down just fine and is safe.

"[Tried] to move out old mattress, Rocky had other plans."

Look at his gaze. That's not your mattress, it's his. It's always been his. You may have been sleeping upon it, but it belonged to him in spirit, and he doesn't want you to get rid of it without his permission.

"Intentionally holding up with water line for 5 minutes. Dog is too scared to rush her."

She knows exactly what she's doing. The only thing cats love more than inconveniencing their human owners, is inconveniencing the dogs that share the same household as them. She will sit there all the live long day if it means annoying that poor puppy even more.

"This asshole getting ready to taste tree."

Cats to love to try and eat anything glittery, and while I can't imagine plastic to be that tasty, but I suppose you'll find out if he does by whether or not his litter box gets more sparkly in the coming days.

"Of course I want my cilantro to taste like cat butt."

For those who have that 'cilantro tastes like soap' gene, they probably wouldn't sense much of a difference.

For us superior folk who love cilantro, this is utterly devastating and a real crime against herbs. May the rest of your cilantro garden remain undisturbed.

"While cleaning out the litter box, Captain Jack decided to pee in the lid."

What did you expect him to do, hold it? Are cats even capable of holding it? Do they know what that concept is? He's a natural being of pure instinct, with generations past having been raised in the wild. He goes when he wants.

"Came home to this…"

And she has the audacity to yell at you about it like it's your fault! Or like it affects her at all. Wanting to blame someone else is a common trick, especially with cats, but that becomes hard when it's just the two of you.

"That Lego set was 2000 pieces."

This has been an important lesson in never, ever keeping anything treasured or breakable near a ledge without it being completely screwed down. Even if your cat isn't prone to knocking things off tables and counters, they still might want to one day.

"We adopted a dog a few weeks ago and the cat is finally ready to hate him up close."

I have a special fondness in my heart for any cat that looks perpetually pissed off, but Persians especially make me giddy. They're just so effortlessly funny. They can be the sweetest cats on earth and still look like they plan to maul you in your sleep.

"Every morning until I feed her."

When they're born, every cat is presented with a choice. When they want food, they can either sit in eerie silence and stare their owners down, or scream their tiny heads off demanding it until it's given to them. Gives a real insight into their personality.


I can't decide if that poor black cat has no idea what's about to happen to her, or if she does know and that slightly wide-eyed look is her looking to the picture-taker for help. Either way, a tussle is in store.

"Biscuit, you know the rule: ‘First I get my coffee…THEN you get your cat food'."

Of course Biscuit knows the rule, but when have cats ever cared about rules? They're beings of pure anarchy, they have no concept of subservience or 'listening to others'. They want what they want when they want it, and we are meant to bow to their demands.

"I don't know what he wants to say by that."

I want to believe she just wanted to spend time with you while you ate, but had a moment where she completely forgot about her tail. Or maybe she just doesn't know that humans tend not to enjoy cat hair as a seasoning.

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