20 Strange Pics That Reveal Things About Our Everyday World

The world is comprised of thousands of little details that help it go 'round every single day. For many of us, these tiny notes will never be noticed or discovered, left for someone else to marvel at.

With this list, I try to break that up a little bit, show you some of the small secrets scattered about the globe with some strange pics that reveal things about our every day world.

"My 10 trillion dollar zimbabwe bank note i use as a book mark."

In case anyone was wondering how much this was worth, someone in the original comments found one for sale for $27 from a coin and note collection company.

So not as much as the original number would lead you to believe, but still pretty expensive for a bookmark!

"There is a three-way bridge in Michigan. It is called the 'Tridge'."

I had never pondered what a three-way bridge would be called. I never even stopped to think one might exist. Now, I'm not sure what I would have guessed when it came to the name, but I know it would not have been as simple as 'tridge'.

"The store by my new house still sells candy cigarettes."

Companies still make candy cigarettes? Sure, I can imagine someone buying an old, expired pack for the retro vibe or nostalgia, but brand new? Of all the candy, there's someone out there who'd still choose these as their go-to snack?

"The paint on our garden torch peeled off revealing it is made from a Chinese redbull can."

There's something kind of cool about seeing recycling at work. Hopefully, once this is tossed, that can will be used again and again for a variety of different things for as long as it can be. Or may it be melted down and crafted into something new.

"My dad burnt a pancake so bad it camouflages with the black pan."

Huh. I didn't know it was possible to burn something that badly without starting a fire and burning part of your kitchen down. Your smoke alarm must have been screaming its head off at the very least.

"Me and my grandmother enjoy collecting crab molts, I found a perfect one a few days ago."

I always forget that crabs molt, and every time I'm made to remember I become a little more afraid of them. It's just...so creepy. At least when reptiles shed skin, it's thin and dry and bits at a time. Crabs just crawl out of their own body all at once, it's horrifying.

"There is a sharing point for walking sticks at the beginning of my favourite hiking path."

There is no feeling quite like picking up a really great walking stick while on a hike, so it's nice that this trail lets hikers share that joy with others! What better way to become even more in touch with nature than by holding a big stick?

"Someone has been knitting bird legs for all the street signs in my town."

This idea is great because it can turn anything you can put legs on into a sort of Baba Yaga's hut situation. Signs, light posts, trees, even the classic house. Do your part to liven up your neighborhood by inviting folklore creatures to move in!

"My dad eats his burgers upside-down and with chopsticks."

I understand not wanting to get your hands dirty, but surely there must be another way other than this, right? Paper towels? Gloves? Bubble wrap? Or, maybe, he just does this to flex his chopstick skills on the rest of the world. I'd respect that.

"My all day 3 park Disney pass for 26$ in 1994."

Yikes, that wouldn't even get you a full meal at Disney parks these days.

In case you wanted a real comparison, today a one day pass to just one park is $109. That's not just inflation either, they really jacked those prices!

"Asked the movie theater if I could have the leftover popcorn and they gave me this massive bag filled with popcorn."

Wait, you can just do this? That sounds like a dream come true! Time for me to start hanging around movie theaters near close and approaching the concession counter all casual-like, hoping they'll choose to bless me with a giant bag of popcorn to call my very own.

"The car parked next to mine had a lizard on the dashboard."

Just like cats and dogs, lizards can also come to enjoy some time out of the house. They're not one for walks, rather wanting to be carried or carted around, but they're up for adventures as long as you've got them secured!

"The way these people [laid] their rocks."

This would take a very specific brand of patience. Well, patience and creativity, desire, and a specific need to have everything look aesthetically pleasing so your neighbors get jealous and silently resent you so you won't actually have to talk to any of them and can live by yourself in peace.

"I own a mammoth bone."

When asked how they got it, the uploader said it was donated to their brother by a museum as a gift, and their brother gave it to them. They also assured everyone that it's normally kept in a protective case and not just left on the windowsill like a houseplant.

"Mom decided to knit her wrapping paper this year."

For those with the skill, this is a great idea! It can be easily reused instead of immediately going in the garbage, and it feels far more personal than whatever paper the gift giver had left over from last year.

"These artsy marble-like chocolates, with flavours ranging from hazelnut to absinthe."

Man, these are too pretty. I'm sure they're delicious, and feature flavors both delectable and rare, but I wouldn't want to bite into any one of these, I'd ruin them forever! They look like glass-blown beads, who am I to be the end of their beauty?

"Size comparison of a traffic light to a human."

Pictures like this really offer an interesting perspective on, well, perspective. Traffic lights aren't that far away from us, and yet it's always shocking to see how big they really are! Our friendly neighborhood streets are made of giant, terrifying structures!

"The little ball inside spray-paint cans are regular marbles."

I don't know what I expected to be in there, but it certainly wasn't a plain glass marble. Maybe I thought it'd be a specially made metal ball that actually reacts to the paint in a way that makes spray paint what it is, but no, just a marble rattling around!

"My aunt’s grandma’s old business card. Her phone number was '12'."

Man, Avon has been around that long? I had no idea MLMs have been at this for decades now, though maybe it was easier back in the day with fewer representatives and a much easier number to call.

"My microwave can remind me of dentist appointments and hair cuts."

We've all gotten too used to our smartphones and their endless notifications. When you really want to remember something, put it somewhere you don't expect it but will definitely see, like programmed right into your microwave. Yeah, that makes sense.

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