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20 Unbelievable Things People Actually Tried To Sell Secondhand

Our world is full of random stuff, and thanks to industrialization, we keep pumping out more of it.

So what do we do when a certain object is no longer wanted? We take to thrift stores, garage sales and Facebook Marketplace, of course.

Below are some of the weirdest secondhand things people actually thought were worth buying.

"Is it weird that I actually kinda want this?"

It isn't at all weird that OP wants this. After all, it's a gnome, riding on a unicorn, about to carry out a drive-by (prance-by?) shooting. This is a worthy display piece.

"Woman makes her regretful husband model her handmade ponchos. Hilarious."

Reddit | fckmarrykillme

Since most of us don't just have mannequins lying around, we occasionally have to rely on a real-life model if we're selling clothes. Oftentimes, that real-life model is going to be a grumpy spouse.

"Horrifying/educational VHS tape found at Goodwill."

Kids have lots of stuff they need to learn, and back in the '90s, the best way to learn was through educational VHS tapes. Look, I already know that strangers can be dangerous. They don't need to look like literal monsters.

"I felt it staring at me from across the thrift shop."

Reddit | Ahzbear

I don't know what this is. At first I thought the shape was slightly phallic, then I got distracted after looking into the eyes.

...the black, unblinking, staring voids of its eyes.

"Found this gem in free pile outside my work."

Reddit | mrhasselblad

My favorite thing about the art in this list, and there are a few examples, is that it's always framed. Just think about the fact that somewhere, at some time, someone thought this was worth framing.

"Just what I needed to complete my bathroom aesthetic."

Reddit | tempura_medic

Do you ever find yourself thrifting and come across a perfectly horrible piece of art that you feel compelled to take home? I do too, but I'm not entirely sure this is one of those pieces.

"No thank you."

Reddit | sammyjoeturd

There's something deeply unappealing about eating a fish that was caught and then thrown on the grass rather than immediately being refrigerated. They might fry up just fine, but I'm going to go ahead and say that this sounds 'crappie.'

"Bought this at a thrift store awhile back."

Reddit | [deleted]

Let's unpack this: Jesus is clearly showing off at the expense of all these kids who just want some reps with the ball. Also, what are the teams here? Flowing robes versus miscellaneous t-shirts?

"This couch is awful taste and you cannot change my mind."

This couch demonstrates excellent execution: the upholstery is done professionally, and the design is crisp and unfaded. It might be a good candidate for a garage couch, but I wouldn't want it in my living room.

"So exited to hang this up in my bathroom :D (it was half price)."

Reddit | Matt_Larson

I like how OP sheepishly points out that this was half price. They should have realized that price is no obstacle when it comes to procuring the kind of valuable information communicated in this letter.

"For the classicist who needs to charge three phones and a tablet."

Reddit | shakyshake

Having some USB ports in a lamp or whatever is no doubt handy, but it doesn't make for a great look when it's juxtaposed against something that's supposed to look classic and timeless.


Reddit | PinkyGoblin

I admire the creativity here. Someone set out to make a dog out of cabbages and leeks, and, by gosh, they did it. If you're a fan of little dogs and veggies, this is for you.

"I'd have to be baked to buy this."

This is the bland dystopia our world has become: people taking something with little value, taking away said value by replacing it with something dumb, then selling it for an inflated price just for the lulz.

"Are those......children..?"

Reddit | backyarddogs

Look, we all get what the joke is with this novelty gift, but whoever designed it should have looked past the humor and looked a little harder at the photo they chose to complete it. Selling it for 99 cents seems ambitious.

"He now lives in our living room. And yes, my fiancé thinks I'm a jackass for buying it."

This is one of those thrift store finds you just can't say no to. Just what, exactly, is that chef supposed to be doing?

"Today on FB Marketplace."

Reddit | Rosebudd100

If I saw this on FB, I might just have to buy it. At the very least, I'd like to seek out the artist who modified it, because their other pieces must be just as interesting as this one.

"If it wasn’t $75 I’d probably do it."

At first I thought this was a decoration, which would be weird enough. But then I looked closer and saw that it was a glove-like purse? I guess it's perfect for anyone cosplaying as a lizard.

"Thrift store, three bucks. Pete painted this block of wood for 14 years, almost every day."

Reddit | zydeco

This kind of makes me sad. Pete had a long-running project, one that he arbitrarily stopped after fourteen years. Then, with nothing better to do, Pete evidently shrugged and gave it away.

"Plastic wrap statue???"

Reddit | mama_griff

Is this really a plastic wrap statue or is someone just trying to find a new way to dispose of a body? Even if it is all plastic wrap, I have one simple question for the person who made it: why?

"Goodwill. Used lipstick. 'For rectal use only.'"


I really don't want to unpack this one. I mean it literally, as I wouldn't want to unwrap rectal lipstick. But on a more abstract level, I'd also rather not put too much thought into what this is.

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