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15 Women Admit What Their Own Red Flags Are

As the old adage goes, you can never judge a book by its cover. Similarly, you never really can know everything about a person from face value.

That being said, there are most definitely some important signs that you should be on the lookout for. Have a look below and see as these 15 women share what their own red flags are.

Not knowing how to drive a car.

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"Weird one, but I can't drive. I either uber or carpool to work and give gas money to my husband or whichever coworker I ride with. I'm learning how but I have a huge fear of getting into a car accident and not being able to afford medical treatments." - Reddit u/Cyber_Mermaid

"I write about my sex life on the internet for a living." - Reddit u/celestialism

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if this is what you do to make a living, then I can't see how it could possibly be a red flag — so long as everything is consensual. That said, I can see how you'd need a very confident and secure man (or woman) for a relationship to work.

Not being able to keep a secret.

"I overshare about myself and sometimes others. I am very open about the fact that you should not tell me a secret. My close circle gets it but I'm sure others could find it very off putting[sic]. - Reddit u/dindia91

"I mirror the people I’m around to make socializing easier." - Reddit u/limeblue31

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Even the most confident and secure people still have to contend with "imposter syndrome" every now and again. There are times when being a social chameleon can be beneficial, but it should never come at the expense of not being yourself.

I wonder why that is?

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"My red flag is that I'm absolutely not friends with any exes. If I saw one of them walking towards me, I'd cross the street. Not the best track record, you could say." - Reddit u/typeyhands

"Mine is that I don't really have any close friends." - Reddit u/Min_kast

Not having any close friends isn't necessarily a red flag, but it can be. Some people might see it as a sign that people have a hard time trusting you or that your integrity might need work.

Mommy and daddy issues abound.

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"I am not close to my “family.” My mother is very abusive and my father was mostly absent in my life. I’ve mostly cut contact with them since they never have anything positive to say." - Reddit u/stygian_shores

"I tend to take things personally and I hold grudges." - Reddit u/sittostand

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Holding a grudge does nothing other than cause you unnecessary pain and strife. Most of the time, the person you're actually angry with doesn't even know or care. Do yourself a favor and let it go.

This sounds like an excuse to me.

"Lack of steady income. And it’s not for lack of work ethic. When I do something, I do it right. It’s just for lack of available work that feeds my soul instead of making me feel like a zombie." - Reddit u/NaiveAd5495

"I'm kind of negative and don't like to talk to many people." - Reddit u/evaj95

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Have you ever been told that misery loves company? Well, let me tell you — it's 100% true. The only joy that negative or angry people have is making other people equally as angry and negative as they are.

Monogamy just isn't for me.

"I am only interested in open relationships. to them that's[sic] a flag, but to me, monogamous relationships come with that sense of entitlement to my autonomy and for me, thats a flag too. means its[sic] for the best if we don't[sic] associate." - Reddit u/manab0t

"I don't really have hobbies, nor something I can really talk about passionately." - Reddit u/

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Being able to self-motivate is a big thing; to have goals and dreams is what gives us our sense of personal autonomy. Without these things, what separates us from animals?

Sometimes, it just might be better to take the hint.

"I don't take silence for an answer. I expect communication. I will never let a guy I'm seeing distance themselves or ghost me without me going after a conversation and a lot of people will say 'let it be'," - Reddit u/l-a2

"I cry at the drop of a hat. Happy cry. Sad cry. Stressed cry. Angry cry. Laughing cry." - Reddit u/AceTabby00

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I'm sorry, but how is crying a red flag? So you feel emotions very powerfully, who cares? That's hardly a reason to steer clear or walk away from someone.

I just have literally no interest in what you're about to say.

"I am a terrible listener. I can be very attentive if it's something I personally find interesting, but in passing most information goes in one ear and out the other." - Reddit u/marylikestodraw

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