20 Bizarre Photos That Are Giving Us Whiplash

The internet is full of cool, amazing pictures that show awesome and rare things you don't get to see every day. It's also full of really strange pics that make you do double takes.

Be careful looking at this list. The pictures here are so weird that you might develop neck pain. You know, from all the whiplash that's going to happen.

"This window in a local library that goes into a creek."

To be honest, this is actually really cool. It may have confused me for a solid two minutes, but once I got over that, I saw how this is such an amazing idea. Even if seeing all that underwater life can be a little creepy.

"1/2 ton block of cheddar at the local meat and cheese shop."

This is such an absurd amount of cheese. I wonder if it's actually for sale, or if it's just a very impressive display piece. Then again, what would you even do with all that cheese?

OP made a follow-up post talking about how this block is over $1100!

"My best friend just found a radioactive can under his bed."

Uh... I have a feeling this person's best friend should probably get rid of that radioactive can that he found under his bed. Maybe call someone. There's someone to call about these kinds of things, right?

"My neighbors built this little staircase so their cat can come and go at her leisure. (She's up in the window.)"

I get that this skinny staircase is for a cat, but it's still so weird. Imagine seeing it and not knowing the owners of the house had a cat. That would be wild.

Also, I feel like she's staring into my soul.

"The streetlight and the freezing rain made this tree look like a spider web."

It's so funny how lighting can make things look like other things. Like how this group of tree branches among freezing rain and a streetlight look like a spooky cobweb. Very October 31st of them.

"I’ve seen many pencils sharpened to the nub in my many years as a teacher. This is next level nub."

I've never managed to get a single-sided pencil down to just a nub, let alone a double-sided one. The person who did this is either a genius, or an evil mastermind.

"These sequentially numbered trucks in caravan."

Okay, I know that these trucks are probably all from the same factory and are on their way to a dealer. But I like to think that this is a break in the simulation, instead. Matrix, here we come!

"This out of place hole in the clouds."

It's hard to tell if that's actually a break in the clouds, or if that's just a super weird, shaded-over cloud. I mean, it almost doesn't even matter. Either way, it's definitely not something you see every day.

"Electrolysis on an abandoned 70+ year old plumbing system."

I'm having a really hard time looking away from this picture. It's just so bizarre. All that debris looks so weird, like it's half a pipe or something.

Also, is it just me, or does it look like there's dirty cake icing coming out of the pipe?

"Some big trees in my area get covered in white chalk coloring to reflect sunlight in winter because the heat can crack its bark by warming up one side while the other half stays frozen in the shade."

I've seen pictures of trees covered in what looks like paint before, but now I know why it happens. That's actually really interesting, and not at all creepy (okay, it's still a little creepy).

"My bag of pork rinds has a Bible verse on the back."

This is such an odd combinations. Not only are you getting pork rinds, but you're also getting a Bible verse. Like, who decided that this was the kind of business model they wanted to follow?

"Cat-eared robot in local Japanese supermarket peddling foodstuff."

I'm not sure if I should be weirded out by this cat robot employee or not. Like, on one hand it is kind of cute. But on the other hand, it's pretty creepy. I'll just stick to human salespeople, thank you very much.

"Reflection from window makes it look like there's a giant streetlight in the distance."

This looks like a shot of Godzilla terrorizing Tokyo. Except instead of Godzilla, it's a streetlamp reflection, and instead of Tokyo, it's this random town. So really, the two are nothing alike.

"Spotted in Celje, Slovenia."

I'm guessing that they ran out of Snickers and found anything they could to fill the box. Still, I'd be pretty annoyed if I was having a Snickers craving and my only option was Twix. They're totally different candy bars!

"The wrinkles on my fingers have smoothed out since being in a splint for a month."

Obviously it isn't this person's fault that their finger wrinkles look all smooth and weird, but it's still such a strange sight to behold. I'm pretty sure that goes back to normal after a bit of time, though.

"Found a Loch Ness monster made out of old tires."

I don't want to burst anyone's bubbles, but the actual Loch Ness monster is probably a bunch of tires, or driftwood, or some other thing made to look like a giant snake creature. So this one probably isn't that far off from the real deal.

"Steam from nuclear power plant breaks through clouds (Nogent-sur-Seine, France)."

Okay, this would totally creep me out if I were in that plane. It looks like a giant spaceman is walking through the clouds or something. It even has its own shadow! So weird.

"Spot on my dog's tail looks exactly like a silhouette of a bust."

You know how sometimes your dog just... stares at you for a really long time? Well, I'm sure this person has that problem and has to deal with the weird bust silhouette shape on its back that also kind of looks like it's watching, waiting.

"My son's Play-Doh handprint captured every line perfectly."

Well, if you ever wanted to capture your kids' (or maybe even your own) handprint perfectly, lines and all, I guess Play-Doh is the way to go.

Of course, the fact that this Play-Doh also happens to be bright green is making this picture super strange.

"Speed limit sticker is pealing off."

As far as I knew, speed limit signs were, like, painted on or something. Are they all just stickers like this? Can they just replace the stickers if they want to change the speed limit? Has my whole life been a lie?

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