Man Blacklisted From ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Buffet After Eating All He Could Eat

Paddy Clarke

There is something inherently enjoyable about an all-you-can-eat buffet — and everyone has that one friend who will say at some point throughout your meal, "Yeah, but how much do you think you really could eat before they kicked you out?"

Well, one man from China recently got banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet after putting away enough food to terrify the restaurant's owners.

The scourge of all-you-can-eat buffets is called "Mr Kang."

Unsplash | Ulysse Pointcheval

Mr Kang is a food streamer and he claims that Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet has been "discriminatory" against him by banning him for eating too much food.

Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet is located in Changsha city, China.

In one sitting, Mr Kang managed to put away 1.5 kg of pig trotters, and that is a small meal for him!

Giphy | The Office

The time that Mr Kang put away 1.5 kg of pig trotters was on his first visit to the restaurant.

In another sitting, Mr Kang put away an eye-water 3.5 to 4 kg worth of shrimp. I'd be worried that I'd be sweating shrimp if I ate that much shrimp!

Mr Kang has claimed that he is fighting again food waste by eating the staggering amounts of food.


"I can eat a lot — is that a fault?" Mr Kang said to Hunan TV.

Mr Kang's attempts to tie his binging to eliminating food waste come a year after China's President Xi Jinping called on the public to "fight against food waste" following food shortage concerns.

The restaurant's owner has defended his actions in banning Mr Kang.


The restaurant's owner has also banned all people from streaming in the restaurant as a result of Mr Kang's binges.

"Every time he comes here, I lose a few hundred yuan," the restaurant owner said, according to the BBC.

"Even when he drinks soy milk, he can drink 20 or 30 bottles. When he eats the pork trotters, he consumes the whole tray of them. And for prawns, usually people use tongs to pick them up, he uses a tray to take them all," he continued.

People are split between supporting the restaurant owner and the shrimp scourge.


The quite valid point made by some people is that the restuarant should not have advertised themselves as "all-you-can-eat" if they were not prepared to see that promise through.

However, many people also expressed their understanding for the restaurant owner's difficult position.

Regardless of where you stand on this, you cannot argue that 3.5 to 4 kg of shrimp in one sitting is nothing short of stunning. I mean, where was he even putting it, does he have hollow legs?!

h/t: BBC