30 Silly People Who Made Their Bed And Now They Have To Lie In It

Oftentimes, the entire reason we find ourselves in a certain situation is because of the choices we've made.

No one else can get the blame (or the credit). You've made your bed, and now it's time to lie in it. If you're lucky, or funny, it'll at least be good for a laugh.

"Some cop in my hometown winning Halloween."

Reddit | Skwerilleee

I think this pic would lose a lot of its punch if the officer was smiling. Instead, his wary, ominous expression suits the costume perfectly. It's like the town is slowly becoming overrun with pigmen.

"My mom said this was one of my favorite things to do as a child."

Reddit | gronkaflomarous

This was one of her favorite things to do as a kid? Could have fooled me. It looks more like she's just about to burst into tears.

"The State Department nailed my girlfriend's passport."

Reddit | reece1

We all have a forehead, but thanks to the ineptitude (or maybe the artistry) of the good folks down at the State Department, she officially has a fivehead. Maybe the next one will turn out better.

"Today on United Airlines."

Reddit | l_ambert

This pic was taken long before the pandemic, so I'm not sure what's with the protection. Maybe they're all trying to survive a potential plane crash, or are just anticipating a generally bumpy flight.

"My dad makes my step mom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record breaking low temperatures."

This is kind of a weird flex, but I appreciate his dedication to the concept. Just look at those bare arms in the freezing weather.

"I saw the apron while shopping, and decided to do a remake of my mother’s favorite picture for Christmas. 23 years apart."

Reddit | Deeplight

I always appreciate the dedication involved in replicating old photos. They even used some trickery to make it look like the focal point of the photo was in the pot.

"My sister thought my leg could use more holiday spirit."

Reddit | stalnoypirat

Sometimes, all it takes to bring back the holiday spirit is some jolly Christmas lights. You can even put them on your prosthetic leg if you want the spirit to follow you wherever you go.

"This one picture has so much raw emotion."

I want to feel something as deeply as one of the people in this photo. The woman has never wanted to get back to shore so badly in her life, and the ray is just happy to be there.

"Found this gem on a Radio Flyer scoot bike. I'm sold."

This guy definitely isn't in the target audience for this item, but it looks like he still had a good time. I'm glad someone went out there to test the waters for the rest of us.

"My little sister and her friend with their homemade movie theaters."

Reddit | mjta01

Is this our bleak, dystopian future? Will we all become a bunch of robots, placated by the tablets inches in front of our faces while an Amazon box gives us privacy and comfort?

"Getting ready for Christmas I guess."

Sure, a ghost figure may not normally be part of the Nativity scene, but now that he's in there, you might as well leave it. It'll get people talking for sure.

"Wife left me alone with the kids for the first time and after asking for an update I sent her this."

Reddit | johnsbuffalo

This guy went to a lot of work to set up a funny photo. The joke will be on him when his kids grow up to be power-hungry autocrats.

"We're getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier."

Reddit | m83live

In a vacuum, this countertop looks perfectly nice. In practice, though, I've never seen a surface that's so good at disguising bread. It's like it was designed fo the purpose.

"I’m drunk and this is pretty weird."

I wonder if it's awkward for all of these people to be dressed in the same two Star Wars costumes. Maybe they planned it. Maybe we're moments away from seeing a Star Wars-themed flash mob!

"I don't know if I'd buy anything from that store..."

Well, someone bought from that store. I guess we have no choice but to wait until they try their stuff out and leave a review.

"Post brain surgery rehab. My hand doesn't work so they taped it up so I could...firmly grasp it."

Reddit | cold_as_eyes

I guess it's better to have some control of your hand rather than no control, even if that means your hand will be constantly gripping your, uh, knob.

"We were both surprised to run into each other so early in the morning."

And after a tense stare down, hopefully this person can be on their way. Worst case scenario, though, we never hear from them again.

We might still hear from the owl, though.

"The plan was simple. (1) Set the camera timer. (2) Join my wife in the hammock."

Reddit | Johnny-Virgil

Setting the countdown timer on your camera can yield some downright hilarious results, especially if the spot you're planning on posing in is precarious, like this hammock.

"Got myself a new wallet with a little reminder inside it."

You just know that, if you have to remind yourself not to buy everyone Jager bombs, you've already lost. I bet you anything this guy is going to "forget" about this reminder. Next round's on them.

"Nothing that can go wrong there Jim, don't worry."

I'm pretty sure there are safer ways to get up to a window. Hopefully it all works out for this guy. If not, hopefully he has really good insurance...

"I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke."

Reddit | Tio76

I like how the end result of what was no doubt a groan-inducing dad joke is a photo that's probably more memorable than anything a professional photographer might capture.

"Funny window decal."

Sure, the minivan may not be the coolest vehicle in the world, but they're still practical!

At least the owner had a good sense of humor about their car choice.

"From my workplace, boss is being witty."

I don't know why, but I can't help but feel like this was targeted at someone specific. As long as you never act like there's an I in "team," then you're probably good to go.

"My dog using my wife as a pillow."

Reddit | Makeway4fanny

If you've got a big dog, you just need to get used to the fact that they're going to make themselves comfortable on you in every way possible. It's nice, really. It means they love you.

"Boss: 'Why Is Your Work Productivity So Low?'"

If you work from home and have pets, you kind of have to accept the fact that your productivity is going to go down. It's no one's fault, though; you obviously have to pay attention to your pets when they ask for it.

"Looking at pictures online of people trying to take photos of mirrors they want to sell is my new thing..."

Reddit | [deleted]

When you're selling something online, you know it isn't a fashion show. It's better not to be seen. But when you're selling a mirror, it's tough.

"Think I need a new toaster…"

Yes, if your toaster is making your toast molten and possibly opening up a gateway directly into hell, it probably is, in fact, time to invest in a new one. This toast is too far gone.

"These people who set up a tent at an art fair."

This seems pretty reasonable to me. They're not misrepresenting who they are or what their mission is, and they're very up-front about the quality of advice you're likely to get from them.

"Used to work here, this guy is a cart pusher. He always wore kilts, and then today I saw this. Safety kilt."

I guess if you really want to wear kilts everywhere you go, it's totally possible. I can't fathom where this guy would have found a safety quilt, though.

"I wish I was joking, but I had just given him a raise this morning...."

Reddit | KinxtheCat42

You know the phrase "you've painted yourself into a corner?"

This guy isn't in a corner; he's in the middle of the room, but he still embodies the old saying perfectly.

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