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Just 15 Wholesome Pictures To Brighten Anyone's Day

We all have bad days that we need to turn around. Sometimes, all we need is a little pick-me-up and some sweet stories to help us bring back the good vibes in our life.

Thankfully, the Internet is the perfect place to get that feeling back. We can see tons of photos and videos of sweet and adorable things to make us feel better.

This dad's kind gesture.

The Instagram user shared that her mother had made her birthday cake for her birthday every single year for the last 44 years.

Two weeks after her mom died, her old father tried to make her a birthday cake to take her mother's place.

This orphan who became a doctor, all thanks to a kind stranger.

"So I met this kid at an orphanage in Tanzania a few years ago and told him that if he studied his butt off, I’d pay for his school to help him towards his dream of becoming a doctor. He just got into medical school. I don’t have kids but I’m proud like a mother hen," wrote a Reddit user.

This beautiful friendship.

One Reddit user shared that these two friends haven't seen each other since their daycare closed, so the moms arranged a playdate for them to hang out and see each other.

When it was time to say goodbye, this is what they did.

This heartwarming story.

One person shared that their daughter got her period on the bus ride home from school and she didn't know she had a bloodstain on her pants.

A boy whispered it to her and let her have his sweater to tie around her waist.

This very sweet photo.

The baby deer showed up at their house and the parents thought, "What a great photo opportunity." Sometimes, deer can be skittish and run, but this little one wanted to stay and pose.

This fox with a little crush.

One person on Reddit posted this photo series of a fox who may have a little crush on the Christmas decor they purchased for the holiday season.

It's a pretty adorable light-up fox. And, this real fox loves it.

This adorable friendship.

One Facebook user shared that this kid comes to visit his grandmother every day, multiple times a day.

They sit and they talk to each other and he "wants to check up on her" to make sure that "she wakes up from all her naps." Aw!

This teacher's story.

One teacher shared that a student apologized for being late to class, and then shared that his mom died that morning and he had no idea where to go, so he came to school.

The teacher said it changed her way of viewing teaching forever.

These dogs who waited to see if their friend was okay.

A homeless man in Brazil was rushed to the hospital for an emergency.

Then, 4 street dogs/strays came to the hospital door, waiting to see if he would come out and be okay. What a friendship.

This company's gesture.

This dog owner said they had bought something from Chewy for their dog, but their dog passed away before it came.

Chewy then refunded their order, sent them flowers that were the same color as their dog's fur—and, they donated to a local animal charity in their dog's name.

This dog's school photos.

Jenny Lee shared photos of her guide dog in training who visited a local school on picture day.

Instead of ignoring the dog, they had him dressed up for his own school photos!

This family photo.

This family photo is very special because it holds deep meaning.

The two parents worked in his fruit field for years, hoping to save and make their daughter's future better. So, they did just that, as she graduates college.

This grandpa who spreads some self-love.

This grandpa makes dolls that have the same skin condition that he has for young kids who also have it.

The skin condition is Vitiligo, where you have different colors and textures of skin on your body.

This special ornament.


This Reddit user said that at 14, they came out to their parents and they were "less than thrilled." But, now at age 35, they went to their house for Christmas and this ornament was hanging up on their tree.

This dog who just wanted to help.

This street performer was pretending to be hurt as part of his act and this dog on the sidelines ran over to go help him out. Obviously, this dog is the sweetest and most adorable thing in the entire world.