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19 Things That Get More Annoying The Older We Get

With age comes a lot of things.

Wisdom. Maturity. Money. And also: a long list of annoyances.

Maybe it's because our tolerance is lower, but the way someone breathes is enough to send us over the edge. We're also less tolerant of things like noise, teenagers, and drama.

So come see if you relate to these 19 things that get more annoying the older we get!

Working non-stop

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Can we please get summer break like we did when we were kids? One Redditor shared that the only real break some people got was when they were laid off during the coronavirus pandemic.


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"As a kid I didn't notice it. As a teen it was all around me and I was half involved. As an adult I'm so [expletive] sick and tired of hearing stupid drama." - u/TaintedTruth222

Discovering new aches and pains when you get up in the morning

"When I stand up, it sounds like someone is strangling a wookie. Nobody warns you that gravity seems to increase as you age." - u/TechyDad

Hair coming out of your ears


We have enough problems to deal with without long hairs basically poking you in the eye! And sadly, they only get worse the older you get. Ugh, to be young again...

People being excessively loud in public

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"I was at dinner with my in laws and the table next to us was being loud, which was annoying, so my MIL and SIL decided to be even louder than them. I wanted to disappear." - u/pwrizzle



"It didn't bother me that much when I was younger, but it's definitely something that's gotten increasingly on my nerves as I passed into my 30s. Definitely exacerbated by the Grandmother-in-law who will not stop giving us stuff, no matter how often we ask her to." - u/dinawia

The struggle of losing weight

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Ugh, to be a kid again and eat whatever you want without any repercussions! Now, you basically look at a donut and instantly gain 10 pounds. And if you try to lose weight, it takes forever.

Restaurants that blast the music

"I guess it's fun for the staff who have to be there all day, but as a customer the whole reason I'm there is to talk with my friends while we eat, which is so difficult if the music is so loud." - u/fredyouareaturtle

People lying for no reason

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"This drives me crazy! My husband and I work for a guy who never stops lying. He says he was a super secret marine or some [expletive] who was there when Osama bin laden was killed." - u/LadyRaoulDukeGonzo

The inability to fall asleep

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With all the things there are to accomplish in a day, you'd think that it would be lights out the moment our head hit the pillow. But nope, we're stuck staring at the ceiling instead.

People having a lack of awareness


"People looking at their phone while driving, not really listening to the person they’re talking to, blocking the grocery aisle with their cart, leaving messes for someone else to clean up." - u/ohemjeezus

Forgetting obvious things

"I just spent a few solid minutes trying to recall my cousin's name. And it wasnt until I remembered that we called her Babble-On as a kid, because she never shut up, that I remembered her name, Avalon." - u/dearthofkindness

Cars with excessively bright LED headlights

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They are so blinding and overpower your own headlights! One Redditor couldn't see from the car behind them. They had to cock their head so far to the side just to avoid an accident.


"When overindulging, young me felt a bit off for 4-5 hours the next day, then I was ready to go again. Old me requires 3-4 days before feeling good again." - u/RunMelba. It makes you never want to drink again.

Social media

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"I was blocking like 80% of my Facebook friends before I realized I didn’t have to actually use it anymore if I didn’t like it. It’s been liberating." - u/Ughim50. Hooray for no longer seeing people brag about their life!

Too much noise

Once you reach a certain age, you start to understand the angry old men who would yell at you as a kid for running up and down the block and being obnoxious. Noise is annoying!

The insane amount of little tiny stuff there is to do.

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"The shampoo bottle is empty, dishwasher is broken, have you called the housing agency already? There's mold again in the bedroom, hey your bank wants additional documents, have you watered your plants?" - u/thatpizzatho


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Seeing how loud and obnoxious they make you wonder, was I really that dumb once?

And the answer is yes, yes you were. They are prone to act foolishly, care less about other people, and think they know everything about the world.

Other people


"I used to be bright eyed and loved meeting new people. Then I realized a lot of them are not just irredeemably stupid, but loudly display it like some kind of badge of honor." - u/Sharpshooter188

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