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20 Bad Days That Hopefully Won't Get Any Worse For The Victims

We all have bad days sometimes. All you can really do is pick yourself up and try to have a better day tomorrow.

Or, alternatively, you can feel a little better about your plight by checking out pics of people having demonstrably worse days than you.

"McDonald's left a label in my burger."

Reddit | Ottermolecule

A pessimist might see this and get grossed out because, y'know, there's a label in their food. On the flip side, an optimist would see the label as assurance that their food hasn't expired yet.

"I need this for school. I don't have the money for a new one."

Reddit | Druid4life21

Hopefully this person has a monitor and an HDMI cable, because I don't think this screen is coming back anytime soon. If you squint, you can almost make out the login screen.

"Microwave door blew up. House built one year ago."

Reddit | 9inchsofty

I once dropped one shred of chilled cheese on a hot oven door and caused the glass to explode. I share this story simply to demonstrate that tempered glass sometimes just randomly explodes.

"I had a cleanser leak in my sink. A couple days later I came across this… don’t know where the spider is now, but I can only assume she’s angry and a superhero now."

Reddit | greenjm7

There's nothing more unsettling than seeing evidence of creepy crawlies, but no creepy crawlies. You know they're in your house somewhere.

"My shower was leaking so I tried to see if I could fix it. I broke it instead."

Reddit | drkardia

Have you ever set out to fix a minor problem and turned it into a major problem? Sometimes it's best just to call a plumber and have your chequebook ready.

"When your tire goes bazooka."

Reddit | 9999monkeys

Tires can recover from all kinds of different abuse, including being punctured with nails. Seeing this, though, makes me wonder if it's possible to salvage this disaster. Sometimes you just can't put the toothpaste back into the tube, y'know?

"When you forget it’s paving day."

Reddit | sar1284

The downside of this is that their parking space will forever be known as the one with lousy paving. The upside, I suppose, is that the pavers didn't get any asphalt on the car.

"Tried to save a few trees and bought a silicone 'cotton swab.' Guess who’s in urgent care because the other end is stuck in his ear?"

Reddit | Florianopolix

You know how q-tips explicitly instruct you not to put them in your ear? I know this isn't technically a q-tip, but this is the reason for that warning.

"A side that wasn’t expected."

Reddit | Luke10089

It's always nice to know that your bagged salad is fresh, and pesticide-free if possible. Sometimes, though, they're so fresh and so free of pesticides that you'll find a pest or two when shaking them out.

"Don’t wash a blanket with a fitted sheet. Still suffering from PTSD from the sound."

Reddit | DocMock

Looking at this carnage, it's hard to believe it's all because of a blanket with a fitted sheet. A sledgehammer ought to be enough to get some of those dings out.

"Well. My catalytic converter’s gone."

You don't have to understand what a catalytic converter is to know that you absolutely do not want the one on your car stolen. When you see your car on blocks like this, it's never a good sign.

"The mirror in my hotel bathroom has an antifog section. Unfortunately, I'm 5'2"."

Reddit | Bommie20

Short people problems are very real. It extends far beyond not being able to reach the upper shelves in grocery stores. It also manifests itself in cruelly taunting you with conveniences that you'll never be able to enjoy.

"Blow drying my hair only for this guy to pop out the end pointed right at my head."

This device is designed to dry hair, but it's equally effective at shooting superheated bugs directly into your ear canal and up into your brain.

"Got back to hotel after working 12 hours... to find that they bagged all our stuff into a trash bag and gave our (paid for) room away. Thanks, Choice Hotels."

Reddit | archofimagine

If there's a silver lining, and I'm not sure there is, it's that the stuff wasn't thrown out completely.

"My cat decided to piss on my new Switch, instead of literally anywhere else."

Reddit | lemaymayguy

Ooh, this one hurts. That fancy new Switch just came out and still sells for a premium. I wouldn't be pleased about cat pee on that rug, but it would probably be better than on the Switch.

"Guess I’ll be living unhealthy."

Reddit | J0shn

I totally get what this notification is trying to say — that a specific app isn't yet available. But the wording is downright hilarious. It's like you're being deprived of a healthy life because of your citizenship.

"I went to get my haircut from my mom who, hours earlier, said she went to the eye doctor and wasn’t sure if she could see properly to do it but later on assured me she could."

Reddit | JoeEstevez

Not to blame the victim, but it's never a good idea to get a haircut from someone who "wasn't sure if [they] could see properly."

"Got off the train at the wrong station. Now i'm in the middle of nowhere without food, it's raining, it's cold, i'm hungry and next train is in 7 hours. Please keep me company."

Reddit | Lambrusc1

This looks like a great opportunity to...photograph fog and look at train tracks for seven hours.

"Nothing better to start your morning than dropping a full jar of glitter."

Considering how opening just a small envelope of glitter will ensure that your home is filled with glitter forever, this is a downright catastrophe. You can clean it, but there will always be glitter.

"Ordered crayons on Amazon, this is how they arrived."

Reddit | HershelGibbs

What happened to these poor crayons? Did someone try to eat them before they left the factory? Have they melted? Did they come from the island of misfit crayons? I'm honestly baffled.