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15 Times Friends Did The Worst Possible Thing To Another Friend

Some friendships in life end. There are many times when we grow out of friendships and just lose touch with people.

But, other times, friendships end when people totally and completely screw us over in unforgiving and awful ways. Some hurt is so bad that we can't go past it or move past it. Therefore, we have no choice but to walk away forever.

He tried to sleep with his friend's wife.

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"Let him crash at ours when he was between places. While I was out he got drunk and tried to bully my wife into having sex with him.

He told her 'If you don't I will tell him you did and he will believe me." She suggested he go get some beers first and then locked the doors, hid out at a neighbors and called me and the cops," wrote Liar_tuck.

Burnt their leg.

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koostamas said that a friend thought it would be hilarious to burn their leg hair off with deodorant and a lighter. Turns out, that's a lethal combo for the skin.

Two years later, they still have scars from the third-degree burns it caused.

Turned everyone against him.

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"Convinced the rest of my friends that I’d done something unforgivable. And then convinced them that they shouldn’t be friends with me anymore. While we were studying abroad, with no other friends/support system around. It was awful," said justkilledaman.

Slept with her husband.

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onetotmama said a friend of hers slept with her (now ex) husband while they were still married.

Then, she had the audacity to get mad when she said she didn't want to be a bridesmaid in her third wedding. Yikes!

Killed all his fish.

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"I asked if he could stop in daily to feed my fish and test my water. Ran a decent saltwater tank. Nice 150 gal bowfront and gorgeous. I was out of town for 2 weeks. Came home to a nuked tank. He didn't stop by even one time. I gave him $200 to do this and he said 'yea no problem it's on my way home from work anyway,'" wrote averagesizefries23.

Just cut her off.

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nMandbakalM said she had three best friends all throughout college and they had been friends for years. When they all graduated, she stayed for grad school.

They decided to finally go on a vacation together and picked a super pricey place, but being in grad school she couldn't afford it. They cut her off and went on the trip alone, never speaking to her again.

Lied to her husband about her.

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"My best friend fell in love with a guy at work. She decided to run away with him but changed her mind. To cover up her actions she told her husband that I talked her into running away with me because at the time I was getting a divorce. She told him I said we should both start over In a new city," said lovestobeme.

Disowned her when she needed her most.

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goestoeswoes said that a friend's boyfriend's brother sexually assaulted her and when the truth came out, her boyfriend forced her to disown her as a friend.

As if the assault wasn't bad enough, losing a friend made it harder.

Broke them up to steal his girl.

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"My 'friend' was a mutual friend of me and my X-gf. He encouraged both us of that it wasn't a healthy relationship to be in, which it wasn't. He only did so though because he wants to sleep with her. After we broke up and she got drunk and depressed, they slept together," said Vlaed.

Made their moms death into a joke.

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"Repeatedly made dead mom jokes, knowing my mom had passed away. Also saying things like 'Well MY mom is still alive, so you can just go be president of the dead mom’s club,'" wrote consultingrodent.

Slept with "the one."

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TallBobcat said that he was dating a girl all throughout college and thought that she was the one.

He told his friend that he was thinking of popping the question, only to find out his friend had been sleeping with the girl for quite some time while they were together.

Ghosted their "best friend" after 8 years.

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"My ' best friend' of 8 years ghosted me 2 weeks after my dad died unexpectedly. When he finally decided to pop back up a month later, he said it was because he was tired of dealing with me crying and being upset/depressed over my dad's death," wrote yeahtrashh.

Ended their friendship over racist stereotypes.

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oonomnono said that they had a best friend who ghosted them right after 9/11 happened in America. They never understood why and were really hurt.

Turns out, the girl's parents told her that she "wasn't allowed to hang out with terrorists," because the Reddit user is Middle Eastern.

Slept with his wife while he was away in the military.

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"[Expletive] my wife while I was working extra duty in the military. When I was working and he was off, he'd go to my house.

He got his dues, though. I hold no more resentment. If that didn't go down, I wouldn't be where I am today. And let me tell you, I love the woman sleeping in my bedroom right now more than I thought was even possible," wrote Judoka229.

Went for her love interest.

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"Introduced her to the guy I was super interested in and she knew I was. The worst part is she would force me to be the 3rd wheel on her dates cuz she was "too shy" to hang out with him. Then she took his virginity on my couch after a night of drinks. They're now married and have 5 kids. She already had 3," wrote ImAdelineYo.

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