15 Awkward Celebrity Moments That Happened Live

All of us know what it feels like to have an awkward moment. Thankfully, the vast majority of us aren't followed around by camera crews every waking minute of the day.

When you're an A-list celebrity in Hollywood, however, you don't have that luxury. have a look below and check out these 15 awkward celebrity moments that happened live.

When a reporter at the SAG Awards told Rashida Jones that she looked tan and tropical.

Without missing a beat, Rashida replies "I don't know; I'm ethnic." It was good of Rashida to throw this reporter a bone because things could have been a lot more embarrassing for her than they were.

When Miguel jumped on top of a fan during a live performance.

Right at the climax of the song, Miguel attempted to jump from stage to stage. He made a crucial miscalculation and wound up straddling a young woman, leaving her severely injured.

When Dakota Johnson and her mother, Melanie Griffith, got into a debate on the red carpet.

As if that weren't awkward in and of itself, Melanie and Dakota were debating as to whether or not it would be inappropriate for Melanie to watch Dakota in 50 Shades of Grey.

Pretty much every single Jim Carrey interview nowadays.

It's safe to say that Jim Carrey is in a world of his own. Or rather, the collection of molecules constantly colliding and reforming into one another that we call Jim Carrey is in a world of his own.

To be honest, he's a little too philosophical for me.

Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing on 'SNL'

In fairness to Ashlee, many of the biggest pop stars in the world flagrantly lipsync during live performances and no one seems to care. The only difference is that Ashlee got caught for it on the biggest stage in the world.

When Kristen Stewart "accidentally" dropped the f-bomb in her 'SNL' monologue.

Accidentally is the operative word in that sentence. I don't buy for one second that Kristen's little slip-up wasn't scripted or pre-planned. Either way, it's cringe-inducing to the max.

Larry King interviews Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld is nothing if not proud, as was clearly shown during his infamous Bee Movie interview on Larry King Live. When Larry mistakenly presumes that Seinfeld was canceled — Jerry absolutely explodes into a sarcastic tirade.

Sacha Baron Cohen spilling "ashes" on Ryan Seacrest.

This was later revealed to be a publicity stunt for Sacha's film The Dictator — only Ryan wasn't in on the gag. He looks both shocked and mortified as he helplessly watches Sacha spill "human remains" all over his tux.

The time that Whoopi Goldberg farted on 'The View'.

Whoopi did her namesake proud during an interview with Claire Danes. Right while Claire is in the middle of talking, Whoopi breaks wind — loudly. Everyone notices and she quickly apologizes.

When Cara Delevingne's dry sense of humor was mistaken for sarcasm on the 'Good Day'.

In fairness to Cara, the questions that she was being asked were both uninspired, as well as a little antagonizing. The interview gets cut off after the female anchor instructs Cara to "drink a red bull."

Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's speech at the VMAs.

The moment that Kanye inexplicably rushes the stage and grabs the microphone out of Taylor's hand will live rent-free in my memory forever. Thankfully, Beyonce let Taylor finish her speech later on in the evening.

Will Smith slapping the man who tried to kiss him.

Will Smith got more than he bargained for when an overzealous reporter tried to kiss him on the red carpet. Will recoiled in shock and gave the man a swift backhand to the face.

When Leslie Jones almost threw up mid-sketch on 'SNL'.

Fair warning — this is both disgusting and incredibly gory. The script called for James Franco to spit fake blood as Leslie approached the counter. What he didn't intend was for it to all go into her mouth.

Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl halftime show.

During their live performance, Justin Timberlake reaches over and "accidentally" tears Janet's costume — revealing her breast. Was it really an accident or a poorly-planned publicity stunt? It's a question that the world has been debating for years.

When 'ET' made a slightly sexist comment toward Taylor Swift.

An ET correspondent stopped to chat with Taylor on the red carpet, and told the renowned pop star that she'd not only be going home with an award — but a man as well. Taylor, looking more than a little annoyed, replied she'd be going home to her cats.