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20 Pics Crazier Than That Weird Coworker You Actually Sort Of Miss These Days

Remember when your weird coworker finally quit? You thought things would be more peaceful without their strange, rambling stories and inexplicable microwaved lunches. But ultimately, things just became more boring.

Sometimes, you don't need any more crazy in your day. Other times, though, a dash of crazy is just what the doctor ordered.

"Security guard at an Alabama college bar."

Reddit | aliencircusboy

I totally understand that things can get wild at bars in college towns. But this guy looks like he's more equipped to hunt down vampires than enforce the rules with rowdy college students.

"Well I suppose it makes sense. The mullet of vehicles."

Reddit | darkman21

If you're the kind of person who understands how cars work and has a lot of time on your hands, you can also have a jalopy that looks like this.

"Car crashed into my friend’s house last night."

Reddit | grandyy

If you live on a ground floor near a t-intersection, or if you're just spectacularly unlucky, you might also find a car in your living room. Speaking as someone who lives near a t-intersection, this is unnerving knowledge to have.

"I bought this at an antique shop in Pennsylvania. WTF do I now own?"

Reddit | irate-librarian

Well, to answer OP's question, which I'm not sure was rhetorical or not, they now officially own a deeply cursed item. Antiquing sure is fun.

"I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing and he stole my toilet."

Reddit | shelblikadoo

I wonder if this was the vindictive move of an angry ex, or just the actions of a guy who really loved his toilet.

"Electrical wiring and water pipes in a Brazilian favela."

Reddit | liete7acyrsalzf

I was shocked to see the state of the maze of cables underneath my desk the other day, but they've got nothing on a Brazilian favela. I should probably still clean them up, though.

"No filters. Australia is red from wildfires."

Reddit | [deleted]

It's wild that this pic has no filters, because if it looks like anything at all, it looks like a photo taken from behind a red gel filter. Wildfires can make Earth look alien.

"Found cockroach under chocholate layer in this ice cream."

Reddit | NEXYone

It would be unsettling enough to find a cockroach on the outside of the chocolate, but at least then you could discard the treat without biting into it. Finding it under the chocolate is super gross.

"Cabin in Alaska for rent, lovely view."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Polar bears are adorable in the right context, but terrifying in nearly every other possible context. I'd be seriously concerned about my window's ability to keep this big murder machine on the outside.

"I’m a contractor. Bought an abandoned/foreclosed home to renovate. This was in the basement bathroom. What. The. F***."

Reddit | spwhalenjr13

I'm guessing this was the work of a troll who just wants to watch the world burn. If so, their work paid off.

"Started work this morning, put my headset on, felt something furry in my ear, looked and there is a bat in my headset."

Reddit | soulhacler

I just left a place with a bit of a bat problem, and this pic fills me with terror. You do not want bats to get anywhere near you.

"Raising anchor of your oil tanker only to realize you've hooked an unexploded torpedo."

Reddit | Business-Socks

When ships drop anchor, they're just dunking them into the water. Anything could be down there. Getting out of this predicament would require some delicate maneuvering.

"CT Scan of 1,000-year-old Buddha sculpture reveals mummified monk hidden inside."

Reddit | vienna95

I'm sure archaeologists were thrilled to find this — it's an ancient statue, with a bonus inside! I look at it and just feel unnerved to know that there's a body inside.

"This lady I drove past earlier today: Cranford, New Jersey."

Reddit | Icy9kills

Seeing this pic and the location makes me think they're putting something funny in the water over in Cranford, New Jersey. Come to think of it, that's basically this lady's whole point.

"New prototype 'economy' airline seats."

Reddit | jcepiano

We all know that air travel is cramped and uncomfortable, but these so-called seats take things to another level. They may as well just take the seats out and make us all stand at this point.

"27 contact lenses were found by doctors in woman's eye."

Reddit | cdeae

Contact lenses can be handy if you're doing physical stuff and don't want your glasses to fog up, but this pic shows what can happen, at least in one case. Yecch.

"There was a friggin gecko hiding in my son's toy spider's ass!"

Reddit | [deleted]

I can think of more dignified places to live than inside the butt of a toy spider, but I shouldn't judge. Maybe this living arrangement works really well for this gecko.

"Oregon fires next to a golf course."

Nero famously fiddled as Rome burned, and I think this is the modern equivalent. Guys, even if the fires don't reach you, the smoke most certainly will. Time to wrap things up for the day.

"Guy riding down the road holding a dresser on top of a car on a 50 MPH road."

Reddit | Po1sonator

There's no worse feeling than buying something big and realizing it doesn't quite fit in your car. Bust out the straps or rent a truck if you must, but do not do this.

"Car on a rooftop."

Reddit | BecTheGamer

You can almost look at this pic and see nothing out of the ordinary. Then you think for a moment, wondering if you actually saw a car casually parked on a rooftop. I have no explanation, just bewilderment.