20 Bizarre Things People Noticed, But Ignorance Might've Been Bliss

You know how they say that ignorance is bliss? Yeah, that's definitely true in a lot of cases. And it's especially true for these pictures. People noticed some things that were probably better off going unnoticed.

Though, maybe it's better off that people ended up noticing these things before it was too late. It could've gotten way, way worse.

"I found some Red Jasper (a type of rock) and it looks like rare steak."

I love collecting cool little rocks as much as the next person, but I'd probably pass on these ones. You couldn't put them on display without people thinking you're some kind of slob (even though they really are just rocks!).

"A serving of potatoes is one medium onion."

This is more confusing than anything else. I feel like, even though it says onion, that's still the nutritional value of a potato. Either way, I'm not going to keep thinking about it.

"This 19th century Methodist Church in Darlington, UK was converted into 'Bathroom World.'"

This seems like a colossal waste of a perfectly nice 19th Century Methodist church. Of all the places it could've turned into, it's a Bathroom World? The only thing I can say is: yikes.

"I got candles for my wife’s birthday."

If you don't look too closely, it's fine. Just think of that B as a D and it'll be just fine. Or, just pretend you wanted the cake to read "happy birthbay" as a joke or something.

"Fixing my kid's toy & not paying attention where the excess super glue is going."

Pro tip, if you're going to be working with strong glue, always wear gloves. If only this person could pretend that their fingers weren't stuck together with super glue and that they now have to figure out how to get them un-stuck.

"My Burger King order printed on a Subway receipt roll."

Are Burger King and Subway even owned by the same company? Or do Subway receipts just cost less to print out than Burger King ones or something? Either way, this is still a really strange detail.

"What looks like a tiny carrot that came with my carrot bunch."

Every single time, without fail, there's always going to be a gross looking carrot in the bag. I wouldn't even try to eat this one, though. I'd probably just pretend that it doesn't exist or something.

"This elevator I found underneath a school."

See, this is when you turn around and walk away. Finding any creepy thing in an old school is already a huge L, but this elevator is 100% the secret passage way to some demon lair, and that's not worth exploring at all.

"These turkey cookies look just like cow heads when upside down."

Now that I see it, I can't unsee it. Great, now Thanksgiving is ruined. How are we supposed to think about turkeys when all we can think about is cows instead? Oh, the horror!

"In case of emergency…"

On the plus side, if there's no emergency, there's nothing to even think about here. But... if there is an emergency, then it might be a good idea to know where the actual button is. If it even exists...

"Friend lost his wallet earlier this week - found it today magnetized to his car."

All I can think of is how this person probably canceled a bunch of bank and credit cards. Like, of course it's great that he ended up finding his wallet, but with all the replacement cards on their way, maybe it should've stayed lost.

"Damage-free removal with 3M command strips! I have a whole gallery wall like this."

Ah, moving day is no fun, especially when you have a bunch of new holes and inconsistencies that you have to fix. I'd probably be tempted to just leave all the frames on the wall and call it a day.

"I spent over an hour trying to cover my windows before realizing that the second panel has a slightly different pattern, and that the squares don’t line up."

The difference between the two windows isn't that noticeable. But once you see it, it'll probably bug you. Like, a lot. All I can say is that I'm glad I don't have to stare at it all day.

"This shredded money table at my college— who made it and why?"

I could've lived a whole, normal life without knowing that this table was made out of shredded money. Is it, like, real money? Would that even be allowed? I'm pretty sure shredding money is illegal, after all.

"Got my toddler new shoes over the weekend. He just threw one of them into the fireplace."

On the plus side, he's a toddler, so he'll probably grow out of those shoes in a couple months anyway. He's just a little bit ahead of the curve, there.

"Someone left a blueberry waffle in my car wheel."

I'm not sure who the true victim is here: the person who lost their waffle, or the person who owns the car. Either way, there are at least two people who are unhappy about this tire waffle.

"Blow drying my hair only for this guy to pop out the end pointed right at my head."

After looking at this, I think I'm never going to use a hair dryer again. The last thing I want is a random roach to live in it, only for it to get shot out into my hair later on.

"One of my friends found my book at a goodwill. It was originally a gift to another friend."

See, I probably would've been better off not knowing that my friend gave the book I gifted them away, and it got thrifted by a different friend. There are some things you can just keep to yourself.

"The crack on my wife’s windshield looks like an airplane from the front."

That's a cool little detail. I mean, it would be if it wasn't on a car windshield. If I were this woman, I'd be getting that fixed before the whole pane decides to break apart.

"Apparently the bus driver didn’t notice he was crushing a Hyundai."

I get that driving a large vehicle like a truck can be tricky, but you'd think you'd still be able to notice when you're backing into something. Just drive away and act like nothing happened, I guess.