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18 Haircuts That Inspired Us To Chop Our Hair Short

Truth be told, I've always loved long hair. I guess it's partially because my mom always insisted on cutting mine off. But now, I've had long hair for quite a few years, and while I still love it, sometimes I wonder if it's time for a change.

These ladies chopped their locks off, and they're super happy about it. Let's see their transformations below.

1. This Super Cute Cut

Ladies, this is what I'm talking about. How lovely is this short haircut? You don't necessarily have to chop it all off, but an awesome hairdo like this one is both fun and fearless. I love it.

2. This Lovely 'Do

And here's a similar hairdo for you to admire. I think this one also came with some light highlights. This lady's hair not only looks prettier, but it seems a lot healthier too, no? What do you think?

3. This Pretty Cut

Long hair can sometimes weigh you down. There are no ifs or buts about it. So when you're ready, take the plunge, and your scalp will thank you for it. I want to do this too after my wedding.

4. This Bold Chop

Many of us get so attached to our long locks. I can attest to that too. There was a time when just a thought of a haircut would make me feel uncomfortable. But now, just like this lady here, I'm ready to embrace it too.

5. This Amazing Change

I know it's hard to let go of your long hair. I'm feeling this way right now too. But when you get a style that fits your face, a short hairdo can do wonders for your overall look.

6. This Different Look

It's not just ladies that tend to hold on to their long hair. I know plenty of guys who sport long locks. However, sometimes you have to be ready for a change and just go for it.

7. This Sassy Style

Even though I do love long hair, I find short hairdos really cute too. This lady's new haircut makes her look that much sassier than the long hair could ever do. Do you agree with me?

8. This Healthy 'Do

If you've been putting up with frizzy hair, listen up. A great haircut can really smooth out all your flyaways and make you look that much more polished. I think it's exactly what happened to this lady's hair here.

9. This Playful Change

What I like about my long hair is the fact that I can braid it. But there are other advantages of a shorter hairdo, such as being able to just wash it and go. How cute is this style here?

10. This Adorable Look

Speaking of playful, that's how I feel about this look here too. I liked this lady's slick long hair, but the shorter do is so fun and stylish. She seems to be enjoying it a lot.

11. This Pretty Bob

I don't know if I told you, but I once had a pretty bob too. I was inspired by Sharon Stone's character in the movie Sliver, and I asked my hairdresser to recreate her look, hee-hee.

12. This Cute Style

I have to confess something to you: I never looked good with bangs. They just don't seem to suit my face. On the contrary, I think this lady looks really great with bangs instead of just plain long hair.

13. This Slick Look

I don't know why long hair can sometimes look brassy and damaged on the ends. Maybe it's the overall weight of the sheer volume. So I really love this updated style that's so much more slick and polished.

14. These Awesome Highlights

Sometimes it's not just the haircut that can make you look too plain and boring. A good stylist can find the right length for you and then add highlights to finish the look. I love what they did for this lady here.

15. This Updated Look

I don't know about you, but I thought this woman's long hair looked too damaged and dull. Now with this new haircut here, her locks look so much healthier and fuller. I'm really digging the entire change.

16. This Amazing Length Change

Oh my! That is quite a change here, huh? This lady had such long hair I'm really surprised she chopped it all off. But I think the new hairdo looks really great on her, too.

17. This New Style

Oh wow! Check this lady out. Not only did she shed so many pounds via her long hair, but she also opted for a color change. What do you think of her look here? Do you love it?

18. This Awesome Transformation

This lady sure had a lot of hair. I bet it was tricky to pick the right short hairdo for her. But I think the hairdresser did such a great job here because this look really suits her, no?

This Hair Came Back to Life

This chop was so badly needed, and the end result is truly gorgeous. You can see the life come back to not only her hair, but her eyes, too! You can tell she loves her new look.

This Proves It's So Much More Than Hair

"Such a big step in embracing who you are is how you present yourself to the world. So honored to stand by her side on this journey! 🌈" Stylist @ms.jcruz_hair wrote on Instagram.

This Hair Went to a New Home!

New stylist, new look! This client decided they wanted to chop all their hair off, but they didn't want it to go to waste — so they donated it to The Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children! You can learn more about the charity here.

This Hair Has an Edge

If you're going to do a big chop, why not get funky with it? This client decided they wanted to go in a whole new direction with their hair, so in came that acid green color! I love how edgy and fun it is.

This Hair Went Short and Sassy

After years of growing out your hair, it must feel like such a (literal) weight off your shoulders to chop it all off! This client was all smiles over her big chop. I love the new color, too!

This Hair Journey Was Emotional

"The process was very emotional. I literally cried because I felt the detachment, not only from my locs but everything that I’ve gone through while growing them. I was very sad, but once I finished, I felt so liberated!"

This Chop Saved Her Literal Headaches

This client had hair so heavy it would give her literal migraines. A chop was the perfect way to alleviate all that pain! I'm so in favor of getting rid of the stuff that hurts you, even if it's your hair.

This Hair Looks So Rich

Look at those gorgeous, dark tones in her new hair! I love that they went for an asymmetrical bob here, and the darker color makes her hair look so rich and luxurious. What a great transformation.

This Look is So Punk

Shaggy hair, don't care! This cute look was done on a super cool mom who was tired of her long hair. Boom, in comes the shaggy faux-mullet! Yes, mullets are back. Yes, they kind of rock.

I'm so in love with these short hairdos here.

They make me feel better about my decision to cut my hair after my wedding. I think it's time for a change, and I can't wait to embrace it myself. When was the last time you had a bold hairdo change?