30 Bizarre Things That Totally Look Like Other Things

You know when you look at a cloud and it totally looks like some random shape? Yeah, that's kind of cool. It's also kind of cool when non-cloud things look like other things.

And if you're reading this, you've probably guessed that this is going to be a list full of things that look like something else. Pretty cool, even if it is pretty strange.

This cube-shaped window that looks like a portal to a new world.

I almost wanted to say that this looks like if we saw the world in 3D, and then I remembered that we do, in fact, see the world in 3D. So I'll probably just show myself out, then.

This group of fungi that looks almost talon-like.

This is apparently a puffball fungus, though it looks a lot more like a bunch of discarded claws than a puffball. I probably wouldn't want to get on this thing's bad side, just in case.

The sheer number of hidden horses in this postcard.

The mountain, the three trees, the rock in the middle, the side of the gray horse, the patch of grass to the left of the gray horse's legs... There are a bunch of hidden horses in this strange yet awesome image.

Romanesco. That's all you need to know.

Romanesco is like if broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage had a baby. It's so strangely geometric, and possibly hypnotizing. Seriously, I can't look away from it.

I'm also really curious as to what it tastes like.

This chair suddenly makes me want to think, think, think.

If you grew up watching Blue's Clues, then you probably recognize this Thinking Chair. Apparently, it's a lot smaller than it looks in the picture, which is more than a little disappointing.

This phone case and this series of art pieces are the exact same.

Some things may look like other things, but there are still plenty of things out there that are actually just the same thing. This phone case and that wall art? Those are the same. At least, the pattern is.

This plate that looks like it's part of the counter.

"Accidentally recreated my kitchen counters pattern on a plate while seasoning a burger," writes the OP of this picture. I guess that plate is lost forever, now. It's part of the countertop.

"Some ghostly images left behind on this nickel that’s been trapped in my washing machine for an unknown amount of time."

Instead of just looking like a normal nickel, this coin now looks like some kind of demon currency. That's... well, it's creepy. But on the plus side, it's also kind of cool. I'm not sure if you could use it as change, though.

"This sun reflection through my window is shaped like a sword!!"

That does, indeed, look like a sword. Or, like some kind of really long Christian cross. Either way, I feel like it could banish evil spirits. It is made of light, after all.

This bottle of ethyl alcohol that looks more like a bottle of water.

I feel like it would be super hard to actually mix this ethyl alcohol bottle up with a water bottle, but I still don't like how similar they look. It's definitely still an accident waiting to happen, if you ask me.

This mushroom that looks like a melted candle.

I guess it kind of also looks like a melted crayon (or a bunch of melted crayons). If it weren't for the fact that it's just chilling in the middle of a forest, I probably wouldn't think it was a mushroom at first.

This tree trunk that looks like it has eyes on it.

A lot of trees out there have weird indents in their trunks that look like creepy eyes. It looks like someone took it a bit further and made these eyes look, well, more eye-like. Or, the tree is actually keeping an eye out.

This patch of ice that's shaped like a maple leaf.

It looks like there was a leaf in that ice at one point. Pretty cool that the leaf blew away, but the imprint in the ice stayed pretty nicely intact. It's cool how things work out like that sometimes.

These lights that also look like ice cream cones.

Strange, but also cool (pun totally intended)! I'd be totally weirded out walking into a gelato shop that has a bunch of ice cream cones hanging from the ceiling, but the fact that they're lights makes it a thousand times better.

A box of marbles and toys? Nope, a box of beautiful chocolates.

I have to admit, these are probably the most beautiful chocolates I've ever seen in my life. They're literally to nice to eat, though. They'd probably do better in a museum or an art gallery.

"The way this fan looks like it’s hanging by a toilet bowl plunger."

Let's face it, out of all the places we wouldn't want to find a toilet plunger, the ceiling is pretty high up on the list. Luckily, this isn't a real plunger. But it's still kind of gross when you think about it for too long.

"This water damage looks like a city skyline."

I can't lie, this looks super cool. The reason why the bottom of this door looks the way it does is pretty uncool, though. Like, there are literally no upsides to water damage, but this is as close to one as it gets.

This broken tree branch that looks like some kind of monster.

One really weird thing about trees is that they can make the strangest and scariest looking shapes around. Sure, some of them have weird eye-shaped knots, but the ones that don't just need to have their branches snapped or cut in a certain way to scare the living daylights out of us.

The way this pear looks like it has an ampersand on it.

This looks exactly like an ampersand! I really want to know how this happened. Was it a totally random occurrence? Did someone brand this pear for some reason. It's a real mystery!

The way this candle melted makes it look... very strange.

I can't be the only one seeing a pair of legs attached to some seriously large feet, right? This is... a really weird way for a candle to melt, but I can't say I'm mad at it. As weird as it is, it's also super cool!

The hooks on this coatrack that are literally just titanium replacement hip joints.

These don't just look like replacement hip joints, they're literally replacement hip joints. I'm sure they'd be more useful in people's bodies than as coat hangers, but I guess someone out there just really liked their designs?

The way the light shining on these cabinet doors makes little faces.

Talk about the right place and the right time. The light rays, coupled with the cabinet hardware, make these pantries look like they have very vacant-looking little faces on them. I'm not gonna lie, they're kind of cute.

Look familiar?

To be honest, this strange tree stump looks more like the face from The Scream painting than it does the face of the Ghostface mask from Scream, but the bottom line is that this trunk is screaming. Man, who hurt you?

"This patio heater that warped into an octopus ghost."

Yeah, it's kind of weird that this patio heater got enough grime on it to make a whole octopus ghost shape, and the idea of an octopus ghost is also kind of weird. But like a surprising amount of things in this list, it's kind of cute. That has to count for something, right?

"This seed pod looks like an ancient beast."

Yeah, it totally looks like this person just picket up a big old bug, or some kind of small bird. Luckily, it's just a seed pod, which is way less disgusting than a big bug or a weird bird.

These mushrooms that are covered in fur!

Just kidding, that's mold. Which is actually another kind of fungus. So basically, there are two different kinds of fungus in this mushroom package. Cool! But, uh, that's definitely not safe to eat anymore.

"What blood looks like with the red blood cells removed."

I mean, it doesn't look like blood, that's for sure. If it weren't for the fact that it's literally in an IV bag, I'd probably have a bunch of wild guesses as to what kind of drink this could be.

Luckily, it doesn't look like anyone will drink it (unless there are vampires around).

"Hair ice."

It looks like a clump of hair or fur, but it's literally ice! Apparently, it's a pretty rare phenomenon that only happens on dead branches. It also may happen thanks to a fungus called Exidiopsis effusa. That's insanely awesome.

"This pumpkin looks like a mushroom."

I really want to know what happened to this pumpkin to make it look like a mushroom. Is it some kind of unusual growth? Is it actually two different pumpkins that got fused together while they were growing?

"I found a stone at the beach that looks like a loaf of bread."

I'm suddenly really craving bread...

That's really cool, though. I'd probably bring it home and put it on display, knowing full well that all future guests would ask me why I have a piece of bread on my shelf.

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