20 Pics Showing Things As Irritating As Losing Sound In Only One Earbud

Having your day ruined can be surprisingly easy. All it takes is one irritating thing to make your mood shift dramatically. And, of course, there's more than enough irritating things in this world.

Things like the ones pictured in this list, for instance. If only the world was a better place. Then, well, the world would be a better place.

They put a sign up and everything.

Oh yeah, because discarded sugar packets are totally liquid, right? No? Well, that's what the cleaning staff is for, right?

You know, it's all fun and games until you are the cleaning staff. Then it's just customers being annoying.

"Our friend decided to pour drinks on my 100+ year old record player."

This record player may have lasted over a century, but something tells me the friendship between the owners and the person who made this mess isn't going to last much longer. I dunno, it's just a hunch I have.

"This dude who left like 2 feet of space for walking behind him."

Thanks to that valve in the wall, it's actually more like one foot of space. So basically, no one can use that walkway because the person who parked this truck doesn't care about others. Yeah, sounds about right.

"My $20 pizza, what kind of evil genius could do this."

I'm not gonna lie, I kind of love when round pizzas are cut into little rectangles. It's very elementary-school-pizza-party of them.

But that single pepperoni... I have a feeling the pizza party would've dissolved into a battle to the death over the pepperoni slice.

When you thought you'd come up with a username no one else would've thought of.

Imagine signing up for a new website or service, putting in a username that's literally just a keyboard smash, and finding out that someone out there already used that exact keyboard smash themselves. Well, you don't have to imagine it, actually.

"The one month old Laptop of a friend of mine got destroyed by a drunk friend of ours."

It's bad enough that a drunk friend broke this laptop, but it just so happens that this is a high end, super expensive gaming laptop. In other words, this friend probably isn't allowed over ever again.

"Control W instead of control X. Lost an hour of my work."

Apparently, there are keyboard layouts that don't use the standard QWERTY order that I'm sure most of us are used to. At least I didn't learn that the hard way, like this person had to.

"0.22% Away from getting an A."

For reference, OP is from Canada, where most grading systems award an A for any grade 80% or higher. In any case, though, getting that close only to miss by a fraction of a percent is incredibly frustrating.

"The way my dad has displayed these pictures."

I wonder if this person's dad knows that you can take the stock pictures out of the frame. Or, like, just use a different frame entirely. Because it's very clear that those pictures wouldn't have fit in there in any case.

"I don’t even have a tree, but I have more leaves than anyone on the block."

Am I the only one who's noticed that there's a huge overlap between people who love having big trees in their yard, people who have big trees in their yard, and people who you never see outside raking leaves?

And to top it all off, their yards never seem to have leaves on them, because they've all blown onto yours.

The way these were packaged is really getting to me.

This was so close to being such nice packaging. The uniform shape and logo on every bad, the way the colors are arranged in rainbow order. And yet. That one bar just had to be placed upside down, ruining the whole thing.

This outlet is the slightest bit slanted and it's driving me insane.

All I can say is that I'm so glad I don't live there. The way that this outlet is slanted isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's noticeable enough that I'd probably just stare at it all day in quiet rage.

Someone messed this sidewalk up big time.

I bet you anything people don't use that section of the sidewalk. They just walk on the grass because it's faster. Next thing you know, there will be a trail in the grass from where people have walked on it.

So... did you need gas, or...?

There's enough room for two cars to be there side by side. And yet, this truck decided it was too important to let anyone else go there. Don't you just love it when other people feel so entitled?

"I'm sure that wasn't important!"

I mean, if it was important, then I'm sure someone would've replaced it. And it does kind of look like it could've been important, so maybe there's still hope.

Just don't do anything dangerous around there and you'll probably be fine.

"Someone using my friend's armrest as a footrest."

Okay, I get it. Thanks to a lack of open borders, most of us have been grounded for a good year and a half. But does that mean we've forgotten proper airplane etiquette? Or, like, human decency?

"Wtf is this? My nephew's charger, everybody."

Ah yes, I remember having a charger like that at some point. I hate how easily they break.

Honestly, the fact that they fall apart so much is as frustrating as looking at one that's been completely taped together.

"I ordered 12 items from the same listing on Amazon. This is how they arrived compared to how they are being stored."

I'll never understand Amazon logic. They put the same item in individual packages as if they can't just be shipped together, they put tiny things in giant boxes for no reason. It's like they just exist to confuse us endlessly.

"My wife found this motorcycle parked in the cart return today."

I'm actually super curious as to whether this person genuinely thought the cart corral was a sheltered parking spot, or if they're just the world's biggest jerk. I'm leaning toward the latter, but to be honest anything is possible.

I don't know why people think changing the roll is so hard.

Taking that old roll out, throwing it away, and then replacing it will a new one isn't exactly rocket science. And yet, bad roommates and inconsiderate siblings might lead you to think otherwise.

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