18 Odd Real Estate Listing Photos That Deserve An Explanation

If you've ever looked for a house to buy or rent, you must have seen some interesting real estate listings. Some of them blow your mind by how amazing the place looks but on the other hand, other properties leave you more puzzled than before.

So today, I'm going to show you the more bizarre of the bunch. Check these listings out and see what I mean.

1. This Hoarder's Dream

OMG, this house is really a hoarder's dream. There are so many tchotchkes here to fill perhaps two homes, lol. I wonder how long it took them to collect all of it, but the clown definitely has to go.

2. This Risky Investment

This home in Wisconsin looks like a gorgeous getaway. I mean, look at that scenery. Wow! But then you turn around and see what's really going on. Would you risk living there for the view? Heck, no!

3. This Color Blocking

I love color blocking when it comes to my clothes. However, I draw the line in terms of home decor. No matter how I look at this scenery here, it's just too busy for my liking, and you?

4. This Dome Home

If you can shell out $265,000, you, too, can live in this dome here. I have to admit that I wouldn't even let anyone pay me to step foot in this abomination. Ugly outside and even uglier inside. Next!

5. This House Of Pain

From the outside, this home looks pretty tame, no? And even inside, you don't think anything is going on until you get to the bedroom, ha, ha! I guess this would be suitable for a WWF star, huh?

6. This Fast Food Paradise

Who here loves fast food like McDonald's and Wendy's? Raise your hand. If this is your jam, then I bet you're going to fit right in with this home decor here. What do you think? Do you like it?

7. This Overkill

I have allergies, so if there's one thing I can't stand is the carpet. So looking at this home here is making me want to sneeze already. Good luck to anyone who ends up buying this joint here.

8. This Seemingly Regular Home

You must admit this home looks quite lovely outside. Even as you enter, it looks very nice to me. But they totally lost me once I discovered somebody's obsession with Bud Light. That's some dedication, huh?

9. This NJ Home

I feel like just telling you that this house is on sale in New Jersey says it all. I could just let the pictures do all the talking and call it a day, haha. I'm surprised the Jersey Shore gang hasn't moved in here yet.

10. These Interesting Angles

Here's what I think: If your house looks like crap, don't hire a man in a skeleton costume to make it look better. Sure, it will give people a good laugh, but it won't make your place sell any quicker. Nice try, though.

11. This Decor Nightmare

How do people put places like these on the market? They must attract a certain clientele, that's for sure. Am I right? Well, whoever buys this gem here definitely has an eclectic taste, to say the least.

12. This Comfortable Dungeon

If you're looking for a good place to bury something, I think I have found it. This lovely home here comes with a built-in dungeon you can pretty much do anything in. Is that a selling point for you?

13. This Colorful Place

This place looks pretty tame from the outside, no? But once you step foot inside is a whole other ball game. I don't know about you, but it might just be too colorful for me, hee-hee.

14. This Wild Ride

Here's what I think transpired here. This person obviously has been on too many cruises, so they decided to create one at home. It's a wild ride for a week, but to live here? I don't know about that.

15. This Ship Home

Speaking of cruises, now we're talking, hehe. I present to you an actual ship you can live on, lol. For me, it's a bit of a stretch, but it does look kind of cool inside, so I guess why not?

16. This Mighty Listing

At first, when I saw this listing, I was like, "Alright, this looks like a cool castle." When I saw the knight, I thought, "Somebody is taking this quite seriously" — and then the rest of the pictures followed, and needless to say, I had a pretty good laugh.

17. This Creepy AF Home

Okay, first of all, what the heck happened in this home? Not only it looks like a tornado hit it, but what's with the creepy AF dolls? Are they trying to sell it or keep people away?

18. This Odd Residence

Is it just me, or does this residence strike you as odd, too? My first instinct told me that perhaps it was a prison, but then it looked a little too nice, no? Let's hope it wasn't a cult. Yikes.

What did I tell you, huh?

These homes are something else, no? I don't think I've seen real estate listings as colorful as this interesting bunch here.

How about you? Which one of these is your favorite? It's hard to decide, I'll admit. I don't think I could live in any of them.