19 Secrets About Walmart People Surely Didn't Know

Ah, Walmart.

There's a lot to be said about this big-box retailer. Some good, some bad, and some very, very ugly.

But at the end of the day, Walmart is a place known for its great prices. This makes it perfect for families! You can even land greater deals than you're already getting with these 19 secrets!

Happy shopping!

Shop clearance during the first five days of the month.

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While it's always a good time to shop clearance, you'll find that the deals are better during the first five days of any new month, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady.

Look for clearance in other parts of the store.

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While the "clearance section" is a great place to start, Walmart also leaves clearance items in other sections. The home section, for example, has a lot of great items, as do endcaps in aisles.

Sign up for Walmart's free baby box.

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Whether you're a new parent or expecting, you can sign up to receive Walmart's complimentary baby registry welcome box! This includes items from companies such as Huggies, Johnsons, and more.

Learn the markdown system.

This will help you take advantage of current and upcoming price drops. Basically, prices ending in "7" are original prices; princes ending in "5" at the first markdown' and prices ending in "1" are the final markdown, per Tip Hero.

Compare prices in-store and online.


Thanks to Walmart's price match guarantee, you can always ensure that you're getting the best prices. So if an item is cheaper on Walmart's website online, you will get that same price in-store.

Don't buy their organic milk.

While Walmart offers amazing savings on thousands of items, some are better left outside of the cart.

Organic milk is a specialty item that you can find for a better price at stores like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.

Check out the bakery's day-old section.

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Got a sweet tooth? This hack's for you! You'll find tons of pasties, cake, and cookies on sale here, as well as bread. Managers will usually start marking items down around 8 p.m.

Don't be afraid to shop Walmart's Great Value.

While certain food items should be bought brand name (Heinz ketchup, anyone?), it doesn't make a big difference for items like sugar and flour. So you can buy them from Walmart's generic brand, Great Value.

Use coupons.

Savings are usually out there; you just have to find them! Sites like Betty Crocker, Tablespoon, Pampers, and Pillsbury offer free, printable coupons on their site to use in Walmart. Also, check Walmart's coupon section regularly online.

The best time to grocery shop is in the morning.

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This applies to any grocery store, really. It's quieter in the morning and much of the stock gets turned over in the morning, which means that you'll have the cream of the crop to choose from!

Shop late at night for food on clearance.

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Not an early bird? Not to fret! There's something to be said about being a night owl as well.

If you check out Walmart's food section, you'll find that their ready-made food from the day goes on sale at night. This includes wraps, fries, chicken, and more.

Download the Walmart app.

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Here, you will find deals found nowhere else. You'll also be one step ahead of the rest through the early access to exclusive items and deals during the holiday season. Sign up here.

Look out for dented cans

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Just like you'd get a discount for a hole in a sweater, you can ask for discounts for cans that look worse for the wear! Simply look for cans that are already discounted or ask a worker to discount it for you.

Check out the glass cases for the best deals on electronics.

While you would think that glass cases = expensive products, that's not always the case (pun intended). Walmart actually prefers to keep some of the electronic clearance items in glass cases.

Scour the store the day after the holidays.

This secret applies to many retailers. The day after a major holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day), reveals major sales on things like chocolate, Christmas wreaths, and Halloween costumes.

Shop online.

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You do so for Amazon, so why not shop Walmart online? They have great deals you won't always find in-store, free pickup in-store, and even two-day free delivery! No membership is required!

Buy your party supplies at Walmart.

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Instead of buying flimsy decorations at the dollar store or springing for expensive ones at a party store, head to the party supply aisle at Walmart. Here, you'll find cheap party supplies that aren't cheap in quality.

Shop refurbished items for great discounts.

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This is another reason to shop Walmart's website! If you search "refurbished," you'll find discounted electronics. These are items that have been returned to the manufacturer for various reasons.

Shop the cheap prescriptions.

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The cost of medication can add up quickly, so it's important to find savings wherever you can. That's why we love Walmart's prescription program, where they offer many generic prescription drugs for just $4.00 per month.