30 Funny Pics To Giggle At Under Your Breath During A Boring Presentation

There's no shame in admitting we all get a little distracted during work sometimes. For those who work office jobs, or any job where you're on a computer all day, the ability to become distracted increases tenfold.

I'm not here to judge, I'm actually here to help. We're all bound to run a little off track sometimes, might as well do so with some good content!

"It’s always nice getting pictures from our son’s teacher showing how he’s excelling in school."

Hey, this kind of ingenuity could be early signs of a brilliant mind who's destined for a career in engineering or the like. Not every kid would look at those and think to stick them together like that, there are positives here!

"The note on my nephew’s door after his mom said he couldn’t buy the toy he wanted at the store this morning."

I'm sure there are many men who would read this with a sigh, nod understandingly, and tell that kid to buckle up because it's going to be like this for a long time to come.

"He puts the 'Cat' in Catan."

This is the most intense pouting face I think I've ever seen on a cat. He is feeling an emotion so raw, so heated, so pure in its rage and disgust that he doesn't even know how to handle it!

"My work had their first in person event and it already makes me miss working from home."

Minion aside, where do you work that both looks like a dilapidated warehouse and also a five-star restaurant? The rough, exposed brick and that iffy ceiling mixed with multiple chandeliers and glass-bottled mountain spring water is a strange combination of vibes.

"Apparently my company's giving out sewing kits for Christmas."

This is actually great. Sewing kits are useful for everybody. They can come in handy in a pinch, can help teach somebody a new skill, and your building went as far as to get everyone proper storage for them too!

Or maybe these are actually full of cookies...

"I present you, The best picture of myself that will ever exist."

Action shots are great, but action shots in which someone's mid-falling down is even better. Especially when they own it like this guy. If this doesn't become his profile picture everywhere, what's even the point? Yes, that means professional accounts, too.

"A Villain’s To-Do List - courtesy of my 5 year old."

At the end of a long day of villainous activities such as steeling food and herting gards, even the cruelest, most evil villains want to return to the comfort of their own home. There's no better way to unwind and think up new plans!

"My husband and I discovered you can get photo shower curtains."

I expect this hiding tactic to be used in a horror movie soon, or else I'll be sorely disappointed. Imagine the killer busting open the bathroom door and just seeing the empty bathroom, while behind the trick curtain is our hero waiting to make their escape. Thrilling!

"A customer walked in to my store wearing this."

Did you immediately ban them from the store? I simply couldn't have someone like this in my place of work. They're causing emotional distress to both the employees and other customers, they need to leave immediately and return with proper footwear.

"We're getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier."

Sure, it'll probably be easier to make a sandwich when you can actually see what you're doing. But wouldn't you miss having camo sandwiches? What other sandwich can you think of that has a superpower?

"My dog using my wife as a pillow."

The wife probably thought she was going to use the dog as a pillow, but it looks like the dog had other ideas. Either way, at least they both look pretty comfortable. Nothing like a symbiotic human/pet relationship.

"My boyfriend is taking care of my cat for me. I asked how it was going and he sent me this."

He's looking a little frantic, your boyfriend must have him on the ropes in this game. I guess that's why they broke out the beers, something to take the ever-increasing competitive edge off.

Even if he loses, your cat is going to start wanting your boyfriend around more than you do.

"Can't argue with that!"

I mean, yeah, you really can't. They covered all their bases pretty thoroughly. It's also very sweet of them to reach out to the weirdos of the world who don't like music, pizza, ice cream, or good service. There's hope for them yet.

"Finn found a loophole to the no paws on the counter rule."

Just look at Finn's face. He knows exactly what he's doing. That's the face of a cat that knows that he's won this round. I guess this is what happens when the hose rules aren't clear or specific enough. Back to the drawing board.

"Had to test the tag machine at work."

Now that's what I like to call famous last words. After all, behind every great man is a wife who was right all along. And she won't waste any time getting to hear those sweet, sweet words of confirmation.

"Saw this while drinking some chocolate milk, thought it was funny."

It's both horrifying and comforting to see companies acknowledging what we all do in the privacy of our homes when no one is around. Horrifying because no one was ever supposed to know, but comforting in knowing that I'm not alone in it.

"Cat? What cat?"

A part of me wants to think that this person has no idea there's a cat on his head. But I just know that there's no way he wouldn't know. This has got to be his clever way to sneak a cat into a building. And it works!

"Bird is included as advertised."

For most animals, the idea of being stuck in a small box probably isn't that great. But for a hungry bird in a box full of bird food, that probably sounds like heaven. And I'm sure someone will let him out of there eventually.

"What a $250 textbook can teach you."

There's solace to be found in astoundingly simple explanations in textbooks like this. As you go through your studies, once you reach one of these, you can turn your brain off for a few moments, comforted by the fact that this is something you can understand on the first try.

"I know Home Depot is just trying to sell freezers but it really looks like this deer is taking a dump in it."

I think it's funny how, of all the things they could've used to advertise this freezer, they chose to draw a constipated-looking deer. Frozen vegetables, ice cream, and packs of chicken all exist. Then again, we got this incredible picture, so I wouldn't change a thing.

"They've not thought this through!"

I wonder how they want people to test this litter. Do they want them to reach out and touch it? Bring a cat in to try it out? ...Try it out themselves? You know that there's someone out there who probably would.

"My partner left potato chip crumbs in the sink last night so I sent him this."

Just looking at this photo is giving making me uncomfortable, but knowing you willingly touched wet potato bits to arrange them like that has me wanting to get up and walk away from my computer. The texture, the sensation of it all, atrocious.

"I work for a scooter company, and need to retrieve this one in order to proceed with my route..."

I don't know, he looks friendly. I think maybe you could be friends. You can grab the scooter and him at the same time, go for a run while he pulls you along down city streets, you'll become the best of friends!

"I looked over, and my cat was doing the same thing as the curtain."

To be fair, that shower curtain shows a cat doing what cats do best: lurking. So we can't be all that shocked that a real cat is imitating the shower curtain cat. If anything, this is just another reason to love those furry little guys.

"Batman Inside."

This may just be the work of some vandal who thought they were being funny, but I kind of hope Batman actually is inside that building. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet Batman? He's Batman, after all.

"I saw a Google Street View car in my neighborhood and took swift action. 8 years later and my brother just informed me that it worked."

That's some quick thinking. Every day, tons of people squander their Google Street View fame opportunities, but you saw it coming and knew you had to act fast. Your visage is now immortalized in the digital space forever (or at least until they update it).

"My friend is as good as dead. Her cat will murder her in her sleep any day now."

Yeah, that cat is fully deranged now. That wide stance, the look in her eye, she's gone and she's never coming back. You no longer share your home with your beloved feline friend, but a demon that will not return to normal until revenge is enacted.

"My dog saw a squirrel mid-snap, so now I just look like a tired toddler at the end of a day at Six Flags."

You're somehow embodying generations of exhaustion in one moment, and carrying it perfectly in your expression. The limp arms, slightly hunched shoulders, downward gaze, it has all the essential pieces. We've all felt like this in our souls before.


One sign got the XMAS phone number, which is pretty good, but the other had the foresight to not use comic sans as their font. I get Christmas is a fun holiday, but that's no excuse to ever use comic sans for your business.

"My son taught me how to do a cool 'S'."

Finally, after all these years, you'll finally be cool! All it took was for you to have a son that started off way cooler than you, then be sure he'd be willing to share once he got the inside scoop.

Seriously, why is the "cool S" a thing for every generation?

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