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15 Glaring Differences Between Women And Men

Men and women are two totally different genders. There are tons of things that make them different biologically and even neurologically.

But, there are things that we just do differently as men and women. Some of them are pretty obvious, while others are not as obvious. But, when you think about it, the genders are total opposites sometimes in life.

We obviously use the bathroom differently.

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One glaring reality is that men and women pee differently. While men stand up, and oftentimes use a urinal, women sit down and don't usually use a urinal—unless it's one of those "emergency" situations where they have no choice.

Introduce people to each other.

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"My boyfriend will tell me "we're going to meet my friend Danielle, she's great."

My girlfriend will tell me "you haven't met Danielle yet; I've known her for 12 years, she had an abortion at 19 she never quite recovered from, works been tough for her recently and she's thinking of breaking up with her partner as he's not reliable. Danielle's strengths are that she's very intuitive but a few years ago I realised she's actually quite self centred,'" shared luala.

Sit down.

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Some believe one big difference is the way men and women tend to sit. Women will cross their legs and take up as little space as possible, especially in public. Men, however, "man spread" and take up all the room they want.

Talk about problems.

"Talk to someone with a problem. In my experience, women want to vent and they want their feelings recognized. Men focus on solutions, whether it's being asked for or not," shared Reddit user LittleMissIrony

Stand around.

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One person said that women tend to stand and shift their weight from one foot to the other, in almost a swaying motion when they are standing around. Men, instead, put their weight evenly on both legs.

Assemble furniture.

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"Assemble furniture. Men go at it without glancing at the instructions thinking they already know what they're doing. Women follow the directions and get it done in half the time with half the frustration and cussing," said WoeHossette

Take off a shirt.

Some say that men and women take their shirts off very differently if you notice. Women tend to start at their hips and the bottom of their shirt when taking it off. Men instead will start at the back collar and rip it off that way.

Give directions.

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"Men and women have very different spatial reasoning, so when giving directions men will use distances and cardinal directions more (West three blocks, north on 1st), where women will use landmarks and contextual directions more (All the way to the 7-11, then turn right)," said anythingfast


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Some share that men and women shower differently. Women will usually face away from the showerhead, allowing their hair to get hit with water first. Men, instead, will face into the shower and allow their face to run under the water.

Look at their fingernails.

"If you ask a woman to look at her own fingernails, she will tend to extend her hand in front of her, with the palm facing down and the fingers spread.

If you ask a man to do the same, he will tend to bring his hand closer to his face, palm side up, and sort of make a half-fist so his nails are almost touching his palm," said jaloppyy

Deal with problems.

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Women like to vent and ask for advice from several people when they are going through things, especially ones that are serious. Men, on the other hand, like to take time away from the issue and not think about it for a while.

Grip, hold, and manipulate objects.

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"It's well understood that young girls develop fine motor control skills much earlier than boys and to a different standard. This is apparently what contributes in part to the stereotypical "girly handwriting", as this difference in motor control and grip leads to different handling and movement of the writing implement," shared Eddie_Hitler

Show emotions.

Women will be the ones who are more likely to show their emotions and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They have no problem being "emotional." Men oftentimes do not always show their emotions and oftentimes hide them, too.

Color things in.

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"Women tend to color in the same direction (up and down OR back and forth) while men tend to just fill up space as quickly as possible with no particular order. It's why an average guy's drawings usually look worse than an average girl's," said Dr_Flopper

And, finally, orgasm.

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Many answered and shared that women and men orgasm differently, obviously. But, women are more likely to orgasm multiple times in a row, whereas men sometimes can only do it once or twice in a day. Poor them!