20 Things As Irritating As Mom Asking The Same Tech Support Question A Dozen Times

Every single one of us gets annoyed from time to time. Yes, even the most patient ones among us can't help but feel frustrated every now and then.

And when things like the ones in this list exist, who can blame us? To be annoyed is part of human nature, after all. And so is sharing those super annoying experiences with others.

"I opened my new figure, only for its foot to break off immediately."

If you've ever collected figurines of any kind, you know the kind of pain this person is in. Funny enough, the exact same thing happened to me once, and it happened to something I paid a lot of money for. Tragic.

"Yesterday had a concrete driveway laid down, and overnight a local cat thinks it would be amusing to walk across it."

Here's a tip: cats do not care. They don't care if you've just put down fresh concrete, they don't care if you hate it when they pee on your bed, and they don't care if you like to not be scratched up all the time. Cute, but cruel.

"Each roll shipped in its own individual box."

I bet you anything the shipping warehouse is experiencing a box shortage. "Hey, where did all our boxes go?" "We used them all up shipping a bunch of separate rolls or wrapping paper to a single address."

"Just woke up, and this is how I brewed my coffee somehow..."

It seems like this person could've benefited from a morning cup of coffee. Oh wait, that's what they were trying to do.

It feels like a never-ending cycle. You need coffee to wake up, but you're too tired to actually make the stuff.

"This piping hot cup of coffee without a handle."

I feel like this picture complements the last one really well. You brew your coffee all wrong, and to top it all off, you pour it in a cup that doesn't have a handle. Best morning ever.

"Classmate's laptop died and a silica bead got stuck in his charger."

On the plus side, it looks like you could probably get that bead out of there. Of course, it would probably take a few hours and some tears, but it would be a lot better than having to buy a whole new charger.

"Tried to unlock my door and-"

I feel like this happened to me in a nightmare once. But I didn't think it could happen to people in real life. Can you even open the door after half the knob's broken off? I'd rather not ever find out.

"This is how people at my school park..."

I absolutely hate it when people do this. Just pick one spot and park in it! How hard is it to do that!?

If I were the person who took this picture, I'd drive my own car in front of them to block them, just out of spite.

"Goodwill selling this shirt for more than the original price."

I mean, either way this is an exceptionally cheap shirt. But the people working at Goodwill could've at least taken the original sticker off. Or maybe, I dunno, tried selling it for less than the original price. Just a thought.

"The way my daughter cuts and bags her sandwich for lunch."

I've never had a picture cause me as much physical pain as this one does. Like, seriously, I think I might have a hernia now.

I truly cannot understand how anyone would willingly eat a smushed sandwich glob like this.

"My school’s idea of dessert is three pieces of cereal in a half cup of yogurt."

I'm not gonna lie, this is actually hilarious. I love how specific the number of cereal pieces is, and the way they're just floating on top of that plain yogurt. It literally can't get any funnier than this.

"Was just grinding some peppercorns."

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the silver lining on this sneeze-inducing ground pepper-shaped cloud is that this didn't happen over food. Cleaning your counter is one thing, but this is enough pepper to ruin a dish.

"Trying to get my head around it."

This is absolutely the kind of thing someone would do on purpose. You don't make a pie chart look this bad unless you want to frustrate everyone you've ever known. And the more you look at it, the worse it gets.

"Started my birthday with my full size mirror falling over and smashing to pieces…"

Oh great, now this person is going to spend their next seven birthdays having super bad luck. In fact, since the mirror broke on their birthday, that might make their bad luck even worse.

"Roommate stored raw, open chicken package over ice."

Legend has it that every time someone does something like this, Gordon Ramsay's heart shrinks ever so slightly. Because this is just gross and stupid, and now the entire freezer basically needs to be disinfected.

"My friend's muffin that he only ate the edges of."

Okay, I get it. The top of a muffin is the best part. But that doesn't mean you can just scrape around the top and leave the rest of the muffin behind. This is the work of some kind of monster, I fear.

"Bought 3 packs of note cards the exact same brand and they’re all different sizes."

Does... does the company have multiple templates for their note cards? Because if they do, that would be kind of ridiculous. And more work for them, probably.

Either way, this is super frustrating to even look at.

"My partner is a maniac."

I'd really love to know what people have against the top of the box. I swear, you always see pictures of people tearing their boxes apart, or opening them from the wrong side on purpose. What's even the point of the top of the box nowadays?

"Beautiful front row view of my sister's wedding."

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how expensive a wedding is for both the people getting married and the people attending. But imagine spending all that money, getting dressed up, only to have this kind of view of the main event. Here's hoping someone was filming it.

"Sooooooo, part off my USB port decided to fall out with my USB device."

Don't you just love when this happens? It's not like you needed that USB, right? It's not like there was anything important on it, right?

I think it can still be saved, but man, is that ever annoying.

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