20 Strange Sights That Have Us Raising Our Hands To Ask A Question

As much as there are beautiful things in this world, there are also a lot of things that are kind of questionable. Things that make you want to ask questions. Questions like why or how these things exist.

If you look through this list, you might be tempted to ask questions. Just know that you probably won't get a lot of answers.

The uneven design on this plate looks more like an optical illusion.

So... am I looking at a perfectly circular plate, or is it weirdly oblong? It's so hard to tell from a picture, but it looks like a circle. Man, the design is really throwing me off, though.

These wrapped up shopping carts that haven't been used yet.

I've never thought about it before, but stores have to get shopping carts from somewhere, right? Like, a manufacturer? They can't just appear out of midair.

Still, it's weird to see them like this. So new and shiny, rather than old and falling apart.

"Naturally formed holes in cucumber."

I kind of love cutting into a fruit or vegetable to find a random shape in it. It feels like a fun little surprise. Especially since it's just a random shape, and not, like, rot or a worm or something.

"This glass bottle I found below the mud seems to have some sort of plant sprouting inside of it."

It looks like someone made a tiny ecosystem in this bottle, and then left it on the ground out in the world. Why someone would do that I couldn't say, since all the nature inside of that bottle could just live in, well, the actual nature around it.

"Went through some old boxes, found an Astral Projection workbook."

I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of curious now. Astral projection is, like, a psychic magic thing, right? So people can't actually do it. But that book looks kind of thick, so maybe there's hope for us yet!

This slogan is strangely effective.

I don't want to know what went through the heads of the people who came up with this slogan. Like, it works; since it (sort of) conjures up the image of a home-cooked meal. But just to be sure, I think I'm gonna call my mom later.

"My toenail grew in extra thick during my pregnancy then abruptly stopped growing thick once I gave birth to my son."

Man, the body does some strange things during pregnancy. Forget growing a whole new human being (and sometimes multiple at once!) over the span of 9-ish months, other strange things happen too. Like your hair changing texture, or your toenails growing in extra thick for no reason.

The cute heart shapes that came out of this fennel.

Once again, I'm going to express how much I love the random shapes you can find when cutting into fruit and vegetables. It's the kind of thing that makes meal prep a little bit more fun (because let's face it, no one actually likes cutting vegetables).

"I bought a pretty big yam at the farmers market. Cat for scale."

The unusually large yam is a pretty questionable thing in itself, but I'm more curious about the whole picture. Why did this person decide to use their cat, of all things, to scale the yam?

Do you think the cat jumped when it saw the yam later, like it would at a cucumber?

"The inside of this boiler door looks like a Pokeball."

Right now, I'm sure that the Pokémon Company is either gearing up to file a lawsuit against this boiler door, or they're jotting down notes for a new game idea. Either way, they'd probably win.

That's not a water bottle... it's rubbing alcohol.

Even though this looks like your typical water bottle, you really wouldn't want to drink out of it. I can't even believe that someone seriously thought that this ethyl alcohol packaging was a good idea, but here we are.

"I threw a very long shadow at sunset near Hatteras, North Carolina."

The sun is such a cool, wonderous thing. Like, it basically fuels all the life on this planet, and (more importantly) it helps us create cool shadows.

This extremely long one is super weird, though. I have no idea how that ends up happening, but there it is.

"The Amsterdam Schiphol airport has a 'no balloons' policy."

I want to imagine that something extremely specific and strange happened to warrant this sign, but the actual explanation isn't really that interesting.

According to Reddit user rather_wouldnt_tell, "those signs are at the railroad tracks, the balloons can short out the overhead power cable."

"One row of my cookies didn’t get ornaments this year."

It looks like someone at the sugar cookie factory was taking a stand against Christmas. Who needs Christmas trees when regular trees already exist and don't need to be decorated?

A little strange that it only happened to some of the cookies and not all of them.

"Left deodorant in a cold car overnight."

If you've ever wondered whether or not gel deodorant can freeze at low enough temperatures, you've got your answer now. To be honest, this isn't really something I've ever thought about, but just knowing it exists makes me feel a little smarter.

Is that a gator? A snake? Nope, just a leaf.

There have been multiple incidents in my life where I thought that a leaf was... something else. Sometimes a snake, other times a mouse, and plenty of things in between. I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to.

"I saw a ferret being walked while dropping off my kids... Yes it has a green safety harness on."

Sure, plenty of people own really random and exotic pets. But have you ever actually seen one of those pets out for a walk? Well, now you have.

I wonder why someone thought bringing a cute little ferret to a school where excitable kids are was a good idea...

"Uber has an office in a shopping center."

Of course Uber has to have physical offices out in the world. But the fact that this one is in a random shopping center seems... kind of odd. Like, of all the places to set up an office, they pick here?

"These old shaving kits that I found."

I'm not going to lie, I don't really get what I'm looking at here. These kits seem really small, and like, unnecessary. Would you carry one of these around for some kind of shaving emergency? So strange!

"This one bulb of garlic that has no cloves."

When a recipe calls for a clove of garlic... I'd just use this whole thing. Okay, maybe I wouldn't use that much garlic, but I'd definitely be tempted to. After all, more garlic makes pretty much any meal better!

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