20 Great Ideas People Had That Should Be Copied Everywhere

The human mind is a wonderful tool (well, most of the time, at least). We can come up with such amazing ideas that can really change the world. Sure, a lot of ideas are... well, they're bad. But there are plenty of diamonds in the rough.

Like the ideas in this list, for instance. People thought them up and made them real. And now I wish they were everywhere.

"A middle school near me has this sign painted right before a crosswalk."

I feel like a lot of people need reminders like this. And what better place to put it than on the ground? After all, if you're looking at your phone while walking, you're probably looking down, which can be super dangerous.

"This picnic bench had a raised metal plate so you can use a disposable BBQ without burning the table or surrounding grass."

This is a really cool idea, even if I don't know what a disposable barbecue is.

According to Reddit user HotRodLincoln: "It's basically an aluminum foil turkey pan with an expanded metal sheet over it."

"This fancy lock to the bathroom complete with code etched on door frame. (The code works, I checked)."

I almost feel like this isn't the most necessary locking mechanism in the world, but I still really love it! It would make public restrooms look a lot fancier, in any case. Anything to make the bulk of them stop looking so gross.

"The new Old Spice Sea Spray scent has a little ship on it."

I love when products have little details like this in them. Even though it'll definitely get rubbed away after a few uses, it's such a nice way to present the fresh, new roll.

Plus, you'd know that if the stamp isn't there, it was probably used (eww).

"Tail lights look like bones."

I love that I'm seeing more and more cars with cool tail light designs these days. Like, there's no reason not to do it, as long as the lights are still visible. And when you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, it makes the view a little nicer.

"These crayons that came with my daughter's breakfast menu."

Let's face it, has anyone actually finished a crayon before? No, probably not. So if you're going to end up with a surplus of crayons from different restaurants, these are the perfect ones. They're real space savers!

"The mirror in my hotel room in room has a heated patch so it doesn't fog up after the shower."

I wish every mirror came with heated patches to eliminate shower fog. Sure, we could just take cooler showers, but we all know that isn't going to happen. It would be a lot cooler if the whole mirror didn't fog up, though.

"Cool koi fish restaurant."

I don't really know if this is the the most practical thing in the world, but I really love it in theory. I'm guessing that the fish are either underneath a pretty sturdy glass pane, or they aren't real to begin with. Either way, it would be pretty cool.

"This doghouse located outside of a storefront supplies a safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you shop."

Even though this looks a bit like a doggy prison, it would sure beat being stuck alone during a hot day. Plus, it would give dog owners a bit of peace of mind, knowing that no one is going to walk away with their precious fur baby.

"Staying in a 4-week-old hotel and the pillowcases tell you what type of pillow is inside."

Of course, the best way to know what a pillow feels like is to try it out for yourself, but I still really like this.

Sometimes you don't want to try a bunch of hotel pillows to see which one is the best. Sometimes you want the hotel to just tell you.

"My toothbrush has a section cup that allows me to stick it to the mirror."

Hey, if you don't want to clutter up your counter with an annoying toothbrush holder that you'd have to clean once in a while, you could just get a toothbrush like this one! Of course, here's hoping the suction never fails, causing the brush to fall into a dirty sink...

"This kid's shoes can connect to LEGOs."

Usually, people who step on LEGO blocks are usually about to have a bad day. But it looks like any kid who wears this pair of shoes would actually have a lot of fun stepping on LEGO. I'm kind of jealous, actually.

"My snow gloves have a squeegee for your googles."

This would definitely be handy for more than just snow goggles. Imagine being out in the rain while wearing glasses, or doing a bathroom demo and getting sprayed in the goggles by a broken pipe. The possibilities are endless!

"Budweiser lager brewed with 100% renewal energy."

Would you look at that. Renewable energy, huh? It's pretty impressive that they can make whole beer batches with renewable energy.

Hopefully other companies will start following suit... That would be, like, a dream come true.

"The roof of this small chapel collapsed, and instead of rebuilding it normally they made it out of glass."

I'm not going to lie, that's a really pretty chapel. You'd think that trying to replace the roof would look weird against the old brick, but this actually works really nicely. And it lets in so much natural light, which is a bonus.

"This tiny printer that can print anything in color without ink, by laying down crystals that change color when heated."

This is honestly such cool technology! Do you think it could replace printer ink cartridges in the future? Because if so, that would be really nice. No more going to print something, only to find out that your ink is out.

"This movie theater subtitle gadget that goes in the cupholder."

This is honestly one of the best ideas I've seen in a really long time. Imagine how great this would be in every theater. The people who need (or want) subtitles would be able to use them without disturbing the people who don't like them. It's win-win!

"Automatic bicycle sensor for changing traffic lights."

I love the way that city streets around the world are getting more bike-friendly. Things like this will (hopefully) help cyclists navigate roads easier, which is honestly a huge help for everyone who uses the road.

"This bathroom in DFW airport that tells you which stalls are available."

This is probably the smartest thing I've ever seen. Instead of looking down to see whether or not there are feet on the floor of each stall, you can just look up. It'll give the people using the stalls a bit more privacy, too.

"A Pecan Pie Vending Machine."

I think this is something that should be everywhere. In shopping malls, work break rooms, random streets. Everywhere. I mean, who wouldn't want the convenience of being able to buy a whole pecan pie from a vending machine?

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