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20 Pics Where The Timing Was So Perfect It Deserved A Chef's Kiss

Photos are everywhere. That might sound obvious, but consider the fact that just twenty years ago, most pics were taken on film. That means that people had to think before taking a pic to decide if it was really worth it.

Now, in the era of digital photography, we're snapping away like we've never snapped before. And sometimes, the stars just manage to align.

"My sister's hand passing through my cat's body."

Reddit | Francis__99

This cat looks deeply perturbed, as cats often do. In this case, I'm not going to blame it. How would you feel if someone picked you up and put their arm through your chest?

"This four-legged officer."

I think the head belongs to the police officer on the left. But then when I look at the pic with fresh eyes, the head could conceivably belong to the one on the right. Maybe there's just one head between them.

"Oh hell nah."

Reddit | MikiRoo-

When you try to do something cute for a photo, it can backfire. Sure, things might turn out just as you hoped, but then again, the universe might conspire against you and make you look like some kind of demonic hellspawn.

"Great wave, tiny head."

Reddit | bonelessevil

I'm glad that people are out there doing these amazing things so I don't have to. I can appreciate this just fine from my couch, thank you very much. Besides, this pic makes it seem like surfing will shrink your head.

"This picture was the result of perfect timing with the lightning."

Reddit | xAditya17x

We don't often think of the little things our cameras are doing to ensure proper light and color balance when we take a pic. But when something messes with these systems, it's pretty obvious.

"Thought that was a man jumping in the water."

When you see this for what it really is — a diver holding some kind of spiky sea creature in her hand — that's exactly what it looks like. Still, it took me awhile to see it.

"A photo of me while I was doing keepie uppies."

Reddit | Karlukki

OP said they were playing a game, but I think they're just saving face. I choose to see this as a perfectly timed pic of them getting whacked in the face with a soccer ball.

"The headless hound."

Reddit | nevetsprog

It's important to love your pets, no matter how dumb or ugly they may be. I think having, and loving, a headless dog would be more challenging than most dog parenting situations. Where do you even scritch them?

"My brother got slapped by a fish!"

Reddit | seego_beaz

The lake giveth in the form of a bounty of fish. The lake also taketh away, in the sense that it's taken away this guy's dignity. Score one for the fisherman, but score one for the fish, too.

"They shrunk down an officer so they could have more cop per cop."

Miniaturized police officers might sound like a weird idea, but perhaps it makes sense. They occupy less space in vehicles, meaning less vehicles are required to drive them around.

"This photo I took of a woman with a very long arm."

Reddit | chrrag

I've stared at this for awhile and I'm still not sure what's going on. Obviously the arm doesn't belong to the woman in blue, but who does it belong to?

"And... It's not what you think."

Reddit | Calvin_RH_705

Even when you realize that this cat isn't chomping down on the top of the post, it's still kind of a weird pic. Why would a cat rest its chin like that? Could it even be comfortable?

"My cat looks like she's six feet tall."

Reddit | IncipitTragoedia

If the little dog in the bottom left looks a little bit nervous, consider the fact that it lives with a human-sized cat that apparently sits there, judging everybody, all day long.

"Peg leg massage."

Reddit | warship_me

This doesn't even look like a peg leg massage. It looks like a lady whose left leg has been replaced with an avant-garde coat rack is getting massaged. It might not be practical to walk on, but it's a conversation starter.

" Gigantic raised house."

Reddit | parttimeninja

That's just a birdhouse or something, right? I'm going to keep telling myself that, even if it looks eerily like a big house that's just floating ominously in the background of this photo. They need to install a bigger staircase.

"Mr. Lizard Tongue."

Reddit | Neptune40

When you do well in sports, it's perfectly natural to grab your nearest teammate and bring them in for a hug. Extending your weird lizard tongue and slurping on their ear is taking things a bit too far, though.

"You may now kiss the father."

Reddit | Thunderup97

This photo is incredible, because the bride's face is totally visible but it still looks like her head has been replaced. Ah well. It might not be the best wedding photo, but at least everyone's smiling warmly.

"Which way is which?"

Reddit | checiche

I count four legs and one tail here, which is pretty standard for a cat. Everything checks out, and yet nothing looks right. Do those legs and tail attach in the normal places, or is this cat special?

"Ice cream drip."

Reddit | PhotoKaz

It looks like someone did a Google image search for "perfectdroplet.png" and pasted it into this photo. But no, it's just a split second of time that was perfectly captured by someone whose hand is about to get sticky.

"My glasses are both in the right position and upside down."

Reddit | vitorodeus

Look really hard at the glasses and you might be able to figure out which end is which. Still, it took me awhile, and even looking back at it now, it's tough to parse.

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