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19 'Chaotic Good' Actions People Are Praising

Is it wrong for a poor man to steal bread to feed his family?

If you answered yes, you just might see the utter "good" in the actions of these next 19 people.

While their actions were chaotic (and sometimes edging on breaking laws), they also helped others, like a man who kidnapped a scientist to make his dog immoral.

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This biker gang

Don't let those tattoos or hard exterior fool you! The guys that belong to this biker gang are as soft as it gets — when it comes to animals, at least. Rescue Ink is a biker gang that fights for the welfare of animals.

This hygienic hero

"A few years ago a buddy and i had 300 pens made that said this," this Redditor wrote. "Gave them away everywhere. We still find them now and again." The government should have millions made!

This A+ professor

This guy was a student once. He knows how expensive textbooks can be. Even worse, some barely even get cracked open all semester.

So while some professors make students buy the books they published, this one lent a helping hand.

These traffic controllers

"So, these guys got tired of waiting for city council, and cars didn't respect the speed limit in a small village," this Redditor wrote.

"So they made their own fake speed bump, to make people psychologically slow down."

This good dog owner

There is nothing but determination in this man's eyes! Was it right to kidnap someone? No. But when it comes to dogs and keeping our furry friends as healthy as possible, people tend to look the other way.

This man of integrity

Unsplash | Clint Patterson

"I stole 3 years of data from an Energy Company that was illegally changing records of their clients lab test results," this brave Redditor wrote. "I then submitted this data to the Department of Environmental Management and the company is now bankrupt."

This parking lot hero

"Day 2 of wankers parked in disabled spots," this Redditor shared. "Absolute legend with disability badge has parked in front of them to trap them in." The dedication this man has to fight for the disabled!

This chaotic worker

You know what they say! If you can't get someone to do something right, do it yourself! This guy was chaotic as heck, but he did everyone else who was bothered by the bug a huge favor.

These trick-or-treaters

For a moment there, we were scared that these college guys were just trying to get candy that was intended for kids. So this ended up being the sweetest (pun intended) surprise ever!

This drunk person

How adorable is this?! It just proves that being drunk can sometimes lead to good decisions!

That bird should be Uber's new mascot. We're sure the bird gave a good tip and five stars!

This selfless barber

"A Syrian Barber comforts a girl after cutting her hair cz she had some skin disease and she thought that she became ugly," this Redditor wrote. So sweet! The moment she dared to say, "I'm ugly," he took the shaver to his head.

This putpocket

How sweet! While it's pretty chaotic for this person to go near a woman's purse (just imagine the consequences if he was caught), this good deed outweighs any potential negatives. So if someone wants to putpocket us, that would be great, thnx.

The ad silencer

This person didn't have to do this, which makes this gesture even nicer. While he's on his good person kick, can he also point out how to silence ads on Facebook and YouTube?

This slippery floor

"Oil was spread on the floor of this mall in SA to help the looters get through more easily. Wholesome," this Redditor shared.

Did Kevin from Home Alone help them think of this?!

This man who built a park(let)

This is how you stick it to the man! You go out of your way to abide by their rules while not really abiding by their rules. The end result is something fantastic.

This unexpected hero

"Al Capone is the reason we have expiration dates on milk bottles," this Redditor shared.

They said that after his niece became extremely ill from bad milk, the "Chicago gangster lobbied aggressively for expiration dates to be put on milk for the safety of children and pregnant women."

This gator dad

"Japanese man and his pet caiman out on the town. They have been living together for over 33 years and he has permission from the town hall to walk his gator," this Redditor shared. Aw?

This creative babysitter

What's worse: a little girl getting traumatized from getting lost and potentially kidnapped? Or her being a little frightened by dinosaurs? We're sure that any therapist will agree that the latter is the lesser of two evils!

This chicken nugget hero

This is like the guy who revealed what's in KFC seasoning after he quit his job. He's the hero we never knew we needed! This is pure joy, like finding extra French fries in the bottom of a fast food bag.