15 Pics Of Expectations Turning Into Bitter Disappointment Before Our Eyes

I think we've all experienced the letdown of an expectations versus reality moment by now, right? Whether it's food not living up to the hype, or a straight-up scam arriving at your door from a site that definitely stole your credit card information, the disappointment is REAL.

For these unlucky Reddit users, the letdown was so bad that they had to post about it on the internet. And we're grateful for that, tbh. Let the entertainment commence.

He probably should have checked some customer reviews first.

"My husband ordered a hand painted photo of us for our anniversary. It’s humbling, to say the least."

Listen, I'm not here to art shame, but... whoever did this definitely took some artistic license with that photo, that's for sure.

Now what is this?

Listen, I get something not being what it looks like on the bag. But why on earth is that ice cream BLACK? Did all of the colors get together and decide they were done for the day?

This is SO sad.


And a classic scam.

"Was super excited for this replica glove (you can take it out & wear it!)...what I got...even in a broken frame!"

I wish this was the first time I've come across something like this, but this kind of scam is VERY common.

I would not be going back to that salon.

If your nail tech can't do a certain style on you, they should tell you — not turn your nails into weird cat claws. Those nails needed to be WAY longer to make that style work. A true tragedy happened to those hands.

Not even Olive Garden would pull this.

"I ordered the 'four-cheese mac and cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders' online from Applebee's last night for pick up. It wasn't even April fools day....."

That is the saddest meal I have ever seen.

I kinda want corn dogs now.

I mean, I don't want THAT corn dog. That right there is just a deep fried wooden stick. But I could totally go for a regular corn dog right now. BRB, snack time.

Time for another nail fail.

"Spent £40 getting my nails done. What I asked for vs what I got!"

This gets worse the more you look at it. Not only is that not a tortoiseshell nail, look at her cuticles! Those hands were not being treated by a professional, that's for sure.

Honestly, this is a straight-up scam.

"This vending machine is 100% sold out. It only tells you that items are sold out after you've put money in/used your card."

Then give me my minute back, Coca-Cola. You scam artists.

Is Grogu okay?

"The baby Yoda wine glass I ordered…my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined."

Why did they reverse the etching? Is that just brown paint? I have so many questions for whoever made that.

Is that even a blueberry?

Because it's giving me "raisin" more than anything. I would be BIG MAD if I wanted some delicious blueberry oatmeal and wound up with whatever that mess is. Condolences to the OP on this one.

Show me where the queso is though.

"I thought it was fajita toppings at first, but no, it really was my spinach queso."

Is it all on the bottom? This is a friggin' salad before it's queso, let's be real.

Well, that sure is a wreath.

"My mother ordered a fall wreath from a Facebook ad. Weeks later, a tiny package from China showed up."

It's... kind of a fall wreath! It's like the dollar store version of a fall wreath.

All cream, no cookies.

Someone pointed out that not only does this not have oreo in it, it's actually not ice cream — it's "frozen dairy dessert," which we all know means something deeply ominous. There is no ice cream in there and we all know it.

Oh, you wanted a pool?

Tough luck. This is a great way to get people not to buy your property, tbh. Don't get them excited to see a pool and then show them this when they tour it! Selling 101!

And finally: the last nail fail.

"I missed my exit for Spooky Town and I'm now in Horror-ville"

Honestly, it still works. It's terrifying, it's ghost-like, it's... wait, it looks like a crying panda. Okay, maybe it doesn't work like I thought it did. Oops.