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15 Brides Talk About Huge Wedding Regrets They Have

Your wedding is one of the most momentous, joy-filled days of your entire life. It's a celebration of the love you share, and the commitment you'll honor for the rest of your lives.

But if you aren't careful, a wedding can also take on a life of its own and turn into a catastrophe. See what I mean and check out these 15 brides as they discuss the huge regrets from their big day.

Not doing a parent dance.

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"We didn’t do any dancing aside from a short first dance. I know my MIL would have loved it, and so would my dad. But we never really considered doing them, I don’t know why. But I wish we had." - Reddit u/canadian_maplesyrup

"I let my mom bridezilla too much. I definitely let her have too much control and I regret that." - Reddit u/unknown

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Remember this: the more money you accept from family, the more power and authority they're going to presume to hold. Don't forget that your mother isn't getting married — you are.

Not eloping.

"The wedding was fine, BUT all the drama involved and dealing with two sides of very unreasonable parents is still a vivid part of my memory of my wedding. My mil also did and said some really nasty things the day of my wedding." - Reddit u/mzwfan

"Wedding and reception in two different locations. Should have stayed in one spot." - Reddit u/canquilt

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It will make your life infinitely easier if you can secure a venue that offers a ceremony space, as well as a reception hall on the same grounds.

Trying to accomodate everyone else and make things "easy."

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"So we had the rehearsal dinner at my house after rehearsal at [sic] venue. Just casual, ordered pizza. No one from my family came back to my house. Just went home after the mandatory part. Some of my in laws[sic] came. Really felt like no one cared." - Reddit u/hygina

Forgetting to keep the calendar in mind.

Redditor funobtainium said that the one thing she didn't consider was her time of the month. As a result, Aunt Flow decided to show up uninvited and the bride wound up getting her period the night of the wedding.

Allowing couples to bring their children.

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"I actually didn't mind the kids being there, but the wedding was over by 11 pm because half my guests left after dinner due to having to put small kids to bed." - Reddit u/PancakeQueen13

Not hiring a day-of coordinator.

I can understand if couples feel comfortable with planning their own wedding, but at the very least you should have someone there (not a relative) who can run point for you. Trust me, it will make the day so much less stressful in the end.

Spending too much money.

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"I could have cut costs in lots of places but I wanted my “dream wedding”. My dream wedding would have been just as good at a cheaper venue with cheaper flowers and a cheaper dress." - Reddit u/photogwithatinydog

"That we had the big wedding we didn’t want." - Reddit u/user

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Above all else, you need to remember that this is your wedding — no one else's. If small and intimate is your style, then that's what you should do. There's no need to flex in front of family you only see at weddings and funerals.

Letting a friend photograph the wedding.


"A friend with a good camera swore she’s a good photographer. We ended up with like 5 in focus[sic] photos. Not even great photos, but non-blurry photos." - Reddit u/cecikierk

Not getting a slice of your own wedding cake.

It sounds like a bad cliche, but the truth of the matter is that most brides and grooms are so busy that they're lucky to have so much as a nibble of their own cake. Take time to pause and be present in the moment with one another.

Choosing to forego having a second dress for the dance/reception.

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"My dress was beautiful but very fitted. I kept talking about getting a second one that was more comfortable to wear later in the night but everyone I spoke to talked me out of it." - Reddit u/ayertothethrone

Opting to not hire a videographer.

The last thing you want is some drunk family member stumbling around your reception with a camcorder in their hand. Pictures are great, but a professional wedding video will be something that the two of you cherish forever.

Not being more selective when it came to hiring a DJ for the reception.

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"We spent weeks crafting elaborate playlists for the entire wedding, and while the ceremony music went well, they went off-script for the reception." - Reddit u/Nihiliste

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