30 People Who Have No Good Answer For 'How's It Going?'

Some days are real uphill battles, only made worse by myriads of people bothering you throughout it and interrupting what could otherwise be progress. There comes a time where pictures start speaking louder than words when it comes to your mental state.

That's the philosophy taken with this list, where people show image responses to the question of how they're doing rather than explain it all.

"[Accidentally] dropped tuna can in my sink…"

Of course, the comments were filled with various ideas and plans to get it dislodged, some of which included the use of magnets, tape, and items like forks and screwdrivers to just stab the thing with and pry it out.

Though, one person did suggest the challenge of using your bare hands, which would be a real test of will.

"Hidden risk of having food dropped at your door during harvest season for squirrels..."

Hidden? Seems pretty visible to me. We've all gotten used to contactless delivery drop-off, but in order to defend our costly dinners from squirrel onslaught, we ought to return to the direct handoff method. Only for now, we can return to avoiding all human interaction in the winter.

"Husband tried to apologize for some stuff by making me a candlelit bath...The glass container was um...a little too spicy for the plastic bathtub."

Calling something that melted through layers of plastic just 'spicy' is a bit of an understatement, but it's also not wrong. Oh well, at least this brought some levity to whatever was going on, and surely your husband's apology bath worked regardless!

"I ordered shoes to wear at my wedding next month and was so excited to try them on…until I opened the box."

Wait, this could be a good thing. You know how they say people who can't dance have two left feet? Maybe having two right feet means you're an amazing dancer. You're going to shock and amaze everyone at your wedding with your killer moves!

"Checked into the last room available late last night in the middle of nowhere."

And this is when you decide to walk out and just sleep in your car instead. There would be no sleeping happening in this room with how paranoid I'd be all night, especially in an unfamiliar place. The side of the road feels like a safer place to rest than this.

"The neighbor’s vacation house. They left the day before this and we have no contact info."

Don't worry, I give you permission to write this off as not your problem. You've done about all you can do, which is stare at it and check to see if you ever got their number, so you can check out now.

"Don’t wash a blanket with a fitted sheet."

In other words: don't overload your washing machine. Once you hear the loud clanking sounds of a washer biting off more than it can chew, it's already too late. Hopefully the next one will never know this pain.

"My 20 year old tree planted when I was born got uprooted in a wind storm back home last night."

Can trees be replanted? Like, could they get someone in to stick this thing back into the ground the way it was before? Actually, if you left it as it, it'd probably keep growing anyway, and do some funky stuff in the process. Convert that corner of your yard into a mini jungle!

"…[Takeout] it is, I guess."

The one glaring problem with cooking is that it can go wrong in so many ways. You could add salt instead of sugar. You could forget the oil and burn your whole stir fry horribly. Or, you could have a glass lid explode into you pan full of food, making it inedible.

"Lost my wallet at rolling loud nyc. This was the lost and found."

People were pointing out that it's nice to see so many wallets returned and not stolen, which is true, but my faith in these wallets containing everything they were lost with is low. I hope this person found theirs, at least!

"Someone shot our mailbox."

It seems like someone decided to use this mailbox as target practice... and it went unnoticed for a few months. But don't worry; that weathered, rustic look is really in right now, right?

Well, maybe not, but it shouldn't cost too much money to replace the thing.

"No longer have a complete knife set."

The comments were coming for this person's neck for using the knife as a prybar, and also not using a serrated knife to begin with. Not everyone knows exact knife procedures, okay! Assuming a metal stick would be able to pop the top off a pumpkin without snapping isn't far-fetched!

"Neighbor's 12yo grandkid decided to sneak in the car and take a joyride. Freaked out, hit the gas, and crossed their lawn and mine to hit the front of my house."

This is... really unfortunate. But thankfully, it doesn't look like anyone got hurt, which doesn't make up for the amount of property damage that happened to this house, but still. Maybe next time the kid will wait until they get proper lessons before they drive again.

"I'm colorblind. Thought it was a branch."

I grew up in a house with a back hedge that needed trimmed a few times a year, and not a year went by where a new extension chord wasn't cut into with our chainsaw.

We eventually started hiring someone else to trim the hedge.

"Choose wisely when parking your bicycle."

It seems like that post was going down regardless. It just sucks that someone also decided to lock their bike to it. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But once again, it's at least good that no one got hurt.

"When you forget it’s paving day."

Let's place bets on who hates the person who owns this van the most. Could it be the building manager? Maybe the pavers? Wrong, it's actually the owner themselves, because now they're permanently on display as 'the one who screwed up the lot repaving'.

"Blow drying my hair only for this guy to pop out the end pointed right at my head."

Fun fact: roaches love hiding in warm places. And you know what gets warm easily? Electronic devices, of course. Your hair dryer, your computer, and even things like a PlayStation can be infested with those pesky, disgusting little things.

Sure, one roach in your dryer is gross, but it could've been a lot worse.

"Someone parked behind my driveway last night. I'm blocked in and can't make it in to work now."

You know what the next step is? Spending the day outside, sitting on the hood of this car, until whoever owns it shows back up. You're already not going to work, you may as well make sure you get the chance to shame the person who kept you from going!

"Handle broke off the ice bin while being carried across the café!"

Hopefully they picked up all the ice before someone slipped on it like a banana peel, got hurt, and decided to sue the café. I'm sure that getting sued for their own equipment's failure wouldn't go over well with upper management.

"My neighbor decided that 8:55pm was a good time to start mowing his yard."

What emergency could he have encountered where his lawn just needed to be mowed right then and there? Or maybe it was a burst of motivation he couldn't let go to waste?

Whatever it is, better to happen at nine o'clock than, say, midnight or early the next morning.

"Found this in the washing machine in my building."

I can just picture it now. Someone in this building is probably having a heated argument over who lost the remote, and where it could be. Little do they know, it's a lot further than they think, and probably doesn't work as well as it used to.

"How many years bad luck for breaking my bosses hundred year old mirror… in a haunted pub… on Halloween..?"

Actually, the pub already being haunted means you get a few years taken off, but it being Halloween adds them right back on and then some. So, with all the seasonal clauses added on and the antiquity tax, you're looking at about 56 years of bad luck for this one.

"Mouse nest in my [oven]."

No, there are no burned mice in this picture, just burned pieces of nesting materials. Even still, this is not quite as gross as finding a nest of roaches hanging out in your kitchen, but it's pretty close. I personally wouldn't want to have to deal with either or.

"My septic tank is rising out of the ground."

This is actually very ominous. A single crack in the dirt, caused by a system trying to force itself back into the light after being buried for so long, and all you can do is watch it breach the soil.

"My cat opened my door? And I come home to the clock my grandfather gave me shattered."

If people think of themselves as the heroes of their own stories, cats probably think of themselves as the villains. Sure, they're cuddle and lovable one minute, but you never know when yours is going to learn to open your bedroom door and knock over a family heirloom when you aren't around.

"My girlfriend has eaten waffles for the last 2 last days. Today when I was putting the syrup away I noticed that it was full of dozens of dead ants. Should I tell her?"

No, you should not. You also should not throw the bottle away at home. Take it somewhere she won't find it. This is a perfect instance of what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Take this secret to your grave.

"Mozzarella sticks with no mozzarella."

So all you got was an order of sticks? That's cruel! There are few pleasures as simple and pure as biting into an order of mozzarella sticks, so this must have been a spirit-breaking moment for you. May your sticks never be un-mozzerella-ed again.

"See that red note? Someone thought that was a good place to put the out of order sign. The best part? My new clothes are locked in there until tomorrow when a mechanic can break the thing open."

It's like they wanted someone to use the machine despite it being broken. I can't imagine why they would want that, but the placement of the note is too bizarre for it not to be deliberate. Off to the side and under a roll of paper towel? No one is that vigilant!

"Guess it's toast for breakfast today."

Not even. You're going out for breakfast today, driving off as your house burns down behind you as you set it aflame to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Some would call it extreme, but I think it's a perfectly rational reaction.

"Finally got my license, it came expired! Thanks New York!"

Perfect, now you get to pay for a renewal! Which will surely get lost in the mail so long that it, too, will show up expired! Welcome to the rest of your life, I wouldn't bet on this cycle breaking any time soon.

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