20 Interesting Pics That Have A Bit Of A Backstory All Their Own

Some pictures are just fun to look at. But what could make them a bit more fun? Well, a backstory, of course. Something that'll help make the picture make more sense.

And that's just what these pictures have. A nice backstory to explain what's going on. Which, of course, just makes these pictures a lot more entertaining than they otherwise would be.

"There is a rusted bayonet behind the counter at work this morning and I have no idea why."

I feel like there are very few jobs where it would make sense to find something like a rusted bayonet behind the counter. A museum, sure. Or even a pawn shop (the strangest things end up in those places).

But OP works at a liquor store, so...

"Last year we had a bag break and it dropped a 1.75L bottle of vodka and the pavement's been clean there ever since."

Seeing as how clean that pavement is, even after a year's passed since the vodka spill happened, it makes it strange to think about how that's something we drink.

"The regions of my blackout curtains that were continuously exposed to sun over the past 3 years became photobleached."

For a split second, I thought there was light shining through the window. Which would make no sense, since it's dark outside (in the picture).

Man, not even blackout curtains are safe from the sun's rays.

"These two hollow ice cubes fused together trapping some iced coffee between them."

I'm glad the caption cleared up what we're looking at here, because it almost looks like this person has a giant toe in their drink. And that would be a really unfun thing to have near your mouth.

"I packed my breakfast while very sleepy and realized I am having apples three different ways."

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what does an apple, a pack of apple slices, and applesauce do? Does it keep three doctors away, or is it just overkill?

"I worked from home today but really I made a pan pizza."

I know people who hate working from home, which has always confused me. How else are you going to make pan pizza in between meetings? Come one people, think about your priorities!

"Found an overdue rental at my mom's house from 1994."

Now that's what I call a true lifehack: just keep your Blockbuster rental for so long, the company goes out of business and you don't have to pay the late fees! Of course, you'd need a time machine to be able to use that hack.

"We smashed last year‘s pumpkin and chucked it into our compost pile and with no intention, effort or cultivation sprouted this pumpkin patch and grew this pumpkin!"

I've never tried to grow a pumpkin plant, but from the looks of it, they're really resilient. Maybe they'd be hardy enough to withstand my gardening style!

"I made a little tower with my vitamins & ADHD meds and I actually balanced the pill on top!"

I mean, it is pretty cool how that one pill can balance on the rest of them like that. Of course, it would probably be better to just take them before you forget.

"Our group's colors happened to cover the full spectrum of the rainbow."

Sometimes, the coolest things happen completely unplanned. I doubt this group set out to find jackets with every single color of the rainbow (and pink) on them. But sometimes, it happens like that.

"I have used the same wheel and pedal set for racing games for 6 years and you can see the outline of where I seem to always subconsciously put my feet as I play."

It's cool to see that there are people out there who actually like racing games.

Jokes aside, it's neat how the pedals wore down where this person constantly used them. It's the sign of a device well loved.

"Truck stop bathroom that looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel."

So, you're telling me that this truck stop restroom looks nicer than my first apartment, meanwhile gas stations have the most cursed washrooms around? Oh sure, that makes total sense.

"Student handed this in today."

It's all fun and games until your dog actually eats your homework. Then you're faced giving your teacher the oldest excuse in the book.

At least this kid's parents thought to provide the evidence of the attack.

"Welcome sign going into a town near mine. Many of their signs are like this."

It looks like Pontypool, Ontario has a sense of humor this Halloween season. The only bad thing about this pun is the fact that I didn't think of it first.

"Brother is cat sitting and I asked for update pictures. This is what he sent."

The most impressive part of this picture is the fact that this guy was able to get the cat in the right spot for the picture. And, of course, the drawing is pretty cool, too.

"My workplace has a last minute pumpkin drawing contest going on…. and here is my submission."

If that's a last minute submission, I'd love to see what she can do with more warning. Because this is both amazing and terrifying (but, like, in a good way).

"My grandma's titanium hip after the cremation."

I never once thought about how titanium hip replacements won't also break down during cremation until now. As incredibly morbid as it is, it's also surprisingly interesting.

Hopefully, though, this person's grandmother rests in peace.

"Bilbo isn't sure about his favourite walking path being blocked."

I can't get over the fact that Bilbo genuinely looks concerned about the fallen tree on the road. Either that, or he's just feeling inconvenienced (either by the tree, or the fact that he has to be outside in the rain).

"Paddled to the water source of a pond I haven't fished in years. Looks like the beaver were busy."

I almost feel like the beavers that dammed up this waterway are also responsible for the fallen tree that blocked Bilbo the dog's path. Such pesky little creatures.

"Lesson learned: measure your liquids before turning the stovetop on. Spent too long looking for my measuring cup."

Yeah, a good rule of thumb to follow is to never leave plastic on the stove. Because the next thing you know, you've turned a burner on, and now you have a ruined measuring cup and a pan you can't use anymore.

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