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15 'Imperfections' That Were Turned Into Gorgeous Tattoos

Many people in life have scars and marks on their bodies they see as imperfections. Sometimes in life, we have surgeries or scars and cuts that stay forever. Many people feel insecure about them, but one tattoo artist— Ngoc—has found a way to turn people's imperfections into beautiful, gorgeous, stunning tattoos. And, now the clients love their bodies even more than before.

There are tons of reasons why people end up with scars on their body.

This woman had gotten a 15 cm scar from 10-years-ago when she was in an accident and broke her arm bones.

She tried to do some different procedures, but the scar was dark and noticeable. So, the tattoo artist designed a floral piece for her.

People can also cause their own scars.

Some people take their sadness and depression out on themselves and their bodies. Self-harm can be a sad and painful experience for many. But, when they recover, they can look back and see beauty in their journey and recovery.

Many scars can also be from surgeries.

Surgeries such as C-sections or other types of surgeries can leave behind marks that can stay forever. Covering them up can make us feel better about our bodies and ourselves so that we don't feel bad when we look in the mirror.

Ngoc takes on a very complicted task.

While tattooing anyone can be a hard task, making sure you design and tattoo someone to cover their scars completely can be complicated. There takes a ton of measuring, drawing, and even editing to make sure Ngoc gets it just right.

Ngoc had an actual change of career path in her life.

According to an interview, she graduated valedictorian in Fine Art Design University of Theater and Cinema, but decided to become a tattoo artist instead of working in theater. She was working in the tattoo industry while she was also in school and decided to go into it full time.

Some scars are deep.

Some scars can be deep and also very dark, so tattooing over them can be a complicated task. But, Ngoc is able to see the scar and work with it and around it, to be sure to cover it with beautiful ink.

While she does such beautiful work, some people are judgmental.

"Once they have a preconceived notion about this profession, even if they don't need to be in contact with me, they may think badly of me. I personally think it is not necessary to care about people with such short-sighted views," she said.

It's also about specific colors and shapes.

"The color and design must also match the wishes of the customer. I spend a lot of time and energy on consulting, designing and agreeing with customers," said Ngoc.

Customers also want to have their tattoos look a specific way.

It's all about the client.

"Tattooing to cover scars is really difficult, because I depend a lot on the client's body, scar structure, as well as the risk of work. Even more difficult is how to design tattoos that cover the scars," she said.

Not every scar can be easily tattooed over.

Ngoc says that some tattoos are not easily done because some scars are too fresh and too new. She cares about the health of her clients before anything else. If it's a risk to have the tattoo done, she does not do it.

Getting tattooed can be an intimate experience, especially for these clients.

Some people have scars from very personal and intimate experiences, and working with Ngoc can be a very intimate experience. She shared that many scars come from dark places so it's interesting and almost moving to hear their stories.

The tattoos range in shape, style, size and color.

Some of the photos shared on her site and Instagram page are smaller, others are much larger and take up a ton of space. The colors range and also the styles, too. Many of the outcomes are nothing but stunning.

We adore Ngoc's work!

From the small scar covers to the entire body ones, we can't help but love these pieces. You can see more of her work on her website and also on her Instagram page.

Ngoc said she loves her client's confidence.

"In general, life is never perfect as we want it to be, but the problem is how we react to the storms in life. I personally respect my clients, instead of sitting and complaining about their fate, they live more positively every day and have the courage to overcome the unnecessary shortcomings on their bodies," she said.

Being a tattoo artist and tattooing is very hard, the way in which Ngoc tattoos is even harder.

Ngoc works specifically with those who have unique and specific scars. So, when she decides to tattoo over them, so much time and energy has to go into them. It takes tons of consultations and trials before it's done.

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